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  1. It seems this isn't the first time WayForward done a brawler either like I originally thought, they worked on Double Dragon Neon. Which I didn't like much but don't remember much about it, either.
  2. Smash scene and shit storm is putting it a bit literally, what with players shitting themselves and having hygiene problems to the point it's become a meme.
  3. @dug The point will be that simply reversing roles does absolutely nothing for equality, nor should such a game be expected to. WayForward has always been a mild fan service developer so sadly I expect comments to come from the extreme end of those kind of 'bored with their lives' campaigners first, if anything. Hopefully nothing, from both ends.
  4. Day one. Will be interesting if WayForward get the brawler genre done right first try! Edit: 20,000th post on 'muk, yay!
  5. I do agree that flying should not be gated in the first place. Either get rid of it completely or not at all. It is a reward we as players earned eons ago, it is not rewarding to 're-unlock' every expansion. But since it is reward structured, getting what seems to be the main big reward structure out of the patch done in under a week will no doubt mean people will be bored rather quickly once again. Good game design requires pacing. Meanwhile I'm getting through what I missed in the previous minor patches.
  6. 8.2 impressions: You need Revered in both new zone factions to unlock flying. It's been 1 week: people are already flying.
  7. That's not too inflated honestly, depending on the games in the listing.
  8. NEG

    New Here

    This also came out on the Mega Drive. Surprised this didn't get any warning/ban. Reported.
  9. Take out the tacked in Banjo-Kazooie theme and music that has absolutely no reason to be there, and take out Rare's own 'fuck you' comments towards it's own fans and community within the first 5 minutes of the game, and what you are left with is an okay, flawed lego game. Nuts & Bolts can forever burn in a dumpster fire.
  10. Evil level but excellent, theres actually multiple ways to stop the mushrooms in their tracks, on one attempt I not only managed to kill all the ones below with power up vulnerability, but a crane picked up the one in the clown car! ...I died having to go back near the start for a coin only to have the first two evil shrooms respawn. Did it a few tries later
  11. Give me a ring when SEGA are involved. I loved Game Tap back in the day and while that business model has long ceased to make sense with compilations these days and far easier emulation than my 2002 PC of old, as ever if there's the chance of Saturn, Dreamcast and oddities across all eras making an appearance then Game Tap sure would make sense again as a nice addition to, by the look of things, Xbox Game Pass. At least until Valve introduces Gaben Pass Edit: Retro achievements has already been mentioned but that's actually one place I'd say could be better implemented here on Antstream. It can be a fuss to set up on individual emulators for common folk.
  12. This. There's an unexpected amount of love gone into the Story mode (I'm nearly done, 80 levels in/post game stuff) which is a thankful step away from the soulless 'New' titles*. Tip: Every quest is worth reading for the occasional chuckle. Or heck all the dialogue in general. There's quite a few bathroom gags. *Even if I do still have to endure the occasional 'Wah!'
  13. I'm a bit disappointed that there's no additional cars and content in general to be honest. Out Run is filled with extras in comparison. I would have liked parity with the 32X version at the very least. Still plays great, just saying.
  14. Definitely finding it harder to make levels both in handheld mode (no stylus) and docked. Time investment is a about the same, 2-3 hours plus if you want to make something decent.
  15. It's not a 1 for 1 recreation and I daresay it's not quite as skin tight timer-wise as the original (and jumping is involved!), but yes.
  16. Seeing people play this already on my friends list is making me weep. An hour and a half to go!
  17. Splatoon 1 Deluxe. Great like Mario Kart if you didn't play it before, but both titles feel lacking in single player content.
  18. Bingo. It's nice to collect for a system out of love but at the end of the day, it's the 20-30 odd games you played as a kid that'll have the stories, the fondness and going back to most often. If I ever start making the Mega Drive collection smaller (which honestly, even at a 100+ titles now, still all fit on a single bookshelf easily, no space issue), those childhood titles will still likely remain.
  19. None of which you legally 'own' compared to software of old. Not calling you wrong mind, just had to point it out. We're trading ownership rights for convinince. In not just gaming but all entertainment mediums, and I sometimes can't help feel that's going to bite society in the arse, if it hasn't been already with de-listed games, live services and unfinished release day games patched later with a road map to tell us exactly when we'll be able to enjoy the content we paid for. Having a swell night gaming has indeed never been easier, but there's more to a shelf of games in the home than just it's worth. Much the same as with books, music and movies. Some things are worth being able to hold in your hands decades later.
  20. Can I have your (sega/nintendo) stuff?
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