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  1. Unfortunately no, it doesn’t work in Beat Saber. The drift remains where it is and it doesn’t realign the centre of the screen with where you’re looking, unlike most other games.
  2. Anyone else experiencing drift with this where the screen seems to have inched a few degrees round to one side after a song? I haven’t played any other VR games in a while so don’t know if it’s just Beat Saber or all games, but it’s really annoying and only just started happening the last week or so. It doesn’t have any way to realign the center of the screen either, so I have to turn the helmet off and on again, but after one song it’s drifting to the right again :/
  3. So was this a bit of a damp squib then? It officially released last Friday, but there does't seem to have been much press around it, and it's certainly dead in here... They've released the additional progression system now, which is a kind of seasonal battle pass, but the trouble is, again, that all the rewards are cosmetic. There's nothing here that's going to change the gameplay, which I think is going to be an issue compared with the sub-class system of the second game. There also seems to be a bit of a shortage of maps- I'm already a bit bored of the ones I've been playing for the last 5-6 weeks.
  4. People were justifying the battle pass though as saying that it pays for the maps too, and I just don’t like the idea of Activision getting away with that. You’re totally right on that last point- for me, I’m definitely not buying this until they launch the battle pass elements. If it becomes really difficult to earn the other guns and attachments without paying, that could totally affect the quality of the core game, and I don’t want to buy into anything where that is an unknown.
  5. Firstly, wow, calm down. Secondly, yes of course they don’t magically get made out of nothing, but as you say, my point would be is that if Activision are choosing to say the maps are ‘free’, then the initial outlay of the game price should be covering that. Otherwise they’re not free at all. All I’m saying is that there at least needs to be some kind of continuity in justification of the battle pass.
  6. Surely the worst thing about the whole battlepass-to-fund-game-content thing is that it won’t even be live on the game’s release? So you don’t even know exactly what you’re buying into, other than maybe just assuming that Activision will screw you over as much as possible. And don’t forget that in theory, the battle pass doesn’t cover map development, since Activision said that would be ‘free’.
  7. I don’t know why they’ve advertised making PvE a focus on this- I’m guessing you’re supposed to maybe play them with a group, but on your own they’re terrible. Really no better than the war zone bit in the middle of the second game, which was only supposed to be a fun distraction. And they’ve made more than one pve zone for this?? How anyone who’s played any video game before could find them fun is beyond me. And how the hell do you balance pve content when you can use any class? Why the hell didn’t they tailor each mission for just one class? Then they wouldn’t have to make each enemy so much of a bullet sponge, and they could actually try to make an interesting game mode.
  8. Two episodes in and I’m struggling with this. It seems like a good idea (and the credits sequence is fantastic), but I’m starting to get bored already, and there are 8 more episodes?? Seems like it’s going to be similar to Roanoke to me- fun idea, but poorly implemented and goes on too long.
  9. I think it depends how you view it a little- you could argue that maybe other games would make you work to unlock all the classes you start with, so it’s generous with that, but unless the top tier skills for classes really change playstyle, which I doubt, I don’t really know what will keep you playing. I also think it’s a mistake that progress unlocking those skills is tied in entirely to playing that one character. In the last game, you’d unlock things for other characters whilst playing another, encouraging you to try others. The only thing doing that here is boredom. And for microtransactions, yeah unless they sell specific items in the yet-to-open shop for reasonable amounts of in-game currency, it’s hard to see the the situation is going to get any better, and really it’s pretty bad at the moment rewards-wise. In short, the game totally lacks depth and I don’t see how they can possibly change that. Surely they’ll want people to be playing this for a long time, but nothing in the game design is set up for this purpose- all it does is look mean-spirited and incentiveless compared to GW2.
  10. The mechanic of unlocking new things in this is incredibly stingy compared to the first two games- it’s basically going to take you 2-3 games before you can unlock one entirely random item for absolutely any class whatsoever. That could be anything from a pair of glasses to an emote. That translates to around 90 minutes of play in my experience too, as each game tends to be around half an hour to get 10,000 currency as a reward. Unless the cosmetics store changes everything when it opens (which I doubt), I’ve no idea how Popcap are going to keep people playing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s generous upfront with the amount of character classes, but there’s very, very little stuff to unlock as you play the game, only minor modifications for your characters (which again take ages of playing with that individual class to unlock), or extremely expensive random items.
  11. Anyone else having a bug with Moze the gunner where you trigger her mech, it sorta starts to summon for a second, then you’re just dumped back on the ground and your cooldown is totally reset? Really annoying and I’ve had it happen about 10 times in about 4-5 hours of play.
  12. The only thing jarring in this is that they’ve still got those weird black voids of nothingness in all the trailers and similar buildings that the enemies walk out of. Surely they could have done a better job with those? The graphics look great, but then you have these black rectangles on everything that you can’t walk into.
  13. Love how you get to use your skills way more often in this! I’ve gone Flak, and not only does his Rakk skill recharge pretty fast, but it also has two charges! Plus, his pet is totally separate to skills, which is great. Looking at the skill trees, I’m guessing it’s a choice between having up to three weaker skills, or one more powerful one then? Looks like the first skill in every tree unlocks a new active skill power with Flak at least.
  14. What I’m really not keen on with this version is that they’ve made the character classes far less asynchronous between teams. The night cap seems to be the plant version of the imp, with a like for like AoE attack. The zombie doctor’s healing ability is now much more like the sunflower’s. They’ve also made a lot of the powers far less unique and fun- like the all star’s shield is now a standard energy dome instead of just the dummy you could hide behind. The zombie engineer now puts down an actual automated turret instead of manning it himself. It just seems like instead of sticking to their own identity, they’ve made the game more generic by taking things from other online shooters. Also, no-one is playing as a healer at the moment. That might be because on the plant side at least, the only reason you wouldn’t be a night cap is because you get bored with it, but there doesn’t seem to be anything like the points incentive for healing or support as their does for straight up kills. That’s a great shame since I used to love switching things up a bit and supporting my team with heals and revives. Now however, if I want any chance of earning cash for unlocks, I’m wasting my time. Again, I think most of this fits in with my previous point of them changing things for the sake of it, and that a lot of changes are for the worse.
  15. Yeah I mean, presumably this was beta tested before this soft release phase, right? Right?? What makes it worse is that night cap seems totally invulnerable whilst doing its AoE attack. As the quarterback zombie you can’t even charge out of it- you just bounce right back off night cap and end up exactly where you were, right in the middle of the AoE attack.
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