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  1. Brilliant, thanks for that, it’s really useful Half Life Alyx was one I was particularly looking at, so that’s great to know. The Steam VR app says that I should be ok too, so definitely worth getting a cable and plunging in!
  2. I haven't done any PC gaming in a while- would anyone be kind enough to tell me if my ageing gaming PC would be able to run any games connected to an Oculus Quest 2, or whether it's just not powerful enough? It's an running i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40Ghz, 8GB RAM and GeForce GTX970. Thanks!
  3. Am I missing something or is Aliens: Fireteam Elite still not out yet? Do they usually release games that late on the day they go into game pass?
  4. Well I got the 10 ultimate drifts, and then won 4 races, but it didn’t trigger- went back in to see that it put me back at the start of chapter 3. Did the 10 drifts again, won two races and went for dinner. Those were definitely there. Loaded the game up again, and now I’m right back at the start of chapter 1 again. What’s the point of having challenges like this if the game can’t even cope with them???
  5. Anyone having any problems with ultimate drift skills not registering for chapter 3 of the new weekly challenge? I’m definitely in the 1993 Nissan 240SX SE, and the ultimate drift skill is coming up on screen, but it still says 0/10 chapter progress. EDIT: Ahhh I was doing E-drifts, not regular drifts, never realised there was a difference before.
  6. Bought this for like £13 on Amazon the other day so looking forward to diving in over Christmas- I’m guessing the online community is still fairly active?
  7. The visual style in this reminds me a lot of the Dishonored games- not that we’d ever get one, but I’d love to see a series of that using this animation style.
  8. What makes the lack of Spiderman story worse is that literally two months back they said “it will have cutscenes and story for sure”, which all the news outlets reported as ‘story missions’. Of course, CD didn’t bother to correct them. Surely they must have known at that point they wouldn’t have any story missions, so why set yourself up for another PR fail? Unless at this point they just don’t care any more…
  9. I was playing my first online arcade game, got to the end of the first section and then had to drive to the next zone to continue it. As I’d levelled up by participating in this first stage, it triggered the festival map to pop up to choose the next section to unlock. I couldn’t skip this, by the time the game finished chatting to me and I could finally select the next festival site, the game announces to me that I’d missed the deadline to continue the multiplayer game. Great, thanks a lot! How did no-one think about this???
  10. Am I missing something with perks? I’m on chapter 13 but I already bought all of the 15 original ones for Peter in the last chapter and now amassing lots more components for now reason that I can see? Same with skill points, I’ve bought all of them for my team ages ago and now I don’t even get awarded any after battles. It’s a shame the game gets far jankier as you get further in- I’ve had to reset to the previous checkpoint about 10 times so far getting stuck when the game fails to trigger stuff or just goes wrong after fights.
  11. The new patch still hasn’t fixed the issue with cooking. Whenever you cook a recipe, it defaults back to an earlier one (which weirdly seems to last forever) and often greys out some of them for no reason, loads of people reported the issue a while back but still no fix.
  12. It is indeed, and they still haven't been able to get to grips with fundamental things like multiplayer matchmaking, which is apparently why the cloning labs content (originally announced for just after launch) has never materialised.
  13. And meantime, there are still huge bugs in the game, like spawning in the middle of the air miles away from your team mates, falling through non-existent ground when you start a game. It's been out for over a year and they still have glitches like this.
  14. The Night House is now up for free, was looking forward to watching this one so that was a nice surprise.
  15. It does it then too but the worst bit for me was It is indeed odd that at the parts of the game that are incredibly narratively-heavy where you might want to break them up with some side quests, you can’t.
  16. No, not reading it wrong- there are whole dungeons towards the end of the game, and even one bit with a dungeon and a whole other area you have to backtrack through where they disable fast travel. And it’s not like anything happens story wise in that bit they force you to go through. It’s crazy, you even have to fight the same monsters on the way back. Critical JRPG sin!!! And yeah, the last quarter of the game definitely needs some heavy editing. I’m guessing they just ran out of time and/or money, but it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  17. Wow this really goes to pot in the last section, even aside of where the story goes. It almost becomes a visual novel with how little gameplay there is in comparison to cutscenes, and I say that as someone who usually likes lots of story in a game like this. Then you've got side missions suddenly appearing which are way beyond your level, containing battles which just appear out of nowhere. Up until this point all the side missions have been totally doable at the point you get them. And then a lot of the areas force you to retread your steps for absolutely no reason- early dungeons give you a quick way out or allow you to quick travel, but this just gets totally ignored after a certain point. It's like they just gave up with the game three quarters of the way through. Very disappointing.
  18. Not sure where you thought I was talking about the treadmill, but no, that wasn't my point at all. My point is CD made a number of promises before/on release which still haven't been kept. They said something like 'you won't believe how quickly we'll be releasing new heroes after launch'. Which, I suppose is true, but only ironically. Again, I'd point out that Spider-Man was advertised pre-launch but still isn't out over a year after release. Content promised for just after release like the clone labs still isn't out, and the patrol mode has disappeared from the roadmap. There's also the issue of the laughable number of enemies and villains. Then there are the gameplay issues like the mustering points I mentioned, the fact that you hit the sky box when jumping on certain buildings, and having to walk the bifrost up stairs etc. Then you've got the bugs which persist since launch such as falling through the floor, enemies getting stuck in the floor, checkpoints failing to trigger, stuff like that. You sadly only have to watch the developer feeds to see examples of those. It took like over six months before you could even replay through the campaign. Multiplayer matchmaking is still broken as you pair up with people of totally different power levels. You still have to wait a minute when other people join the game because the ability to speed up the countdown is broken. And regardless of how you personally find the levelling, it's certainly a dick move to say 'the faster levelling experience is breaking the game experience, we need to slow it down', and then introduce microtransactions for more experience points just after. Especially as another promise before launch was that 'we will have no microtransactions apart from cosmetics'. For me, I'd say I'd gotten my money's worth out of it, but the backlash is totally justified. It was advertised as a game which would have frequent content following launch, and at several times they've said they will do right by purchasers and turn it around, but this has never materialised. Again, live service game without the live service- it wasn't advertised as 'what you get in the box is it'. Now, there's an argument that at this point in the games industry, if you believe anyone will keep these kind of promises, more fool you, but that isn't quite the point here. As it is, they deserve the roasting they're getting, and hopefully this has at least had some tiny, tiny little impact with anyone else trying this crap. I doubt it, but hey...
  19. It’s a live service game which forgot to add the live service part. A continued stream of broken promises and persistent bugs which plague the game over a year after release, with a hugely underused universe and incredible lack of game assets. It’s not hard to see why it gets the level of criticism it justly deserves. But you’re right- at times it can nail the feeling of playing as some of the heroes, which is what makes all of that even more of a shame. Sadly, people have been clamouring for an expanded roster which was promised ever since release. You have to remember that Spider-Man was announced at the pre-order stage, and still hasn’t come out. Hawkeye, Kate Bishop and Black Panther were known to have been in development pretty much since last September- no other characters have even been mentioned by the developers. I don’t see any way this will have more content past the obligated Spider-Man. Their most recent roadmap, a chance to show people the future of the game and keep interest going, refused to go any further than the end of the year and had nothing substantial on it other than one raid (to pad it out, the first panel on it was stuff they’d already released). I think that’s a pretty certain answer.
  20. It’d definitely make one hell of an interesting story to find out what happened in development. Even now, there are tons of vestigial game design nightmares hinting at the trouble behind the scenes and the various different directions the game took. I found my favourite one the other day- one of the boss missions in the future desolate landscape, you get to one of those points where you have to gather the whole team together with a countdown. The door opens, and then there’s another point in an elevator I think. That takes you down to a little room which you sit in for about twenty seconds before eventually another door opens. Behind that…another gather point!!! WTF?? Leaving aside the bugs, I can’t believe no one’s given them a hard time for this stuff (although granted that’s moot at this point). It’s certainly a prime example of a bodged job. This is interesting too, because Marvel doesn’t seem to want to totally ignore its existence, but the tie-in with the upcoming Hawkeye tv show is a nameplate- the most cursory of acknowledgements. And obviously you have the movie costumes now too, so maybe Marvel isn’t too bothered as long as it’s making some money off the project?
  21. Yes it’s probably the only thing to keep it going now for maybe another few months- they could have handled it better though, especially having made a big song and dance early on saying the game will only ever have cosmetic MTX, and it coming so soon after the ‘we’ve increased the XP needed to level so you enjoy the game more!’ fiasco. I assumed they’d get a bit more money from people buying costumes now it’s out on gamepass, but they must really be desperate. It’s still a slap in the face though, as the game is still far from finished. They had to cut the developer stream short the other day after an embarrassing bug which none of the developers acknowledged despite it being on screen for like five minutes.
  22. Why would we need XP boosters though? CD said the levelling curve was unmanageable just a little while ago and increased the amount of XP needed to level up so that they could improve the gaming experience!!
  23. The battles are good in this, but it’s a shame the strategy options are a big step back from previous entries in the series. You have to set a strategy for the whole group rather than individuals, which is pretty restrictive even with the gambit-style system. There’s also no way to force all your party to even attack your target, let alone set individual targets. You can kinda do it by switching characters and changing their targets manually, but it’s a massive pain having to do it that way. It also seems that the enemies are biased towards attacking the player controlled character to balance the lack of strategic control. It’s all such a wasted opportunity, god knows why they abandoned it- it robs the game of a whole strategic layer which would have made it much deeper for those who wanted to delve into it. You just never feel like you’re properly equipped for a situation and just have to bodge it.
  24. The story in Neo actually continues on after the additional section only available in the recent Final Remix version released on the Switch, so it’s even weirder than that (although technically a much shorter amount of time). The only thing I found a bit odd is how late they add the final difficulty level. For me, I’d rather have had access to it before the end of the story.
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