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  1. It’s actually the 17th, so even better
  2. Is it me, or do enemies just magically teleport in in this game? I’m very early on and was just trying to liberate the dojo which is marked as mongol territory. I found the three flags and then got the task to destroy the black powder stash. I’ve already gone through practically the whole base killing every enemy, but when I get to the black powder right at the back, there are a few guards around it, which is fair enough. I’m thinking maybe they stayed there guarding it as I’ve been slaying everyone else. But suddenly I’ve got three other guys and two dogs right beside me in an area which previously had no enemies left. Do reinforcements just suddenly appear in the base as you get to that last stage?
  3. That’s a shame- still, something to look forward to, and that’s only a few weeks away.
  4. No sign of Knives Out on Prime yet, do they normally update later in the day?
  5. Thanks! Ribbot had only been there a week or so anyway, so that’s no great loss :p
  6. Anyone know if when a villager leaves who you used an Amiibo card to get, you can just use the card again to get them back, or are they gone for good?
  7. Ahh ok, starting a new game now, I get that option to include the preorder DLC which I didn’t have before. So you have to actually use the code before you start the game- there doesn’t seem to be any way to enable it once you’ve started. That’s a pretty lame way of doing it, but I suppose I’m not exactly missing out on too much by not having those things, since you can get the crafting manual in the game anyway.
  8. That’s really strange- I don’t remember an option like that in mine unless I missed it. I can’t find an option like that in the options menu now either.
  9. I’m actually starting to wonder if the ShopTo code is just for the avatar rather than the other bonuses- that downloaded fine but nothing there makes any mention of the other parts and they’re just not appearing in the game at all.
  10. Anyone having trouble getting the pre-order bonuses (the pistol capacity upgrade and the crafting manual) to work? I’ve entered the code from ShopTo and it’s certainly downloaded the avatar, but the items aren’t appearing in the game (even after restarting the PS4) and I don’t seem to have an option to download any additional DLC items for the game.
  11. It may be rose-tinted glasses, but I remember the combat in XC being more strategic than in XC2- for example toppling is far more important in XC I found.
  12. When you do the combat challenge after the main part of the demo, yes Check your main menu on the right hand side after completing it, there are two more challenges.
  13. How do you change weapons in the Ironman demo? Tried stretching out my hands palm down like at the beginning of the combat trial but after that it just seems wildly inconsistent as to when I switch to missiles...
  14. Err I hope that’s not a spoiler for what happens at the end of the game there...
  15. There are more steps beyond doing the dungeons? Yikes! I guess it’s all kinda busy work to keep people going until the next expansion is released and allow them to slowly increase their gear?
  16. I’m guessing there’s no major point other than glamours for finishing the anima weapon quests which appear at the end of Heavensward? I’ve got the weapon, but the toughening up quest seems to be repeating a long string of dungeons with it equipped.
  17. To be fair, those are all pretty obvious examples though, where things kind of make sense and the kind of thing I think works fine. There’s one bit in that minstrels ballad I mentioned where you have to break chains by running between then (didn’t even know that was a thing), then towers appear around the ring of the fight area (whilst you have to break the chains and avoid multiple AoEs) and at least one person needs to stand in each one otherwise the whole group gets paralysed. The thing I’m getting at is that for me, if I have to actually look up an explanation to it, it’s a bit like breaking the game. I just think some stuff shouldn’t be that obtuse, especially when failing to do it doesn’t just make the fight harder, it’s an instant fail. But I appreciate it’s a balance since hard fights have to be hard, but personally I don’t think that’s the way to make it hard- and even then, looking up the solution defeats the whole challenge anyway, so what’s the point?
  18. I guess I just wish that there was a way to learn it more organically rather than just purely trial and error, especially when failure can be instant death and a restart of the battle. Like sometimes with big unavoidable AoEs, you need to be as far away as possible from the boss to mitigate damage. Other times you need to be really close. It’s often not something you can learn other than dying the first time, and I guess I’m not a fan of that kind of game design. It’s just a little gripe on what is otherwise an amazing game though
  19. That’s why I never play as a tank either. What I’m not sure about is how people are supposed to know what to do during some of these pretty complicated battles though? Are there like any clues given within the game? Otherwise the choices seem to be either being told by someone who knows, or look it up online. I know it’s maybe an extreme version, but I was trying to play the minstrel’s ballad version of Thordan’s reign the other day, and it was just ridiculous. Sure, I could look it up online, but if I’m having to do that, surely that’s a slight failing of the game to make it at least a bit more obvious to avoid dying instantly? Maybe I’m just being dumb.
  20. Just tried it through the PS app and yeah it has for me
  21. I just saw that too, very little notice about this! Let me know what you think- I heard great things about the PC version too so as long as it’s not a technical mess, I’m very tempted.
  22. Retroguy

    NIOH 2

    That’s what I love the most about this game! The first time through a main mission can leave you disorientated with the layout and embattled facing new enemies. Then you start to work it all out, what tactics to employ, how the map fits together...it’s great! Although, I’ll be honest and say those snake women still cause me a few issues. I remember the moment I crippled one of the human bosses (one of those side mission challenges) who was giving me so much trouble, just by realising if I rolled to the right instead of any other direction, I’d barely get scratched!
  23. Well, it would be FF12, which we kind of already have complete with updated graphics. It’s a personal thing, but I’d rather this was its own animal- if they’re going to change it from the original FF7 system, I’d rather it was a new one. Sure, this isn’t the absolute deepest system ever, but there’s still quite a bit of depth there. You’re complaining about spells missing targets and casting being interrupted, this is all part of the strategy you’re not taking into account.
  24. It just seems that you want a totally different kind of battle system than the one that this game has- it doesn’t really feature AI control with the other characters. It’s really just a real time extension of the traditional system where you’re almost killing time until you can make a proper move, switching to that character and using ATB segments. But, you can speed up that process by attacking/defending at the right time with the characters you control. It’s not really supposed to be played with you controlling predominantly one character over another- that’s what usually gets you hurt, since the longer you play one character, the more the monsters focus on that character. And yeah, certain spells like blizzard and aero target where the enemy is at the time of casting, and take a few seconds to pop. So again, you have to actually watch the monsters and decide when you don’t think they’re going to move. You won’t absolutely always get it right, but it’s usually pretty easy to tell. And monsters won’t target someone as soon as they start to cast heal- what they will do however is gradually start to target you the more you control one character. So heal them with another character. And if you’re casting heal and a monster is barrelling into you, you’re going to be interrupted (usually it’s when they use an ability rather than a standard attack). That’s part of the strategy of the game. It’s not really broken or anything like that- you might not like it, but this is how it’s been designed. The things you don’t seem to like, like how some spells can miss, I actually like because it forces you to watch the monsters and figure out patterns in their movement and behaviour. I’m not totally sold on the ‘target player controlled character’ mechanic, but once you understand that, you learn to cope with it and enjoy the game for what it is.
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