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  1. I didn’t think Samberg’s voice itself was bad, just that the material he’s given is often terrible. I’m surprised a few reviews said this was funnier than BL3- considering the vast scope of the whole fantasy universe, it’s a real miss for me.


    Overall, I find it a lot more engaging to play than BL3- being able to use spells more often than grenades and mixing that up with melee gives it a real dynamic feel and encourages you to mix things up. The skill trees seem pretty basic compared to BL3 though, and I’m not convinced multi classes really make up for that.


    The tighter levels are a lot more fun to play, and I’d be happy to see vehicles given the boot in the next entry if they’re nothing more than an excuse to make bigger, more empty maps.


    I’m surprised it hasn’t had a proper patch though- the menu has tons of glitches and bits that obviously don’t work. For example, just found today that when you’re looking at items in the bank, the symbol showing you can’t use them totally covers the level requirement number! How the hell did that get past even the beta stage?


    There are a few other weird things too- I reached max level with my first character on normal difficulty before completing the first run through, and I didn’t even do all the side quests. That seems very odd and unlike any other BL game. Also, the number of enemies you seem to fight at one time seems noticeably less than previous entries.

  2. I’m only an hour or so into this so far, and whilst it’s fun, it’s clearly been rushed and has some rough edges.


    The colour palette is really weird, certainly on my tv- some levels look weirdly muted and brown, whereas other parts such as the overworld look really garish, and almost like a mobile game.


    There are other weird bits too, like a very basic looking blue navigation marker which vibrates around like hell when you move the camera. Some of the menus don’t seem to be working right either, with pop up sections disappearing as soon as they appear on the hero stats menu. That kind of stuff just looks really shonky and blatantly unfinished.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Oz said:

    No my main point was not that I found them repetitive. I am literally saying there’s too many of them. and as a result there’s a lot of average ones. So I will start a quest in a town and end up thinking it was just ok not realising there was a brilliant one right next to it. There’s so many that it makes the really great ones hard to find. 

    But you literally said there were ‘bad repetitive’ ones?


    I’m loving the amount of well-crafted quests. Instead of most games where I just want to get them done to clear my list, in this I’m really enjoying having that many to go through. With maybe the exception of the bandit camps, I’m finding each quest really fun and adding to the world and characters.

  4. Maybe I’m not far enough in yet (50 hours), I don’t agree with the complaint about repetitive quests- even all the tallnecks I’ve done so far are different! There’s none of the cookie cutter environments or quests that you seen in standard open world games. This has had some real care and attention paid to it, and shouldn’t be put in the same league as standard Ubisoft bloat games.

  5. The game isn’t unenjoyable, but it’s certainly very shonky. Crashes and sound issues aside, I just fought a guy who used about three different accents during our fight, all different from the one he used in our prior conversation 🤣

  6. This is still pretty buggy on Xbox series x, I’m only about an hour in and already had one crash and one sound bug where the sound corrupted and I had to restart the game.

  7. 3 hours ago, partious said:


    Depends how high your expectations are and how much you can tolerate turning down the resolution. I recently played Half Life Alyx on something similar (gtx780ti and an overclocked i7 at 4ghz that's several gens older than your i5 :D) and I really enjoyed it and found the experience very impressive. I'm sure it helps that I'm only comparing it to the psvr I've had since launch (it was more impressive than anything I've played on that). I'm sure it was awful compared to what it could be like on a newer PC.

    Took a bit of messing around with the graphics settings at first. I was using a quest 1 though, so less demanding in terms of fps and resolution than the Quest 2 defaults. I've tried other older and less demanding pc vr games too and they run fine. 

    The oculus app insists on displaying a warning that my PC can't handle vr every time I open it. 

    Brilliant, thanks for that, it’s really useful 😀 Half Life Alyx was one I was particularly looking at, so that’s great to know. The Steam VR app says that I should be ok too, so definitely worth getting a cable and plunging in!

  8. I haven't done any PC gaming in a while- would anyone be kind enough to tell me if my ageing gaming PC would be able to run any games connected to an Oculus Quest 2, or whether it's just not powerful enough? It's an running i5-3570K CPU @ 3.40Ghz, 8GB RAM and GeForce GTX970. Thanks!

  9. Well I got the 10 ultimate drifts, and then won 4 races, but it didn’t trigger- went back in to see that it put me back at the start of chapter 3. Did the 10 drifts again, won two races and went for dinner. Those were definitely there.


    Loaded the game up again, and now I’m right back at the start of chapter 1 again. What’s the point of having challenges like this if the game can’t even cope with them???

  10. Anyone having any problems with ultimate drift skills not registering for chapter 3 of the new weekly challenge? I’m definitely in the 1993 Nissan 240SX SE, and the ultimate drift skill is coming up on screen, but it still says 0/10 chapter progress.


    EDIT: Ahhh I was doing E-drifts, not regular drifts, never realised there was a difference before.

  11. What makes the lack of Spiderman story worse is that literally two months back they said “it will have cutscenes and story for sure”, which all the news outlets reported as ‘story missions’. Of course, CD didn’t bother to correct them.


    Surely they must have known at that point they wouldn’t have any story missions, so why set yourself up for another PR fail? Unless at this point they just don’t care any more…

  12. I was playing my first online arcade game, got to the end of the first section and then had to drive to the next zone to continue it.


    As I’d levelled up by participating in this first stage, it triggered the festival map to pop up to choose the next section to unlock.


    I couldn’t skip this, by the time the game finished chatting to me and I could finally select the next festival site, the game announces to me that I’d missed the deadline to continue the multiplayer game. Great, thanks a lot! How did no-one think about this???

  13. Am I missing something with perks? I’m on chapter 13 but I already bought all of the 15 original ones for Peter in the last chapter and now amassing lots more components for now reason that I can see? Same with skill points, I’ve bought all of them for my team ages ago and now I don’t even get awarded any after battles.


    It’s a shame the game gets far jankier as you get further in- I’ve had to reset to the previous checkpoint about 10 times so far getting stuck when the game fails to trigger stuff or just goes wrong after fights.

  14. The new patch still hasn’t fixed the issue with cooking. Whenever you cook a recipe, it defaults back to an earlier one (which weirdly seems to last forever) and often greys out some of them for no reason, loads of people reported the issue a while back but still no fix.

  15. 2 hours ago, deerokus said:

    Over a year isn't it?


    It is indeed, and they still haven't been able to get to grips with fundamental things like multiplayer matchmaking, which is apparently why the cloning labs content (originally announced for just after launch) has never materialised. 

  16. And meantime, there are still huge bugs in the game, like spawning in the middle of the air miles away from your team mates, falling through non-existent ground when you start a game. It's been out for over a year and they still have glitches like this.

  17. 12 hours ago, Kayin Amoh said:

    Ah, maybe I just didn't try to fast travel when the limitations came down. I know the last dungeon allows you to, but many of the others I didn't need to fast travel so I just pushed straight through and it worked the times I did try to use it. (Though there is that section where you can't return to the older areas for a while.)


    Ah, wait. Is that the bit with the light in the cave? After the boat ride? I do recall heading back through it instead of fast traveling.

    It does it then too but the worst bit for me was


    Lenegis, you have to go alllll the way back to the ship through a dungeon and Lenegis itself.

    It is indeed odd that at the parts of the game that are incredibly narratively-heavy where you might want to break them up with some side quests, you can’t.

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