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  1. Ah OK, I understand now, poor choice of phrase I used as you understand it then- to me I use it when there are just two different points rather than strict equivalence But on with the game chat!
  2. I was talking about the situation with the game being unfinished. I don't think it's a great for a company to release a game in an obviously unfinished state. But it's obviously not fair to expect exhausted, overworked employees to get right on with fixing the game when they've been working crunch for god knows how long now. My point was that people in charge of those decisions have been able to overwork their staff, and release an unfinished game, and largely get away with both. I'm not suggesting that those are equally as bad. Anyways, it almost seems like you're slightly trying to pick a fight, so I'll leave it there
  3. Sorry, I'm not really sure what you're trying to say here? I'm not suggesting that anyone takes it out on employees that the game is in the state its in, that was exactly my point.
  4. Why is it irrelevant? I know it's not going to stop them any time soon, but surely one of the choices if you don't agree with the practice is not to buy the game?
  5. Yeah, but I'm assuming sales of this are going to be pretty good, so it's not like they're going to learn any lessons here or make any changes.
  6. That’s the problem with this situation- on the one hand you’ve got people paying full price for a game that’s clearly unfinished, and on the other you’ve got the rank and file guys at CDPR who’ve been working god knows how many hours a week. It’s a shame they couldn’t have found a way to do something like release a paid beta (with access to the complete game) so people desperate to play the game could do so now, give their teams a break, and the company gets money to tie them over if that’s an issue. The fact someone has made the decision to release the game now whilst charging punters full price is something that just annoys me. Presumably they wouldn’t be happy with someone getting the game now and starting the ‘journey’ of paying £2 every week for it until it’s paid for.
  7. Have CDPR hinted at whether more work will be done on the game pre-Christmas, or is the state it's in now pretty much it until sometime in the New year?
  8. A slow death to save as much face as possible I imagine. There can’t be more than a skeleton crew working on this now to try and show they weren’t lying when they promised years of content, until everyone forgets about it and they sweep it under the carpet. Considering the Aim cloning lab content, promised two weeks after release (when the game is already knee-deep in clones), still hasn’t appeared shows just how little progress they’re actually making.
  9. PS5. Yeah, I was matchmaking with a level 50 with a power level of about 118. It matched me with a level 7 character with a level 9 power level. Unsurprisingly, I left that group lol How can they still not have fixed this? This is also the only game I’ve played on the new console that still takes ages to load. Good job you’re only playing single player- since they’re only releasing one new character, you won’t be able to play online with anyone else using her. Not like multiplayer was a focus for the game or anything though!
  10. The new character is due out today, so thought I’d have a quick play to see what the state of the game is like. It’s still atrocious, with game breaking bugs, as well as lots of visual ones. Played a multiplier game with one other person (couldn’t find more than one other person to join my quick play game). Got to near the end of the level, had to kill a group of enemies. Near the last respawn group, we knock one through the floor. But he’s still alive. So we can’t kill them and finish the level. Reload the last checkpoint. Get to the same bit, this time the enemies don’t spawn, but our objective is still to kill them. Reload again. They don’t respawn. Give up. And this was amongst other bugs like ms marvel having arms constantly stretched out over the whole level. Just woeful stuff lol
  11. IGN pretty much said the story is great but the puzzles are rubbish, GameSpot said the story is bad but the puzzles are great...it’s definitely divisive.
  12. Apart from on PSVR, and EA haven’t even acknowledged the head tracking lag bug yet, which is a little annoying.
  13. Save some money- there are a couple of side quests that need a lot Love the management side activity though, it’s seriously addictive!! Don’t forget to take a few low cost people to the board meetings though- that way you can deflect questions using them, them hit them with the big boys to deplete their ‘health’. Omelette is a great low cost chicken Also, completing side quests unlocks new staff members, so consider doing a few of those before you get too far in to maintain that efficiency!
  14. Didn’t you look at the map? Or stop in the story to do some of the side activities to break the game up? I appreciate the storyline has a fairly unrelenting pace at some points, but most games have that, and still expect you to put saving the world on hold to go and find someone’s lost pet Trust me though, the game has plenty of side quests, which you are pretty much free to tackle at any time
  15. Are you not getting all the side quest icons popping up on your map? I’m only up to chapter 8, but every time I do a bit more of the main story, I check back on the map and have tons of side quest icons! It routinely takes me 3-4 hours before I’m back to the main story again, as I’m busy mopping up side quests, doing the new part time hero fight icons etc.
  16. Anyone playing this on PSVR on PS5? It looks great but it seems to have developed like a juddering problem, where the screen kinda tears and almost gives you a double image when you move your head sometimes. Was hoping the latest patch would fix it, but still no joy. Hope they can fix it soon- it’s almost unplayable with it as it makes it nauseating. It doesn’t even happen all the time which is weirder. But if they get it fixed, this will be amazing!!
  17. How many years was it in development before that? Not sure I’d call that ‘shockingly late’, but I suppose it probably is considering it’s the intrinsic gameplay element. It’s definitely impressive that they managed to do that in a year though. Actually, I remember reading that article before now, but it never seemed a consideration in the way it was implemented.
  18. I kinda like the fact that you’re not 100% sure how many people will get tagged in a group attack, for me it makes it more natural, but I wouldn’t object to having an AoE indicator. I’d certainly disagree that there are any signs the turn based combat system was a ‘shockingly late’ addition though- there are tons of classes, attack skills, group attacks etc, that alone means that just couldn’t be true. It just doesn’t feel like a tagged on feature at all, and with the amount of work it would take to implement, I just don’t see how that would be possible. There are definitely things that could be tightened up for a sequel though- I’d agree with the issue of enemies moving around. I’d like to see them take ownership of this and add more mechanics for it, being able to freeze enemies in place and manipulate that movement, being able to move around yourself maybe and utilise the environment more etc. For me, tank classes don’t work as effectively as they could. Being able to aggro enemies is far more random than it should be- it becomes a gamble that often isn’t worth taking as opposed to just doing more damage, which is a shame. I’d also like more thought to be put it to synergies between the classes each character learns themselves. Sure, you have like those two skills you can always use from any class, but it would be nice to have more depth there (Bravely Default does this really well) to develop cool hybrid classes. Having said that, for their first attempt at a turn based system, it’s not bad at all, especially since they’re managed to transplant the whole yakuza world into it without really sacrificing anything. I much prefer it to the previous entries for the combat system, but it’d be great if they carried on with both types.
  19. Yeah, I don't think it's worth taking the risk at the moment, which is a pity- I was all fired up to play it tonight, quickly checked that 2.20 had come out, then saw the twitter comments...
  20. They've added manual saves, but only on PC. No idea why they haven't done this on the Xbox- makes you wonder if they can't do that for some reason? Also, I'm sure they inferred saving would be fixed with the patch, so I'm also thinking they ran into issues with it. Is quick resume switched on for Watch Dogs? It's still switched on for the new Yakuza game, but it gives me issues half the time it uses it.
  21. If anyone was thinking of going back to this on Xbox after the new patch this week- the TU 2.20 patch DOES NOT fix the issue with save games on that console. I'm sure the articles I read about the multiplayer delay implied that the 2.20 patch would fix the issue, but apparently not. The Watch Dogs twitter account has replied to questions asking for an ETA for the fix, saying "we don't have a date for now, but the dev team is working hard to fix that issue", which doesn't exactly sound hopeful.
  22. I think a lot of that is probably down to the fact that this was pushed out the door amongst a load of other bigger, more popular franchise releases. I hope I'm wrong, and I'm sure it won't be all games doing that, but it has been a bit of a pattern with some recent releases.
  23. Yes but the danger is that now they know they can basically get away with it- it’s possible going forward some companies might just do this as standard. I’m also not convinced it’s all down to COVID. Lots of games with these issues were delayed multiple times before and likely had development issues.
  24. This seems to be the depressing new business model for games now: Step one: Release a game not only with features missing, but in a very buggy state Step two: Promise to add those features within a certain timescale Step three: Delay missing features citing that bugs must be prioritised above missing features for the sake of game quality And they just seem to get away with it without recourse either in terms of sales or negative press... I mean, I'm assuming with Watchdogs they realised they had to push it out the door when they did, since any later and it would have been up against both their other open world games, but still
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