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  1. Weirdly, my copy from Simply Games was posted on Friday and still hasn’t turned up yet either- never known their deliveries not turn up the next day. Cant even do anything with the RM tracking number, as it just says you can’t track it until they’ve tried to deliver it.
  2. This is such a great game- loving the new combat system, there’s so much content, and all the conversations are pretty smartly written with some nice little lines and translations in them. I’m hours in and still discovering more side activities! The only niggle I’ve got is that the game makes the cardinal JRPG sin of not explaining what the stats do. Sure, most are obvious but when it comes to dexterity and accuracy, it’s far less clear. One is to do with turn order but isn’t consistent, and other is probably to do with critical hits, but no-one is totally sure. When there are masses of accessories in the game that affect them, what’s the point if you don’t explain what they do?? Also, the Japanese version of the game seems to tell you whether an enemy is weak to an attack when you target them before confirming, whereas that no longer seems to be in the international version. Means you have to keep consulting the enemy index thing if you’re up against tough enemies. Those are little things though, it’s still great!
  3. Good find, thanks! The trouble is that despite what the headline suggests, they only tried doing it for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, but I’ll give it a try with Squadrons. Hopefully the save game issues won’t be thing if I just play the PS4 version.
  4. Trying to think how you’d get around it otherwise- I’m not sure if you get the choice whether you upgrade a game to the PS5 version do you? And if it’s an online game, don’t they have to be patched to the latest version in order to play online?
  5. So you can have two different versions of the same game installed on one console then? I guess that’s one way around it. They’ve said with Squadrons that it’ll have better lighting on the PS5, but that doesn’t count as separate version then? I suppose on the upside that this won’t affect that many games, but it’s a bit of a shame they didn’t seem to care about the issue or publicise it very much. Another example of a slightly rushed next gen console release due to corona I guess.
  6. What the hell? So basically they’ve only just thought to test that and discovered it doesn’t work? So presumably that’ll be exactly the same with Star Wars Squadrons then? I’m sure I read an article recently that said that PSVR would actually take advantage of the advanced processing power of the PS5 too. How did Sony only just realise this??
  7. Thanks- that’s a pity! It’s a great feature, when they get it working- for now, most of the time I have to load up the game, have it lock, quit, restart the game (several times it then refuses to restart at all and I have to reboot the console) and load it properly...so actually it makes it a far longer, more convoluted process, especially when regular loading is quick now anyways! I’d have thought they’d have been better off switching it off for all titles if they don’t have the resources to check which ones it does and doesn’t work with right now.
  8. Why is the resume option still allowed for some games when it’s unreliable? Almost every time I use it with Yakuza 7 the game just gets stuck when I interact with something and I have to restart the game. Is there a way to turn resume off in the options anywhere?
  9. I think your example of the cargo loader being overpowered stands out as an outlier in that list, especially since some of your stated examples are things that have been delayed to avoid issues. And quick resume will obviously be fixed at some point. With WDL, it’s not like the game had the idea of multiple skills and multiple characters inserted into it at the last moment, and it’s not the kind of thing they would have fixed towards the end of the process, whether prior to or after release. I can understand things being released in the current climate that can be fixed with patches, but this is so much more of an intrinsic, baked-in element that there’s really no evidence to suggest would have been left to the last minute to consider (or if it was, that would be terrible planning)- they’ve been showing the cargo loader off in videos for ages. I definitely wouldn’t give them the benefit of the doubt here, especially as it’s not like they’re going to fix it. It’s not like it’s the only example of an overpowered skill in the game either, and these are the kind of things that really should have been nailed down earlier in development, at least before other skills were added.
  10. I’d definitely say that’s a good idea- of all the games I’ve played recently, it’s probably the one that would be best with that approach, and I’m finding it quite all-consuming at the moment. You’re in for a treat when you start it though
  11. I just think we need to be calling out this stuff otherwise it’ll only get worse- I’m not totally sure this would have been any different without the pandemic anyway. Lazy game design hasn’t only just appeared.
  12. They just delay the game then. I know it’s not really down to the team making the game, but someone at some level has made the decision to release the game in this state. And to be honest, that kind of balancing is quite an intrinsic part of the new direction this one takes- it must have come up as an early discussion that lots of different characters with different skills would take a lot of balancing work.
  13. It’s a shame more people aren’t talking about Like a Dragon- I’m finding it a really amazing JRPG. It really does have a weird opening like @bradigor says though- it’s the slowest opening of any JRPG I’ve ever known, in a genre known for their slow openings, even slower than any of the Persona games. It’s not really until you get to chapter 4, which could be about 8 or so hours, where things start to open up a little and you really have much of a chance to wander around with actually some of the game’s systems working. I’m in chapter 5 now and it’s still slowly adding new systems, although I still don’t have the ability to change jobs yet- I kind of love it for that though. There’s a lot of depth here from equipment, mini games, bonding levels with your party members, item crafting, stats not just for fighting but for the main character’s personality traits....I think anyone liking more traditional JRPGs is in for a real treat. For their first game in this genre, they’ve definitely done it justice so far, and it still seems to have the characters and heart the series is recognised too. Also, the way that they explain why the game is like an RPG too is a nice little touch. Just don’t go in expecting the game to open up quickly.
  14. The problem I have with the emergent gameplay in this is that the whole illusion is shattered when you get sent on a recruitment mission which is an exact copy of one you’ve already done- exact same location, exact same goal, exact same enemy placements even down to the same bug of a guard stuck walking in place on top of a vehicle. I don’t even have that many members in my team for it to be repeating missions already. Plus it seems there are just too many different character skills for them to have been balanced properly, so you end up either having really easy missions using overpowered operatives, or you have to artificially limit yourself. Neither of those are great options, and it just seems like lazy game design- even the summon cargo loader skill the game introduces you too is overpowered. Why on Earth didn’t they just make it so that the character with that skill is the only one who can summon them at the specific spots for cargo loaders already placed across the city? Or even limit the amount of time you can control them for?? Either of those are pretty obvious and easy options, yet they just couldn’t be bothered.
  15. This hard locks my series X every time I use a shop to buy clothes now, nice work Ubisoft.
  16. I can now answer my own question if it helps anyone- the first time you run a game having transferred it across from an external usb drive, it asks you if you want to download the patch so the game runs at its best.
  17. Thanks- is this something each game will instinctively know to do the first time I run it on the series X?
  18. This might seem like a stupid question, but if I copy across games from an external usb hard drive to the internal series x hard drive (like Watchdogs Legion and the new Yakuza), will it then automatically take advantage of all the new features like quicker loading time and extra graphical enhancements?
  19. I just went into a slot machine arcade, and for every single machine I tried to play, I said I had to download additional content from the Microsoft store?? What the hell is this?
  20. I’d say this game is somewhat unique from all those examples though. There are so many inherent issues with the game that they’re going to have to have to go back to the drawing board and rewrite massive portions of it to get it to an acceptable level for what they’re purporting to want to achieve. Those other games had the right basic frame in place to support further development. This, you can most definitely tell, does not- the levels, the AI, the multiplayer infrastructure, the menus, these are all currently massively flawed. That’s even before you address the lack of game content and the loot system.
  21. Another example of that is Thor’s supermove where you basically beam down in the bifrost which you can move around before selecting a spot and doing AoE damage. When you come to position it, it won’t just jump between different levels of the area. This is because the way they’ve done it is basically that you’re still controlling Thor, but he’s now invisible within the targeting effect. So, if you want to place it say on a balcony, when you activate it from a lower level, you have to walk the bifrost up the stairs
  22. Despite still being referenced on the loading screens.
  23. You can run though, so there’s no consistency. For some reason they just take away your ability to crouch as if somehow you now forget how to do it. It should indeed raise the alarm if you’re spotted doing it, as it would mean you’re not acting in character, but instead of that, they just suddenly take away one of your controls. It’s just a bizarre and lazy thing to do instead of giving you the choice of when to blend in and when to hide.
  24. Yeah, I didn’t say it was bad exactly, just that it doesn’t really improve the gameplay, and unfortunately those limited innovations have come at the cost of additional repetition. For example, for those recruits who don’t like you, it means you have to do two identikit missions instead of one. It’s a personal thing really, but for me I’d rather not have that slim ‘innovation’ if it’s at the cost of varied gameplay. Certainly when it’s more of a gimmicky thing. The costumes are a good idea but in action they don’t really add much- enemies still detect you pretty fast, and for some reason walking into zones in a uniform removes the ability to crouch and hide. I can’t say I’ve really noticed the settings in the identikit recruiting missions, it’s always been like generic building site, alleyway, office building for me.
  25. Jesus, who thought the football side activity was a good idea???
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