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  1. Have been waiting for a new entry in the series for the Switch. Hopefully will be more ludicrous fun. We need more OTT silliness in life. What I really want too though is a proper sequel to the full sidescrolling GB games. Wario Land II is honestly one of the best platformers ever made. Amazing design - and it still holds up today. I found my old GBC recently and gave it a spin and had forgotten how well it plays and the amount of detail they squeezed into an 8-bit game.
  2. I'm excited. Not to take away from what we already have to look forward to, but I like to imagine that one day they'll be a Zelda combining BotW with the skies of Skyward Sword (like this seems to be doing - though early days) and the oceans of Wind Waker. A whole beautiful landmass, beautiful realms in the sky, and a whole oceanic adventure too. Oh, and a network of underground dungeons too. Big, classic dungeons.
  3. Toonstruck is the best point and click of all of them - one of my favourite games ever. So happy it came to GOG! But booo that the sequel never saw the light of day... https://www.gog.com/game/toonstruck
  4. I guess - with a somewhat less revered title like this one - it can be an opportunity to improve the game? It wouldn't be fiddling with an older, "cannon" classic. I already rambled about this in my last post, but I really think this could have been an opportunity to make something special out of something flawed. Even the few quest changes to Wind Waker massively improved the game for me, apart from the carefully and mostly brilliantly upgraded visuals. A properly tweaked, souped up, prettier Skyward Sword could be an unusual and pretty brilliant Zelda game. I do see what you mean in one sens
  5. I didn’t quite get along with SS, but I’m so disappointed in this (as it is looking now), because I always thought the game could have been a gem if aspects of it were reworked in certain ways and its painterly look pushed further. I had hoped a remaster was in the works for the Switch, because there was something special trying to push through in the original, particularly the dungeon design, music and story - but this looks like a real missed opportunity. If I’m honest, at this point I can’t overlook the graphics, let alone any gameplay issues that haven’t been seen to. As many of us who hav
  6. I haven’t even got this yet, but from what I’ve seen I can tell I’ll really want a “fully fledged” Bowser’s Fury once I’m done with it. Even though I was late to the Switch party, I’ve gone through quite a few games on it, and Odyssey still outshines them all...probably because I’ve either played most of my favourites on Wii U (including BoTW) or because they’re not quite as ambitious or packed with a continuous stream of surprising gaming ideas / content as a full brand new Mario game. Still, it’s good to get something fresh with 3D World. I just wonder if, given its concept, it would have be
  7. I’ve come to trust this forum over most other sources for buying new games. Its tendencies seem to broadly match my tastes (anyone else find that?) I have discovered lots of stranger titles I would have missed otherwise and given some a chance that were pretty universally trashed across the rest of the net - there’s a weird maturity here (and much more of an openness to new ideas and, for want of a better way of putting it, stuff that isn’t mainstream...this without being overly indie / niche focused.) Compare discussions here on, say No Man’s Sky or Death Stranding or even some of Ninten
  8. It's funny to see this thread bumped - someone bought this for me for Christmas (knowing I had just got a Switch) and I'm really enjoying the humour and imagination going on here. I'm still near the beginning (so have not come across some issues I read skimming this thread) but it has been pretty fantastic so far. If a game of this nature has enough charm / atmosphere I usually find it easy to overlook those kinds of flaws in mechanics anyway...!
  9. Though a search didn't uncover anything, a topic like this must have been hashed out on a "Creative" forum before - so my apologies for probably retreading very old ground. I am also aware how cringey/whiney something this can come across, and it will unfortunately probably be fairly incoherent and inconclusive (being stuck in quarantine whilst abroad at the moment is not helping my verbosity)...but none of the following is intended as complaint, and in being vulnerable I only hope people might share strategies about how they stay motivated in doing what they do - or at least will have the the
  10. CS2x

    Nintendo Switch

    It’s going to be hard to return to normal games after the audacious abstraction / gaming-as-gaming and torrent of ideas in Odyssey. I realise this is what I had been missing and a good Mario game always brings; something that controls well, is beautiful and polished and has some kind of coherency in building a “world” - but also doesn’t take itself too seriously and knows it is a game, so it can chuck all kinds of imaginative mechanisms at you that defy real world logic for the sole sake of keeping gaming as fun as possible. No awkward in-between place I find some games operating in...
  11. CS2x

    Depeche Mode.

    Yes, that's absolutely true - forgot to mention that. I don't enjoy mastering when it is too "hot" / these causalities of the loudness wars anyway - but on a number of those albums even someone unaware of the issue would literally hear the clipping. My wife doesn't make music or know about mastering but has noticed something headache-inducing about the sound where music has been mastered too loud / is over-compressed or limited to that degree. I think Playing the Angel was the worst for this? I can't really listen to music so loud nowadays and don't use headphones much anymore, so maybe that's
  12. CS2x

    Depeche Mode.

    Interesting discussion. Am I the only person who has pretty much liked every album of theirs from and including Violator? (which was a pinnacle point.) This latter half of their stuff all seems to divide and disappoint people whenever I’ve read online responses, but to me almost all of it has been really enjoyable in different ways. Songs of Faith and Devotion, Ultra, Exciter, Playing the Angel, Sounds of the Universe, Delta Machine, Spirit...even if I don’t find the lyrics engaging / too clumsy on some of the later ones, the interesting electronic production, guitars and atmospheres have ofte
  13. CS2x

    Nintendo Switch

    It's nice to now be part of this club. After playing on friends' Switches for too long, I finally got my own for my 33rd birthday - along with Super Mario Odyssey and BotW (which I had already actually caned on the Wii U but wanted again for portability/improved framerates.) But...my DAYS is Odyssey delightful! (Please forgive some early-impression-based gushing.) I remember reading some people were disappointed in the game back in 2017, and admittedly I have only done the first two worlds - but even if that was it, it would make the Switch worth it. Playing this now is like stepping into col
  14. That original post...is so atrocious. What possessed my young self to vomit that out? I sincerely apologise for every word, except the word ‘Autechre’, because that lead to reading other people’s interesting views. The new album is interesting though, isn’t it? Not sure what I make of it yet, because while it reminds me quite a bit of Oversteps, that one had a lot of intricate interweaving, conversational plucky melodics in a way this one doesn’t, even if it seems more conventionally musical and has got those huge overtly synthy harmonic swells and slices. Definitely love the opene
  15. I do appreciate these updates are free and have loved the game, but is anyone else having problems? I’m getting all kinds of bizarre scenery glitches since the update. On every planet - and game breaking ones at times, with me getting stuck in scenery that looks invisible one minute and glitches into reality the next. I can see through some bits of scenery into caves and lower-level parts of the world I shouldn’t see, and the gradients on planets often seem messed up. It’s, er...interesting in a kind of meta way, but makes the game pretty hard to play. These are not minor aesthetic issues. Pla
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