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  1. (and btw the cool way to grind for rare pokémon is to not look at the screen and try to guess which pokemon it is from their cry)
  2. pokécongrats! let us know its IV's and nature
  3. I'm halfway through LG and LOVING IT with all the new little additions it's just so.. perfect.. I'm off to breed for a false swiping parasect now
  4. I have an ORIGINAL NINTENDO SEAL OF QUALITY on my Pokémon Leaf Green Eu.
  5. what is there to love about that design? shit/10
  6. I only just read the first page and as a great fan of the zelda series I am, at the moment, crying and wanking over the fact that I do not own a Gamecube
  7. this is why I bought LG. just can't stand any of the new pokémon tbh I find them to be kind of fucking shit
  8. But the thing is that in LG/FR you have everything that was great about the originals and a lot of really nice upgrades! You can finally play Blue/Red with the depth that was introduced in Gold/Silver with breeding, different natures, Hidden Powers etc..! That and the game has gone from looking like this to this
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