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  1. This is true to an extent, but it's an absurd simplification to suggest that everyone in the world could live like rich Americans - or in Elysium. It's very apparent that at least the richest people, and probably most of "the West" would have to accept a lower standard of living for the rest of the world to truly achieve something like equality. The ending when
  2. I saw the film without reading the script and this was pretty much still how I felt about it. I had high expectations having read good reviews, and it started out very promisingly. Bradley Cooper's performance is great and you really feel for his character. But I couldn't really get over how everything was increasingly contrived and stupid, really from the moment the dance thing was introduced but especially with the bet at the end. It was like the acting and subject matter hinted at a really interesting film, but then it collapsed into standard rom-com territory, with the serious mental illne
  3. What TV coverage is there of the Aussie open? Is it just the BBC red button or is some of it going to be on Sky ?
  4. Regarding this 'red card ruining the game' issue - I really don't see why they couldn't just amend the 'clear goalscoring chance' rule so that it only applies outside the penalty area. Surely the function of the rule is primarily to prevent the situation where somebody is going to be put through and the defender realises this and fouls them before they reach the area, knowing they can just take a yellow card and the team go almost unpunished (only conceding a freekick). The rule is basically pointless in the area as a penalty is a severe enough deterrent already, there's no incentive to foul
  5. For my festive viewing today I watched Raw Deal: A Question of Consent. A very interesting and disturbing documentary about a stripper who alleged she had been raped at a frat party. Shortly after she reported it to the police it was discovered that much of the party including this incident (or at least some of it) had been filmed by guys at the party. It might sound inappropriate but the film makers show a lot of this graphic footage. It forms the backbone of the film along interviews with the woman who was (or wasn't) raped, and one of the frat boys who was in the room while it occurred (th
  6. I think it may be becoming a lazy stereotype, but it's at least somewhat true for this current test team. I was in India for the first two tests and there were a few times when I couldn't believe the way the Indian outfielders were giving up on chasing fours that might have been saved. Or sometimes making a dive that was more for show than a genuine attempt to reach the ball. It might only happen a couple of times in a day but I thought it was quite telling that it would happen at all at this level. And Tendulkar seemed to be a notable culprit.
  7. Is it just me who thought this was really not very good? I guess I'm overstating it because I had very high expectations - I hadn't read the book or seen the original but loved the look of the trailer and thought it sounded like something that Fincher could do brilliantly. But I couldn't help feeling that despite the high production values and good performances it was ruined by being stuck in such a plodding and formulaic 'detective story' template. Lisbeth was an interesting character but she was really the ONLY interesting thing about the film. This was particularly apparent during the firs
  8. Any good streams for this game? I'm struggling.
  9. You seem to be being deliberately obtuse about the fact that the Office VERY clearly does ATTEMPT to have sincere emotional storylines and plausible characters who you care about, just because you personally thought the Tim/Dawn stuff was crap. It has a very different tone to Seinfeld in which the boyfriend/girlfriends always are disposable characters who advance the humour, and sincerity or emotion is avoided. It's not just the Tim/Dawn relationship, almost all the characters and relationships in the Office are intended sincerely and have emotional moments. For example, the episode with Tim's
  10. Does it mean they'll be cheaper than normal? Or is it just that we get them first?
  11. I don't understand though, don't managers on touchline bans always communicate with the bench? I'm sure I've seen them on phones many times before, I don't remember hearing that they couldn't.
  12. This looks great, but why on earth did they release that ludicrously long trailer that just tells the entire story in quite a long winded boring way? It's especially unnecessary with a film like this where it has such a great single line concept, it really only needs the tiniest of teasing as it's obviously a cool concept with potential.
  13. The other day I was re-watching R Kelly's amazing Trapped in the Closet videos, and noticed that "Omar from the Wire" is one of the main characters.
  14. I have been convinced, it was a good idea. My thinking was that kids young enough to need that sort of seat are utterly dependent on their parents and don't have very adventurous lives, so they wouldn't really benefit from the freedom afforded by the backpack. I only remember using a seat like that when I was so young that I didn't really go anywhere without my parents.
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