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  1. The stage is very much set for a calamitous loss tomorrow.
  2. Zaha’s racist abuser has been arrested. A 12 year old kid.
  3. I really loved Hamilton, have watched it twice and have the soundtrack (and the mixtape) constantly playing in the house. But I agree, Miranda isn’t really all that and doesn’t have the voice for some of the big songs. His crying singing voice was annoying too. And I thought the first act was far better than the second.
  4. Disney say hi. I don’t think this has anything to do with perception and controversy, more a reflection of where the brand is now and probably low merch sales under Reebok. Was the show on a beach like in some of the promo photos?
  5. rllmuk’s resident Danish / Turkish football correspondent has spoken!
  6. This is out now on Apple TV+. Nips along and at just 90 minutes is a fun watch. Recommended.
  7. The PL and FA Cup will be finished by the time we start the Europa mini tournament.
  8. And then Olympiakos, Wolves, Sevilla or Roma in the semi if we get there.
  9. Watched the first couple of episodes of Stateless last night and thought it was pretty good. Some of the writing is a bit ham-fisted but it's been enjoyable thus far with some intriguing characters and a bit of mystery.
  10. I was chuckling all through the UFO episode but then when Mullet Man brought out his drawing of the craft towards the end, only for it to look like every single drawing of a UFO ever I was absolutely howling. Had to take a photo of it on my phone via laptop webcam:
  11. I think it’s a perfectly constructed show. Just the right level of schmaltz, a few douche bags thrown in to root against, the challenges are all genuinely impressive, and when it’s a close contest my goodness is it exciting. The challenge where they climb a ladder and then push a wall on a high ledge - there’s one battle that is just incredible.
  12. The Titan Games (also on Netflix) is undisputed king of this type of show. Genuine edge of seat viewing.
  13. At least he's earned it recently, unlike Jones, Smalling, Young, etc who were given new contracts last year.
  14. Very favourable run of fixtures, let’s remember. The Chelsea game will be interesting.
  15. Greenwood The kid’s special.
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