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  1. Alison Pill, I've never seen anyone who's IPD annoyed me more apart from a guy I worked with years ago.
  2. Really impressed by the tracking on the Quest, I didn't realise stuff like this was possible. Are multiplayer connections headset to headset without a router or whatever?
  3. I was only after controllers, the order was added to my account with 2-4 week delivery but everything else looks like 8 weeks.
  4. There's Index gear available on Steam at the moment for anyone looking to pick it up.
  5. Looks like the Index & controllers will be available to order from next Monday
  6. He says that someone revealed it to him and will likely do it elsewhere. He doesn't seem to question the source so maybe he's talking shit or it just hasn't happened yet, I've not seen anything either.
  7. Apparently the plot (amazing, game changing etc) has leaked and the advice is to avoid all online discussion from here on out. No such spoilers here but there is some info that might be worth avoiding if you want all the surprises including one incidental piece that sounds like it will make the index controllers worth getting hold of.
  8. Got some steam keys if anyone is interested. Gorn Space Pirate Trainer Cosmic Trip Smashbox Arena
  9. I haven't tried one either but the thing I was looking forward to most on the Index besides the image clarity was the increased FOV, maybe it's not as big a deal as I'd hoped but for a while it seemed like full FOV was the holy grail of VR and a step towards that would be a pretty big improvement.
  10. Never heard of them before and they are great tracks, thanks for posting that.
  11. Wandall & Hopkirk There, I've said it now. Been keeping that in for months.
  12. For all it's worth I think that Telegraph review could be replaced by one of the comments on it.
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