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  1. Multiplay Halo is so much better on the PC than 360, too much waiting about and, unless im a simpleton, you can't choose what weapons you want on the 360. Heavy weapons are basic but so much fun....
  2. Hi, billy no mates here wouldn't mind an invite! Just got a 360 and been having a bash so i'm not that great but if anyone fancies a game give me a shout, how do you speak through the headset on a 360 pad coz mine just breaks up all the time??
  3. I've just discovered the delights of Blood Gulch CTF via my PC and fantastic it is too, in fact it's the first time i have played all night for years. A couple of Noob questions....how do you switch teams when asked by a Mod? And it seems to me some players are indestructible.....are there cheats out there? Does anyone from the forum still play PC Halo?
  4. I think F Zero X looks great, if i recall the gameplay wasn't bad either.
  5. I wonder if that means you can order just after midnight on the 20th? I've just ordered Zelda from them so there i've done it, i'm gonna need a Wii now to play it on.
  6. Mary Shelley's Frankenstein...
  7. Sony will restyle it and drop the price and it'll sell...a bit more. Maybe.
  8. I've been deliberating for two weeks or so whether to preorder and i've left it to late so i'm gonna go out after work on the 8th and try to pick one up. A slim chance i know but where to go? Superstores in a retail park or smaller high street stores such as Woolies, Argos and all? I still think i'll get one before Crimbo once the initial excitment passes.
  9. What was that tune playing when Attenborough went up to get his award? I've been hearing it on TV a lot lately.
  10. I was told in GAME today they'd massively underestimated the interest in Wii...doh!
  11. I remember my nipper opening a shiny new N64 on Chrimbo day, setting it up and spending the morning introducing him to Marios delights, so this year i may well get a Wii and hold fire until X-mas day to open it and then the whole family can have some festive fun.
  12. These feelings of optimism come with every new hardware release.
  13. What a fantastic system! After dismissing handheld gaming as a casual aside this has really opened my eyes, with the amount of classic GBA and DS titles this may well become my console of choice.
  14. Sitting in the sun the garden, a bottle of bud in one hand and my new DS Lite in the other.....fucking gaming at it's best.
  15. Price is king for me this year so it's got to be Wii, on top of that there's bound to be new gameplay experiences somewhere along the way.
  16. Have a look in here, the quality is not that great but it gives you an idea. http://uk.gamespot.com/gamecube/action/met...cXA0lmeq5bsOuzM
  17. By the sounds of it the developer is adding much more gameplay, i like the idea of the grapple hook, it'll make you feel like Dr Octopus.
  18. I pre-ordered a DS Lite on Saturday in GAME and they were good enough to take a 2yr old boxed joypad i had kicking about as part of the deposit, £14.99! Bless....
  19. After listening to that i'm sure my hair is softly perming, Brian May ahoy! That game reminded me of Wave Race, great fun then.
  20. I am, Echoes that is and i keep getting lost far more than i did in Prime. Corruption looks fantastic in the vid and you just know that Retro are going to be polishing and spitting right up until launch day, just think about it a brand new Metroid on a brand new system it's enough to give you the horn.
  21. With Zelda in many respects you know what you are going to get and i don't mean that in a bad way, so that's why i'm trying not to follow Zelda topics too much but yes it looks wonderful.
  22. No we have goldfish in the tank...
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