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  1. I cant use SkyUI Lib its bugs me out so any mods depending on that are out like that hotkey one - i looked at the screenshots its exactly what i wanted. How can you play it on console if you cant do anything like that!! I like the look of the other mod - 50% arrow speed looks great - im currently using this https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/24296
  2. Did you solve the hotkey issue? And what is the point of daggers? I just use the highest damage weapon and it seems like the worst ?
  3. The mods I used are the top ones from the mod site Nexus - and after hours reading apparently these were 'essential'https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/wiki/essential_mods Also after 3 hours in I have found out how to sprint, but not how to hotkey different weapon sets Now I think I need another mod just for that https://www.reddit.com/r/skyrimmods/wiki/essential_mods - how the fuck you cant make hotkeys to switch sets/magic is beyond me - unless I am doing something wrong? If I cant toggle different sets then I have to manually set them every enemy? I want to use arrows far, switcht to say sword /shield then switch to magic/healing/fireball and then back to sword shield - this is taking me to manually change all the time in battle. It did not matter the first 3 hours since could just slash anything and had no skills, now I have spells -shout and items its hard to balance. I will delete the game probably if I cant hotkey instantly - or just choose one weapon set?
  4. Got it all working with upgraded combat, animals, magic and archery mods. About to kill my first dragon think. Is there any real point in doing magic builds and is it worth upgrading lockpicking or stealth or stick to upgrading combat skills mainly.
  5. Installed the Special Edition then the Nexus mod manager Played for about an hour before understanding what the fuck was going on and what the mods do Restarted with the mods I wanted and right performance Played for 3-4 hours and have a bug in the UI Mod Kept playing for another hour and now the UI Mod does not let me drop anything and asking me to upgrade a scripts mod. Uninstalled the UI mod and now the save game cannot load Now uninstalling the lot and have to restart the whole game. How the fuck will I know which mods will cause bugs? Im thinking playing without any mods - after about 8 years and multiple editions this is still so buggy. Is there a mod to skip the start or any recommended mods that are essential only
  6. Theres being a dumb fuck and theres you . http://www.allmusic.com/artist/kanye-west-mn0000361014/discography Even if I dont like something i can understand why people like it. Im no Zelda fan but its ranks as the best game ever, but I dont feel the need to make my self feel better by slagging it off.
  7. I think its pretty simple - since the removal of Kinect the Xbox One has zero USP and even when they had it there was zero compelling content for it. It is just a weaker PS4 for the same price without a big library of exclusives. Pretty straightforward.
  8. is there ali st of dota mukkers? i need some friends in UK who I can team with
  9. The heavy handed metaphors shoved down our throats everytime something about evolution was mentioned - wtf was that about
  10. why the fuck did we not buy this chambers from southhampton!! He plays DR/DC and DMC!! What wrong with supporting someone you watch to be entertained in the way you want? You sound ridculous judging other people based on how they choose to be entertained. There is no better or correct or morally superior way of watching 22 men run around kicking a football. Teams change, players, owners, stadiums, colours, logos, even location - what are you actually supporting - just the idea of being part of a group probably. I support a heap of teams caus i have been playing football, football video games and management games and love reading abotut the game for 20 odd years ( i have probably logged 1000+hours in CM and could name and quote stats from every top league in he last decade - Abel Hernandez will be a badass by the way. If you were the TRUE man utd fan that you claim makes you so superior - you would be supporting FC United, as they are truer to the refelction of a Manchester United club.
  11. why the fuck did we not buy this chambers from southhampton!! He plays DR/DC and DMC!!
  12. Did you also watch it on your 4inch smartphone and tinny speakers to get the real cinema effect?
  13. I need to rebuy a 360 jsut for this game!! It was madness when it came out my and my mate must have only played it for like 4 months constantly! best value game ever
  14. Anybody interested in a London dota2 meetup or something similar?
  15. Thanks for this post. WAtching the gameplay -It seemed like such a generic FPS? There was nothing that screamed originality or next gen. However I think what Bungie are masters at doing is perfecting existing elements. I think co-op play integral to the game is always fun and having gear/exp adds to the progression with a story being a backdrop for more loot. For me though its the same mechanics as PSO but with halo FPS setting. It may be me but I'm really really tired of FPS game mechanics. I would love to see Bungie going another genre/ direction for their next game in 10 years time!
  16. you obviosuly too young to remember invade a load
  17. is there a list of rllmukers steam friends who want to play dota? I have been playing for the last month and feel like Im decent enough not to piss people off!
  18. So taking a leaf out of xbox with soo many people saying they would only use ps3/4 caus online free ..sounds like sony pulling a MS but without any negative press how long before used games and DRM are annouced!
  19. any full list of mukkers that are playing DOTA ? Would love to play with some decent players my username is arvgod
  20. Played about 20 hours of LoL then got a key for DOTA2 .... I like both, I can see the benefits of LoL over DOTA2 for casuals, but the depth of DOTA2 is insane i cant believe all characters are balanced. Anyway both piss me off in how they approach F2P, LoL by selling characters which I think is an ok model provided the characters are balanced, (but you know they will build and sell good stuff at a high price)but in DOTA2 it seems even more odd, asking me to pay to view tournaments, fucking keys to open chests I have been rewarded with? nice reward pay $3 to actually see what you have. With the amount of content and staggering amount of people playing both online I can see these to be deep time sinks. In LoL you have to get to level30 to play ranked matched which sounds ok, but that would take about maybe 90 days plus, for Dota2 it seems even longer. I suppose you do get to develop your skills but at most other lower ranks no one has a mic or is even vaguely bothered about playing as a team so realistically would take about 2-3 times that time....Its crazy maybe 3-6 months content for free that will keep me entertained and any old PC runs the client. So basically shits good check it out!
  21. No Margaret and best ever episode this season? Co-incidence? Cant wait for next weeks episode.
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