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  1. Makes sense as the only time he actually offered anything is when he tried to bring up cricket. Google says he is a filmmaker and musician. He is a really terrible commenter and knows even less than me and I watch like 10 baseball games a year. This is some miracle he got this job.
  2. Anyone know who is the English guy commentating with them because he is awful. Is he a cricketer ? I went to find a stream instead of the BBC because he is just going "yeah, yeah, right, sure, right, yeah, yeah" non stop. He is terrible. I'm guessing he is there to supposedly help people who have never seen the game before but he is really bad at it.
  3. I think the complete opposite. A Series S loaded up with a few years of the cheap Game Pass deal is probably the greatest bargain I've ever seen in gaming history outside of piracy. Especially now, when you can pick them up second hand for £150-£180. Everything else in the world is going mental in price. So many people are struggling with extra cash for entertainment atm. Its perfect if you want a crazy bargain.
  4. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    Fucking hell. Losing twice to Usyk doesn't mean "he is'nt any good" which is what you were suggesting. Or takes away his wins over Wlad, Whyte, Povetkin, Pulev etc does it? If you can beat 99% of your division in boxing your generally regarded as "good". His performance was also far better in the rematch and showed improvement against the bloody Ring magazine pound for pound best boxer on the planet. Fury has the size and style to beat almost every heavy in history. That doesn't make them all terrible or all no good. If thats your other measuring stick. There is some amazingly bad takes on Joshua nowadays. He is an all time top 10 British fighter in his division from his achievements already, but that seemingly means nothing to some people.
  5. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    FFS Joshua is an Olympic Gold medallist who would beat 99% of his division. "Isn't any good?" Fucking hell. This will be way bigger money wise than Fury vs Usyk. Its a smart move by Fury. Still it would be funny if he got chinned.
  6. I still think its a fun nostalgia fest when Cyndi was killing it and a huge star worldwide. You have forgotten to mention the song itself is still awesome!
  7. There has been some decent attempts at bolting MJ's demo vocals to the song. I do kind of miss all Clapton's guitar work from his version and tbh Jackson was in extra strong "HeeHee!" mode that day. I think it's the lost Thriller song though. More time and Jackson working with Clapton and it's a cracking version. There was an awful official club version from Jacksons estate a decade ago using his vocals. It sounded like a fucking Pitbull song. What a waste, listening to it again I'm surprised Mr Worldwide or Chris Brown didn't turn up to ruin it even more.
  8. Orion

    Cricket Thread

    I admire both teams batting line ups attempting to get this test finished within three days.
  9. Reports were that and Khamzat vs Holland as co main! Dustin Poirier has shown he is close to weight and could step in to fight Nate. Whole thing is crazy!
  10. The women's boxing being cancelled is bonkers. The fighters will have already gone through their weight cuts and extensive training camps and it is a big grudge match between two of the top female fighters. I've seen rumours on boxing forums that it was forced on the promoters by SKY. Who had told the government they would take the hit on a few sports but still wanted others to fill the schedule. Football obviously the biggest hit.
  11. Just catching up on last nights game. That is a worrying start for the Rams. Needs to be a wake up call.
  12. I think Shadow Complex is a better Metroidvania game than all the Metroid and Castlevania games. It is brutal we only got one game in what could have been a huge, long running series.
  13. I thought Don't Leave Me This Way was by Thelma Houston for a good 30 years but originally it was Teddy Pendergrass singing for Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes. His is probably my favourite version now. Teddy could certainly sledgehammer a song into submission with his voice and that track is perfect for it.
  14. I think it is more likely boxing Jake Paul or that Bare knuckle shit. They have more money to throw at him. He is a Diaz brother though so who knows ???
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