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  1. Yeah he won it because Yan threw a completely illegal shot. That is not the poor guys fault. Its Yan's. There is all kinds of stupid hot takes and horrible comments about Sterling on Twitter and social media atm. Its totally fucked up.
  2. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    I'm watching Red Zone. The end of the Ravens Lions game was completely insane.
  3. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    No you didn't. You have claimed all kinds of total bollocks in every single post about him. Which your now back tracking on. I can't even be arsed debating your BS anymore. I hope your just trolling and on the wind up because if your actually being serious, fucking hell....
  4. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    I've seen it all now. Parker and Whyte above him who he already beat. Plus Ruiz who he handled easily in the rematch. That is just crazy talk from an obviously biased viewpoint. Plus he has a glass chin because he was stopped once in 26 fights....fucking hell.
  5. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    Well your just a spanner then and sound like 15 year old hater on twitter. I don't know what Joshua did to upset you so much but fact is he is an all time top 10 British Heavyweight based on what he has achieved in his career. This is'nt fucking Audley Harrison we are talking about. He was beaten by a better fighter tonight but was not humilated or anything against an "absolute monster". If you honestly think he has a glass jaw, no gas tank and is just a total hype job, jesus christ.
  6. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    I hope this is the booze talking for you. Otherwise you sound like a complete spanner. What a great fight by Usyk. Over the moon for him as he seems an awesome guy outside the ring.
  7. Jaguar in Halewood I'm guessing.
  8. Its not a great sign for a guy who been out the game for 6 years either. I hope Robbie sparks him.
  9. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    I really like Usyk, he is a great fighter and hilarious nutter outside the ring. I'm a big Joshua fan too though. I think Usyk will give him a really tough fight but Joshua to get a late stoppage. There is a cracking UFC event right after as well. Really looking forward to Saturday.
  10. Orion

    Xbox Game Pass

    0 has probably the maddest side stories in the series, a ton of fun diversions they put loads of work into like the hostess club and mini car racing and my favourite fight system in any of the games. 2 characters with 3 different styles each, just perfect. Its so easy to find something fun to do whenever you get on. Plus it has one of the best, completely bonkers Yakuza stories with those millions of twists that sets you up for the whole Kiryu saga.. Playing through the rest of the series today after it has some real ups and downs. I found its worth browsing the big Yakuza thread here for advice.
  11. Tesco do 20 frozen sausages for a quid. Fuck knows whats in them but bung some of them in the oven for half an hour with some potato waffles and you have one tasty meal.
  12. Orion

    Xbox Game Pass

    My nephew recently got his first skateboard at age 7 and wanted a Skateboard game to play. His mother has no idea about games so refuses to let him play any games cert 12 and over. The Skate are all like 16 plus. Tony Hawk remaster is 12 plus. I thought this Skatebird thing might at least be suitable even if its kind of rubbish but no because somehow the makers have managed to get a 12 certificate for edgy language on a game with cute, little birds on skateboards Thankfully I've got him hooked on Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts but fucking hell.
  13. The Finale to 5 was fantastic as was the whole game. I did see something online about the final mission being very long even by Yakuza standards. So choose to finish it on a quiet afternoon off work. If I'd have been trying to just get it finished in a late night session before bed it could have been tough but I thought it tied everything up well. Mini break to play some of my Game Pass backlog then onto 6!
  14. Nick Diaz one of the most popular UFC fighters of all time has expressed on a number of occasions how much he hates fighting. I think he would be far happier if he was a professional triathlete but MMA earns him alot of money and pays the bills.
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