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  1. England top group. 7 points. 3 clean sheets. Make it look easy. RLLMUK - "We should be attacking non stop. Why are we not playing a front 7 of Sancho/Foden/Grealish/Sterling/Kane/Rashford/Saka? Southgate has not got a clue."
  2. Please watch Showdown the 1993 Billy 'Tae Bo' Blanks classic on Amazon Video.It came up in my Amazon recommeds the other day. I think it sets the record for some of the oldest looking actors playing American High School teenagers. Its a Karate Kid rip off almost 10 years after that was the cool new thing. I'm sure you wil love it, well watch it at least.
  3. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    Inoue is bad man. What a fun fighter to watch.
  4. Queen - Princes of the Universe. The first minute and a half is incredible with Freddie sounding amazing. Then that helicopter sound effect kicks in and the whole song falls of a cliff. I always wondered if they ran out of time, or one of them created this amazing long intro and they bolted a lesser song to it. A shame anyway. Roxy Music - Mother of Pearl. Not sure this counts because I've learned to love the first section of this but for years I hated it and would just fast forward the whole song when it came on. Until I remember reading a review describing it as one of the most b
  5. Its good to see some parsnip and swede haters. Those things are the ruiners of a nice roast.
  6. If England had gone Keegan style all out attack, all the time and lost every game 4-3 you would just be moaning about that instead. Every post you have made in this thread is moaning about England or one of their players.
  7. That's massively unfair summing up Scotland playing England like that. Do you not think they would raise their game playing England?
  8. This England team is on 4 points after 2 games. 2nd in the group. We are doing ok. All you have posted is total negative bollocks in this thread.
  9. Yes fun game this. Probably terrifying if you support Wales or Turkey though.
  10. I know theres UK guys well regarded from grapple only tournaments. But Craig is doing this at UFC level. Its so cool to see.
  11. Its nothing to with the flab and cut scenes, its suggesting the whole series has a "miserable fight engine". Which is total bollocks. Everyone of the games is different but at its peak Yakuza 0 has one of the maddest fight engines ever put in a video game. It combines 6 different fighting styles over 2 different characters. All six can be levelved up RPG style, involving 100s of moves. I'm not even getting into to all the weapons of which there is a ridiculous amount.
  12. I love Paul Craig, where would you put him on British best ever sub fighters ? He is constantly subbing UFC level fighters in an age theres not that many all out submission fighters anymore.
  13. It is ridiculous but its true. For a bunch of morons Nate "Won the fight" because he finished really strong. The Diaz brothers peddle that shit. You won out striking them with jabs or leg kicks "Why didn't you fight properly Bro? stand and throw hands till someone gets fucked up". Take them down and beat the shit out of them the whole fight. "Thats not really fighting, thats some pussy shit!" Their fanbase believe all that bollocks too.
  14. Theres been some horrible hot takes in this thread the last few days but this must be the winner.
  15. Does it have any massive Kiryu story spoliers ? I'm halfway through 3 and I need a break from the Kiryu games. This is even more of a brutal step down than 0 to Kiwami 1 was. So trying out LAD sounds interesting. Reading this thread I'm half tempted to sack 3 and maybe 4 off completely tbh.
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