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  1. I think Microsoft will wait and end a games conference or Xbox event with a teaser trailer for Fallout 5 or the next Elder Scrolls and it will fade out showing "Xbox console exclusive". That again would be a megaton moment for them. Probably send Resetera into meltdown too. Like alot of people I can't see why they would spend this much money unless it was to boost their own first party IP. "case by case" sounds more like we might let Nintendo have some of the smaller titles, a year or two after you got them on Game Pass.
  2. Greg Hardy said he heard Daniel Cormiers commentry on how to check leg kicks in his last fight and credited him for helping him win.
  3. Woodley has not looked good in his last two but remember they were against Usman and Burns. He is 38 as well now. He really needed an easier rebound fight tbh, not one against fucking Covington, who is just a total nightmare match up for him at this point.
  4. Remembered today I used to have every special as up,down, button or down, up,button. Once rearranged my scores went up big time today and started to feel ok about my scores again getting 6 figures combos. Its slowly coming back.
  5. I love they put modes in for people who think like this. If you want no revert or manual you can do that here. I only got an hour in tonight and it was only starting to click at the end when I started taking out the score challenges but this is a must own if you liked the originals.
  6. He crashes a few days in and smashes both his hands up badly. Crazy fucker still finished the stage. The show then focuses on his two teammates who are professionals. Long time since I've seen it but I remember it has a lot of cool, behind the scenes footage with the team prepping for the event, then shows how brutal and completely bonkers the rally itself is.
  7. Yes a must play if you have missed out on it over the years. Its a fantastic platform game with awesome music.
  8. Do Seabrook's have a bad flavour ? I'm trying to think here. Walkers are a constant let down but Seabrooks usually go hard.
  9. Shroud I believe is one of the good guys. I always found his streams great to stick on in the background to chill out. He is always so relaxed, when its insane the level he is playing at. He will kill 3 or 4 people in a Battle Royale game in seconds and barely raise an eyebrow.
  10. Is Pokimane that bad ? I remember watching a Youtube "internet expose" of her a few years back and was left scratching my head on the hate she gets. I saw one the other day where they were trying to tear her down because she "might have a boyfriend and her male fans were upset".
  11. Werdum will probably go to Bellator. Lose to Meathead but beat Ryan Bader.
  12. Dana has announced Khabib vs Gaethje on Oct 24th. Biggest fight of the year for me. Fascinating match up.
  13. You can verbally submit. Be it in a submission or from strikes. The problem is most fighters haven't got a clue where they are when they are taking a ton of damage. So you need the refs to be able to quickly assess the situation.
  14. Theres no excuse of the roar of the crowd confusing them now. Bisping was shouting for Yan vs Aldo to end the other week with Leon Roberts in charge, that went on to long as well. I like Herb Dean and he is usually on point but if an MMA ref has an off night, the fighters can get badly hurt.
  15. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    Its an exhibition fight as well, basically just a public sparring session. No one is getting knocked out or hurt. Feel sorry for anyone buying this on PPV.
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