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  1. I saw Kevin Lee was on 100k to show and 100k to win. So going 2 and 5 in his last 7, I can see why they released him. Be a decent pick up for Bellator though.
  2. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    Its in the book and film version of Friday Night Lights but I always find it mental you have local radio phone ins about these High School teams. Where local adults will often talk shit about the players and who should be picked or not. When the players are like 16-18 years old. Its bonkers.
  3. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    The legit way is through ESPN which is part of the BT Sports package. Non legit ways I dunno, as OnionNon says the odd full game will pop up on YouTube before being taken down. I've lost track of Kodi and all that so don't know if its still there.
  4. I started 3 and 4 and gave up on them after an hour or two. I just watched the story bits on youtube. 5 is a fantastic return to form though. Don't miss that one.
  5. With Rab taking main presenter duties and Frankie being main commentator it left him in a tricky spot. They were both so good as well. Rab was born to do this. I liked Ty during the Beat Saber bit, plenty of other presenters could have been snide and nasty there. I liked the co-op game with them all messing about on couch too. As you say he will get more comfortable if the show is given a chance. I loved everything else. Especially the Gamesmaster/Games World collision in the celebrity challenge.
  6. I don't know why everyone wants Newcastle to get relegated. They will just break every single FFP rule possible, as many as they can to then come straight back up, not giving a shit. Like Man City they are untouchable now. They are not going to get relegated and get stuck here. As a fan of a Championship side I'd rather you lot are stuck with them. Than just wasting a promotion space next year.
  7. Mark Hughes was still playing for Blackburn whilst being Wales manager. Does that count?
  8. Top 6 Premiership team reserves 3 - anyone else 0.
  9. Yes I normally would have given up on it after 5 minutes with Bolton 2 nil up but stuck with it and was really glad I did. Just fantastic spirit from Stockport to never give up and keep fighting.
  10. Orion

    The Boxing Thread

    I think he just got complacent against someone he was expected to beat easily and was beating easily, till he walked into that huge punch at the end of the 5th. Martinez is old but still dangerous. Reminds me of Whyte-Povitkin 1. Pretty sure they will run this back as well.
  11. After his fight with Maia in 2018 he called all Brazilian people "filthy animals" and the whole country a "dump". That led to his fight outside the cage with Werdum who he had called a "faggot". He followed that up with this - “F*ck Brazil. F*ck Fabricio Werdum. Little b*tch ass. “F*ck Brazil. A bunch of filthy animals. And they wonder why they get talked to like that. Because they’re a bunch of animals.” Press conference for Usman fight - "Who did you get a call from?" Covington asked fellow fighter Kamaru Usman, who was born in Nigeria, shortly after. "Did you get a call from, freaking, your little tribe? Did they give you some smoke signals for you?" Colby's thoughts on BLM and Tyron Woodly -In a news conference after his victory Saturday night, Covington called Black Lives Matter “a complete sham. It’s a joke. They’re taking these people that are complete terrorists. They’re taking these people that are criminals. These aren’t people that are hard-working Americans, blue-collar Americans. These are bad people. They’re criminals. “He’s a communist,” Covington said. “He’s a Marxist. He stands for criminals. He hates America, and that’s why he got broke tonight.” How he is more American than Usman - "How is he more American than me? My family has served in the Korean War, in the Vietnam War, my family has shed blood for that flag, for the red, white and blue of America. What has his family ever done for America besides serve in the Federal penitentiary?” All this said in his stupid MAGA hat with a daft grin on his face. If you listen to him in any interview talk about Usman, it's a surprise he hasn't flat out called him the N word by now.
  12. Jesus. You know even if you think the Donald Trump fanboying shit is just a facade, it is'nt btw. The guy is a racist prick.
  13. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    The Chiefs ? Green Bay ? He seems to need the spotlight and a big city to party in so maybe the Raiders. He was incredible when he first came into the league. Interesting if he can refind any of that form. He wants alot of money and passes his way for a WR who has never even won a play off game though.
  14. Orion

    Cricket Thread

    Stinks of rich, old, white mens club rules. "We looked into it and discovered racist behaviour but were not going to do anything about it". How the fuck did they think they could get away with that in 2021 ?
  15. I was thinking broken jaw maybe. Good night for the guys picking up where Khabib left off.
  16. Not been that arsed with the past few UFC cards. Did manage to catch the Fedor Bellator fight though. So its good to have a proper numbered UFC event this evening. Looks quality.
  17. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    That was a fun game but I'm scratching my head on what the hell happened on the Cardinals last play. I don't know if it was on Murray or the wide receiver but that was one hell of a fuck up in terms of communication. Murray limping off at the end too plus the JJ Watt injury news earlier. Not a great day for Arizona.
  18. Orion

    NFL 2021!

    Kansas getting absolutely wrecked by the Titans atm.
  19. Yep I just see it as epic trolling of that whole scene from Salt Bae. Pushing a Meme as far as you can go. Even the idiots biting like "finance wanker" in that story know the truth but are going along with it.
  20. Thanks. All of The Eric Andre show is on All 4 now. The episodes are only 10 minutes long. Well worth a try, if you haven't seen it before.
  21. Is Eric in character for the podcast or just being himself ? I would like to hear him talk about his comedy normally. It is funny when he just goes nut in interviews though like the Hot Ones chicken thing on YouTube. The Eric Andre Show is essential too if you have not seen it and liked Bad Trip.
  22. Be My Baby from K2 is well up there, if completely mental is what you want.
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