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  1. This is great! Reminds me of PGR 3/4. I'd also like to join the club if there's room boozy?
  2. Walking deads showing up free for silver members aswell on the website.
  3. Those pizzas look immense! Whats your dough recipe?
  4. Yeh it's £10.50 for a bundle of the others.
  5. Not a game but great fun, the DM1 drum machine is free for both iPhone and iPad.
  6. Bards tale (which is free today) seems good!
  7. He was at the screening of The Master I went to at the start of the month, seemed to enjoy it!
  8. I really thought it would get easier as my guys shaping up nicely... But I guess that's naivety!
  9. Only one more soul to add to the lordvessel now, really tempted to skip my huge pile of unplayed games and replay this... Or get demon souls!
  10. Super hexagon fits most of your criteria... And it's amazing! Also Canabalt.
  11. Old saves work fine on the PTD disk version. Though I have had to reinstall it to my 360 HD.
  12. Don't suppose any anyone fancies helping out with the four kings? I'm level 68.
  13. Hopefully the prepare to die version will work okay with existing saves!
  14. I think your getting me and Nagrub mixed up! Loving the coveted serpent ring, titanite and humanity seems to be flying through the door. I've mainly been wielding swords etc but I've taken tentative steps into pyromancy where I equip a red a hand to cast the spells, however, I've also bought some spells from BigHat. It's not letting me cast these with this, do I need a new 'wand'?
  15. Took down Smough and Orstein thanks to my new Quallags Furysword, thanks for the advice guys!
  16. In UT I've mostly been using 3412 or more recently 3421, it's immense with a team of speedy players that poses a decent touch. I find I only really run into problems if people are using overly pressing tactics.
  17. Ive got to admit ive completely missed pretty much all magic in the game, just started booting my INT. I had been trying to boost my STR to use the Dragon King Greataxe i picked up, take it spells may be a better way to go?
  18. Yeh I didn't focus on one. About 26 strength 20 dex.
  19. I also got the doll to let me into the painted world, is that another high level one? I'm almost positive that I've levelled my guy terribly ... but the game is amazing!
  20. After plugging the Xbox in again to play Fifa I thought I'd try and get back into this... Previously I'd battle up to Anor Londo and got completely stumped by the first appearance of some purple gargoyle things. This was last november. So booting it back up I've been trying to mop up everything I missed (killed the hydra, Havel and the stray demon). It seems I've got two options now; either head back to Anor Londo or towards the valley of the drakes. Any tips for which way to head? I'm level 52 if that helps!
  21. Really enjoying UT, it's crazy how much people pay for some players; my experience is mainly being bankrolled by a Xavi card I got in a pack and sold for 90,000. It's far to addictive though, I'm essentially chasing the dragon buying more packs trying to get more people to sell!
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