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  1. I can do 9.30 tonight if anyone fancys the command pack stuff?
  2. My tags in my sig, be on in a sec... Call for more troops!!
  3. I was meaning insane horde actually, appart from the boss waves it can't be that hard... can it?! ; )
  4. Would defiantly be up for an insane run if anyone fancies making a motley crew?
  5. Dean Norris (Hank Schrader - Breaking Bad) playing Tony in Total Recall http://www.imdb.com/character/ch0006924/ :o
  6. This afternoons good for me as well, my tags in my sig. What kind of time you thinking?
  7. Got to wave 46 last night with 3 people. Anyone fancy teaming up?
  8. Any map in particular? Failed wave 40 on thrashball the other day thanks to quitters!
  9. Anyone else a bit gutted beast mode only goes up to wave 12? It only starts to get going in the last few waves! Here's hoping they extend it with the dlc. (just to clarify the 12 waves are amazing)
  10. i didn't actually use any armour upgrades on my play through on hard, wasn't to much trouble.
  11. Really enjoying this, if anyone finishes it before the end of the week HMV are giving £35 credit (though a replay is necessary surely!).
  12. Fenerbahce 3 - 1 Weder Bremen Really tight game, Scratch going ahead with a clinical finish from some woeful defending. Fenerbahce levelled it just before the half time whistle, ending the half (somewhat unjustly) on level terms. Fenerbahce came out of the blocks quickly with a slick passing move being converted by Christian. Bremen won a penalty around 70 mins, but the keeper saved the strikers effort. From the resulting attack Fenerbahce moved the ball quickly through the stretched Bremen team, rounding the move off with a powerful drive from the edge of the area. Thanks for the game Scratch, was nice to have a chat throughout. Good luck with next season!
  13. Ooops sorry Scratch completely forgot I've got five a side tonight, should be back about 9.30 ish. Hope that's ok.
  14. Sorry Scratch thought id already posted, could do 9 tomorrow (Tuesday) if that suits? Matt
  15. Hoffenheim 0 - 1 Fenerbahce Fenerbahce 2 -2 Hoffenheim In the first Fenerbahce were hammered throughout the first half, Hoffenheim missing numerous sitters. Then an inspired sub at 43mins resulted in a counterattacking goal. The second half was far closer, both teams trying to gain a real advantage for the second leg. The second was far more entertaining with some great attacking and defending from both teams. Hoffenheim took a 2-1 lead into the last 15mins, only for Fenerbahce to press hard to get the vital goal to send them through to the final. Well played mate, i felt really lucky to still be in the tie after the first, even though i was ahead! Good luck with next season!
  16. Actually wouldnt be surprised if we got a labyrinth remake with Lady Gaga taking Bowie's roll.
  17. A bit late but this recipes ace. Parmesan mash is the deal breaker! http://www.channel4.com/4food/recipes/chefs/gordon-ramsay/shepherds-pie-recipe
  18. Any word on weather Final Fantasy Tactics is gona be universal? Fingers crossed for a sale on all Square stuff on launch day!!
  19. I seriously doubt fenwrbahvce are gona manage four wins like mate so I'd rest easy (people below me could tho!)
  20. Im slightly rubbish at the match write ups but summarising mine and Redbloodcell's games.... Udinese 4 - 1 Fenerbahce Fenerbahce 0 - 3 Udinese Sanchez and Di Natalie ripped Fenerbahce apart for 180 minutes, the score could of been double figures easily! And some great finishing throughout, cheeky chips etc, luckily my keeper saved any further humiliation. Both very well deserved wins. Really dont see how your not higher up the league like mate, i dont think i actually touched the ball! Thanks for the games mate, good luck with the rest!
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