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  1. Hmm this has got me in the mood to play a good RPG! Any suggestions to a title like Skies? As in the adventuring & semi modern world. Anyone else get the download only stuff for the Dreamcast version?
  2. Might as well be the first to say it.... Blonde man on bike... OMG Is this going to be PS3 then? Matt
  3. Could anyone recommend which are the best value cards for these? Ive got one in the post for the girlfriend but completely forgot about the memory card! Thanks Matt
  4. Anyone know whats going on, seasons 1.3 and 5 are being re-released next month but what about th others???? Matt
  5. Well i found out we'r getting 780 (!?) copies of this at work, seems slightly mad. .. also no staff discount on it Matt
  6. I was there, i remember chavas, and cheap burgers. The line-up was terrible like. Matt
  7. Not worth looking at the sequel, just trust me.
  8. Amazing band. Id recomend avoiding all of the live albums as the qualitys terrible. However Wheels of Fire has a live disc, and is their best. Diverse and strange i'd say. Matt
  9. A few years back i saw a film on BBC1, loved it but forgot the name. It involved american university students who each tried to kill each other so that they passed the year without doing any work... Id love to see it again, so can anybody help? Matt
  10. Surely Boston - More Than A Feeling Rainbow - Since You Been Gone Should be high in ballardnessness. Sadly theyre short Matt
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