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  1. Digging up an old thread..... Holy Mountain, El Topo and Fando y Lis are finally getting digital releases, all three are up for preorder and on sale for £2.99 each on iTunes this week.
  2. I’ve played (and loved) all the soulsbourne games - Sekiro was the first one which made me learn how to parry. Just started Bloodborne again and it’s an entirely different game post Sekiro (for me). .... I still voted for Bloodborne though.
  3. A bit out of date now but this talks about some of their (and I guess other companies?!) procedures. https://www.theverge.com/2013/5/8/4311868/the-illusion-of-simplicity-photographer-peter-belanger-on-shooting
  4. I’m not sure if it’s that or them trying to clarify their messaging. It sounds like they’re deliberately playing up to Xbox allowing things to be cross generational - whereas PS5 is all next generation experiences. Sure we’ll hear more over the coming months.
  5. I haven’t read the other two yet, seems like the responses are disparate.
  6. This has finally been announced for iOS, coming sometime in June $9.99. https://steamcommunity.com/games/646570/announcements/detail/2259065423079593209
  7. And now back down to £19.99...
  8. I purchased these this morning, all codes came and worked in about an hour. The seller mentioned they had an excess of 1 month codes (which I imagine are expiring) so I received 12 individual codes.
  9. The Hitchhiker’s Guide books are all 99p today. https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/kindle/series/B00V5H16HS?ref_=series_aw_dp_link
  10. Such a good soundtrack, the Alan Parsons Project Song at every defining moment really fit the era. The Last Dance has started me and my wife on a path of sports documentaries. Any other recommendations?
  11. Anyone able to give me a spoiler free answer regarding Chapter 14...
  12. As mentioned previously Gravity Falls is excellent — it’s like Eerie Indiana and Twin Peaks blended into a cartoon.
  13. From the state of play trailer I thought this had gone first person (RE7 style), maybe for some chase sequences?
  14. Anyone have a scale recommendation? We’re moving into pour overs after years of espresso.
  15. Brad’s latest Bon Appetit video is hilarious Brad Leone & Maty Mattherson Go Noodling for Catfish
  16. Cancel that, he’s down. Is there a point of no return?
  17. Just took down the HGA, onto GSO. Any tips for them?
  18. Took down GA, made it to LSV quite quickly. Seems very doable. Doesn’t feel like there’s much left.
  19. 3rd boss down, love how the story is opening up. Unless this nosedives in quality this is going to be among From’s best easily.
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