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  1. Really enjoyed that, Dopplereffect would be proud. What kind of set up are you using?
  2. (While I’ve never used or owned one) I’ve read a few reviews etc and it seems the more metal and archaic they look the better they perform.
  3. Another great season of this, if anything it might be the most consistent season yet.
  4. It’s amazing how much content (which is at a high quality) they put into B&W. Amazing DLC.
  5. Solitairica is down to 99p Solitairica by Righteous Hammer Games Inc. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/solitairica/id970202342?mt=8
  6. I assumed the chains were from the weapon the watch used on the wall a few seasons ago. Can anyone remember what they called it?
  7. Real have some great youth at the moment, Ronaldo being out for a few games might give him a great opportunity.
  8. I was positive someone would've spoiled it for me if I hadn't watched. It's watchable, I'll watch again via NowTV on Monday for sure.
  9. Anyone played Banner Saga on iOS? Currently on sale with its sequel, I've always thought about buying it but never committed.
  10. What's the cheapest way to get Gold at the moment? Need to get it before Bayonetta leaves games with gold!
  11. This is currently my go to dish for something tasty that can be vegetarian or vegan for informal dinner parties etc... So tasty! I'd recommend adding wahaca's frijoles for extra yum. https://www.veggieinspired.com/crispy-baked-cauliflower-tacos/ http://www.wahaca.co.uk/2009/08/frijoles-recipe/ The Oatly Barista milk is amazing, we use it for steaming on an espresso machine and texturally it's by far the best alternative milk.
  12. I'm in between getting a Rytm or a OP1, realistically the Rytm is probably more practical but I still can't get over the aesthetics of the OP1. Very different machines obviously, no doubt both will appear eventually..
  13. I've been eagerly eyeing up Rytms on eBay for the last few months, they look amazing. Struggling to justify the benefits over my current setup with push 2 though. Picked up a Korg Monologue a few weeks ago, lovely squelchy bass sounds (a must for Aphex Twin fans!)
  14. Anyone bought the new Layton game? £15.99 but supposedly it's a 'full' experience ala the DS games. Layton’s Mystery Journey by Level-5 Inc. https://appsto.re/gb/IFwvkb.i
  15. Not sure if I'm completely miss remembering this but did Microsoft announce earlier in the year some kind of upgrade program for Xbox One S owners to upgrade to the new console?
  16. I did this but with forza horizon 3 instead of FIFA. Sold the controller and Overwatch for £50 ish. And got 20% off the console via an online site. Bargain! Just picked up Bayonetta from Cex for £3 and Alan Wake from eBay for £2. Can't wait to get back to them, loved both on 360.
  17. Finding it tough to not pick up a One S in one of the current deals (all about £200 with 3 games and a pad). I really fancy playing Bayonetta again as well witch only makes it harder. Someone convince me it's pointless as I've already got a PS4...?
  18. Picked up Machinarium for 99p today. Machinarium by Amanita Design https://appsto.re/gb/cVQxB.i
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