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  1. Not sure if this has been linked here before but this series of (... slightly overwritten) YouTube analysis videos only made me love Synedoche more. It's effectively a minute by minute run through looking at themes etc.
  2. As mentioned above... https://pizzasteel.uk/ Anyone bought one of these? Amazon UK have also started selling 'The Baking Steel' for £89, weighing up upgrading my current Le Creuset cast iron tray to one of these two.
  3. Decided to start a new character, managed to get to Ashes of Arriandel but I'm currently level 28... debating whether to run through a few bosses and head back.
  4. XCOM and Baldur's gate here. Seems like a good reason to finish them!
  5. This is great, thanks!
  6. Thanks, I assumed as much. My old character is high Dex with a uchigitana. What's the current meta look like for characters? Is Dex based still viable?
  7. Just re- bought this for the DLC. What level are people doing Ashes of Arienandel and the Ringed City? My only character is NG+2 at around level 160...
  8. Anyone seen any good deals on the boxed version? I sold my copy after originally finishing it so haven't played any DLC yet!
  9. Platinum collected today. Great gameplay, particularly enjoyed the human bosses. Hopefully this gets a sequel, only change I'd like is the method the story was delivered. I had little to no idea what was going on for 90% of the game, I guess the structure (separate levels) is one of the main reasons for this. On the flip side I loved to separate levels for quickly fitting in a mission before work etc.
  10. Lots more dual boss fights after the update...
  11. Another 5 down, 60 seems a world away!
  12. Just the patronage and co op trophies left for me. Any tips for the patronage one? I'm at 25 currently.
  13. I think I dashed in, pummelled him then dashed away. He telegraphs most move pretty clearly so most are dodging left or right then moving in.
  14. Hang back as much as possible. Roll backwards or sideways for every attack except the red paralysingly spin thing, roll forwards on that. Attack using low or mid stance for a quick hit after each of her moves.
  15. I'm onto the third area now, up to the Is there a point with levelling where you start to see diminishing returns? (Ala Dark Souls). Currently I'm putting everything into heart as it aids swords, haven't seen the point in putting anything into other stats for a while now.
  16. Really enjoying this, up to the third proper boss , have done all the side missions available so far as well. I seem to have hundreds of thousands of the in game currency, should I be spending it on something? I haven't dabbled in the crafting system yet which might explain the above.
  17. I've been enjoying Furi from last year. Great soundtrack as well.
  18. Bought my partner the Minimalist Baker cookbook for Christmas, it's excellent. Really quick and tasty meals that don't take an age to make. Thanks for the recommendation!
  19. Haven't played this in months and randomly picked it up again. Was previously stuck in Pekkas Playhouse, somehow I've won the last 10 or so games in a row and am now in the Builders Workshop. Has the player base shifted over time so that the later levels are now 'easier'?
  20. The Belgium builder requiring a TOTW looks expensive...
  21. I've always used this for baked beans... http://www.greatbritishchefs.com/recipes/vegan-baked-beans-recipe Simple and really tasty.
  22. Mertens and Medel are working a treat, also put Dani Alves in at RB. Has anyone used Ribery? Looking at making a post market crash team, currently thinking ...
  23. Current squad, thinking about replacing De Rossi with Naingolan (and convert him to CDM). Loving Di Maria, his close control is ridiculous.
  24. Inkle's 80 Days is on sale for £1.49.. https://appsto.re/gb/Z1Zn1.i
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