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  1. Also added N'Diaye and Pato. Pretty much identical experience, lots of goals but seems easily injured. N'Diaye just walks people off the ball, bargain! Bought Carvajal for peanuts to strengthen the defence, seems solid.
  2. Done and done, thanks! Just done another gold upgrade pack and got a Harry Kane card, so my alternative squad is probably going to have a BPL focus.
  3. Current squad. Struggling to find another striker to fit in with Willian..
  4. If anyone has any extra gold players the squad builder 'Gold Upgrade' is pretty great. - trade in 11 gold players, minimum chemistry of 40 Recieve 2 rare gold players (both untradeable). I've done it 4/5 times and ended up with Willian, Keylor Navas, Aurier amongst a few others. Seems like the odds of getting something decent are slightly higher than traditional pack luck.
  5. Inkle's Sorcery games are on sale for 79p each. Sorcery! by inkle https://appsto.re/gb/ZYkBL.i Sorcery! 2 by inkle https://appsto.re/gb/XhlBL.i
  6. Really enjoyed these ... http://www.veggieinspiredjourney.com/crispy-baked-cauliflower-tacos/ (coconut and lime cauliflower tacos)
  7. The Chamber of Experience Adv dungeon seems quickest to level up, not too hard to complete either.
  8. I did blades of dark moon, around level 140 near the blades of dark moon covenant ; ). I respecced to put 80 into luck on NG++ with a rusty coin, avalice head and covetous serpent ring +2. It was still laborious to say the least. I'd recommend being really careful if you ever get summoned, I managed to get 4/5 multiple times in one invasion as the host kept getting invaded. There's a version of proof of concord kept that counts double if you kill someone if Af covenant as well...
  9. Finally got all of the Proof of concord kepts. One more fight against SOC for platinum.
  10. Was through the season pass link, had free and a little download arrow.
  11. Mine downloaded on ps4 today (12gb!). Havebt checked to see if its accessible yet as I'm halfway through hearts of stone.
  12. I'm sure I have but maybe there's a random one that's missed. Just started ng++, plan is to drop all my infused weapons after collecting all coals and stones then do them sequentially.
  13. Yeah deep is done. Any other obvious ones?
  14. Having real problems with the 'Master of infusion' trophy. I'm sure I've infused with every gem type multiple times but no trophy.. Am I missing something?
  15. Any tips for locations / strategies for farming the covenant things for Platinum?
  16. Same here.
  17. SoC speculation..
  18. Yeh, I've got it to +4. Think I'll do it next time, had it down to a slither multiple times. Tried SoC for a break
  19. Up to TNK, any tips for the second phase?
  20. You can hide behind any pillar as well. It seemed easiest (like most bosses) to get as close to him as possible as soon as he appears, limiting those attacks.
  21. Just finished that area (I think..). The bosses definitely feel like they're getting tougher.
  22. Yep, nice and grey. They feature a slightly different touch pad to the 20th anniversary console.
  23. I've been a Logic trainer for the last few years but have grown increasingly frustrated by my (lack of) output. Recently I've turned to Ableton Live and Push, it feels quite liberating in term of how things are structured, reminds me of jamming in bands years ago. Echoing everyone's sentiments about Native Instuments, price wise Komplete is a bargain. Has anyone tried any of the Output plugins (www.output.com)?
  24. I've had jackfruit in a taco before from a food truck. Good for a veggie pulled pork. I prefer a shredded mushroom one though, like ..
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