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  1. I've been a Logic trainer for the last few years but have grown increasingly frustrated by my (lack of) output. Recently I've turned to Ableton Live and Push, it feels quite liberating in term of how things are structured, reminds me of jamming in bands years ago. Echoing everyone's sentiments about Native Instuments, price wise Komplete is a bargain. Has anyone tried any of the Output plugins (www.output.com)?
  2. I've had jackfruit in a taco before from a food truck. Good for a veggie pulled pork. I prefer a shredded mushroom one though, like ..
  3. Anyone bought a digital version from a different region? Interested to see if saves are cross region
  4. If anyone needs to buy this again for Old Hunters ... http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bloodborne-complete-inc-old-hunters-dlc-digital-download-psn-canada-2332050 £22.50 for the game and DLC. Need to set up a Canadian account, bargain for some people!
  5. Is there any point in playing this without the Taking King DLC? Just been given a vanilla copy.
  6. Mou from a Danny Dyer point of view.. https://twitter.com/mrddyer/status/657951901590421504
  7. Anyone had an issue with the customise option disappearing? Just completed mission 3. Anyone had an issue with the customise option disappearing? Just completed mission 31.
  8. My understanding was Drangelic was built on Lordran (with the possibility of other civilisations existing in between). Been replaying the Scholar of the First Sin version, just unpetrified Straid who's dialogue says something to that effect, his wiki starts 'Straid spent several lifetimes as stone. During this hiatus, kingdoms rose and fell, until the land called Drangleic came to be.'
  9. I've been replaying this on PS4, it's amazing the difference that 60fps makes. Really suprised with the effect the new enimies / item locations have on the play through.
  10. Loving this, found the transition from Bloodborne's combat to this really tricky at first but I'm (slowly) getting to grips with it. Buoyed by some of the comments in here I'm playing on Death March difficulty, would totally agree that it forces preparation. Just about to finish the Bloody Baron quest (I think!).
  11. And down, blue elixir works a treat. Onto layer three!
  12. Wow the BSB in the second layer of ihyll is really tough, thought it would be plain sailing after the defiled chalices!
  13. It's his second form that I'm struggling with. First is easy parries.
  14. Any tips for the PD at the end of the first level of Pthumeru Ihyll?
  15. For WOTOL I used LHB. Just be really cautious and there's plenty of opportunities for charge attacks.
  16. Defiled level 2 boss is down. Really enjoying the added challenge of the Defiled dungeons, from what I hear the level 3 boss is going to be a bit trickier..
  17. Cheers worked a treat! Not sure if my planned play through of Dark Souls 2 Sotfs will be possible after Bloodborne, the combat is more 'positive'; making you take the initiative rather than hide behind a plank of wood.
  18. Having lots of trouble with the BSB.in the Chalice Dungeons. The smaller arena is far trickier with nowhere to hide behind!
  19. Only need the 'Foes Ring' to platinum this now. It's been great to revisit after Dark Souls 2. Tempted to do Dark Souls next (desperatly trying to resist a PS4 and bloodborne....).
  20. Took down my first Pure White event this morning (Miralda in Bolatarian Palace). When I returned to the Nexus my tendency reset to neutral... Does this mean after taking down the Pure White/Pure Black NPCs the tendency is reset? I'd already collected all the loot for that world so I haven't missed anything yet!
  21. They're all great, I've always felt the difficulty in Demons Souls came from the checkpoint system (ie no checkpoints) since then they've made enemies harder but balanced this by having loads of bonfires. If your slow and methodical in Demons Souls it's not incredibly hard.
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