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  1. Ok, my Apex Online Racing journey has begun! I've registered for the upcoming 4 race GT4 season. I've just finished the requirement of a 5 lap hotstint around Misano, the times from which are used to set the driver tiers. I have an evaluation race around Misano tomorrow evening, presumably to assess driving standards. The first race of the season is on Tuesday around Zolder, which is pretty lucky given we've just raced there! It'll be a 20 minute sprint and longer 40 minute race afterwards. And in other news, I've finally bought AC and a shitload of DLC in the £6 Steam bundle. I kn
  2. As above, I got a little bit confused. It's an M2 Shotriggers release but it's an Eighting / Raizing game.
  3. Oh, no, you're right. It's Eighting / Raizing isn't it?
  4. Mahou Daisakusen too, JPN, digital only.
  5. I visit the sight quite regularly, I find it weirdly fascinating. The general intolerance for anything that isn’t classic rock is quite something, as is the adoration of The Monkees. It’s a US centric population, some of whom have a very strange understanding of anything that isn’t boomer rock. I particularly liked someone trying to suggest that an Elton John track was psychedelic or amd other where it was suggested that JAMC were a shoegaze band. Naturally, I also enjoy people with magical harding defend £100 USB cables. Having said that, there is some useful stuff in there and t
  6. https://www.box.co.uk/Thrustmaster-T3PA-Pedal-Set-for-PC-PS3-P_1663944.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAqo3-BRDoARIsAE5vnaL--NU2OcQ_EFnSGBaNOXOraGC2PF--OWZWKuz0Dv4OXShenHusmIQaAuy4EALw_wcB
  7. Looking forward to your impressions
  8. Yeah, I had mine from there too. I already have the better pedal set.
  9. Ah right, so you're sort of trapped into spending money if you want to advance. Hmmmm.
  10. Cool, thanks for that. I've got no interest in single player in any racing game really, other than some sort of TT mode, so that's fine. Likewise, I wouldn't be looking to race F1 either, more sports cars I think. The tracks and cars are certainly expensive! There's 50% off membership on the website at the moment, so I'm certainly contemplating that. I watched a Raceroom stream this afternoon and was a bit underwhelmed - a 9 car DTM race. I'd certainly want a game where there was always a full lobby of something to race.
  11. PM @davejm, he'll give you details of the rllmuk server and discord channel.
  12. I'm not sure, I've never used a G29. Compared to the T150 the FFB on the T300 is really, really smooth. And quiet too, if that's important to you. The nuance means that I can feel what the car is doing much more, there are little details that the T150 just doesn't pick up and transfer through the wheel. I'm super impressed with it.
  13. Yeah, I just can't work it out. I've asked a mod but no-one has got back to me yet.
  14. Posting this here in case anyone can help. As part of the AOR league you have to do a stint for evaluation. That's the server name but I can't see it either in the browser or by searching. Am I missing something completely obvious? Server name: ApexOnlineRacing.com #25 | GT4 Sign-ups | Hotstint |
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