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  1. You’ll be able to play an accurate version of DDP on your MiSTer too
  2. Isn't it one of those machines that was actually terrible but some people hold a weird nostalgia for, like the Jaguar? Regardless, it's welcome addition I guess.
  3. Presumably it's the British GT 2019 team liveries that they were referring to, not any user created stuff.
  4. It's worked on everything I've tried although I had to update the firmware to get around fairly frequent disconnects.
  5. It’s super straightforward to do it yourself. I have no idea what a RS232 is
  6. The reports are that the input lag is pretty horrible on the Switch Capcom Arcade Collection games, worth checking out if that sort of thing bothers you.
  7. They’re broadcast live on YouTube as well via the same ‘The Race’ channel.
  8. I’d have to say that it’s probably not the right platform for you then, at least not for several years.
  9. Yeah, it’s the same on PC. Hopelessly inept.
  10. Mecha Ritz is great isn't it? It's a deceptively good design which wasn't at all evident to me after the first couple of games. The kicker is that it's easy to complete which then encourages better and more difficult play to beat your score. The rank system is perfectly judged, adding more complex bullet patterns to up the difficulty in a really smooth way. It’s an absolute steal for the price.
  11. Yeah, I like that idea @SneakyNinja. I really enjoyed the evening too, apologies again for my embarrassing driving at the start at Snetterton, I felt really bad about it.
  12. ACC is 50% on Steam and the older DLC has varying discounts for anyone curious
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