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  1. Have the GB/A cores been updated to run the revised shadow masks yet? I don’t want to update until they have.
  2. Great cover, one of my favourite games. I’ve said it before but it’s a really nice challenge to beat the game without ever using the plane
  3. Has anyone got any experience of VR in Raceroom?
  4. Sorry guys, had to bail. Continued pedal issues and extensive car damage made it all a bit miserable for me. Apologies to @Meers too, that punt was 100% my fault dude, sorry.
  5. I don’t think they’re abandoned, they’re just a long time coming. Is the career mode in the console versions?
  6. Hyped! My favourite series of games, just hope that From don’t make it yet another Souls-type game.
  7. Cool, I’ll give those a go. It’s a little choppy at the start of a race but not so bad after that. The other main source of choppiness is looking out of a side window.
  8. Ah, good to know, thanks Dave. In that case, which settings are likely to give ne a better frame rate? Also, the cable you recommended arrived. It gives me a throughout of 3.0GB on the test. Is a dedicated USB C cable going to make any sort of difference to that?
  9. I have! For future reference for laptop owners setting up Oculus as PCVR - the problem with not seeing the virtual desktop was that the hybrid graphics setting was on. Disabling the on board graphics sorted the issue out. I can’t believe how immersive it is through VR, amazing! I’ve still got some tweaks to make and I’m not sure I’ll be able to race with VR - the framerate got quite choppy in an AI race. I’ll see what further messing around brings The main issue I can see is that the laptop screen is rendering what I can see through VR, which is presumably a waste of resources. Is there any way to disable the screen? Windows doesn’t seem to detect the headset as a second display and closing the laptop lid breaks the connection between the laptop and headset.
  10. Cool. I tried that and it booted on the laptop screen but I didn’t get anything from the headset! I saw what I presume was a virtual desktop in front of me but it was blank.
  11. Cheers Dave. Yeah, I got to the Link virtual space when connected to the PC, just didn’t know what I was doing from there. I’ll have another go this evening
  12. Good to know! I don’t think I was expecting another thing to get in the way of loading a game. There are apps on the PC Oculus app that don’t seem to be a available through the standalone store - I’m assuming they’re using the PC to run?
  13. Thanks for the tips @milko and @davejm. I can definitely get to the balcony room but I couldn’t work out what to do next. I’ll try again tomorrow - I wanted to throw it out f the window earlier! So can I use the Oculus all for any VR Game and uninstall Steam VR? Also, just to check Dave, those configuration settings reset each time the app is closed and don’t affect the stand alone Quest?
  14. Great, thanks Dave. Unfortunately I can't even get the Quest to connect to my PC in any sort of meaningful way. I've installed the Oculus desktop app and then Steam VR. I can't work out what to do next though! Steam VR asks me to plug the headset in even though it already is. Unplugging and plugging in again makes no difference.
  15. For some reason, I thought that you used VR anyway Valver. Have you tried ACC using the Quest 2 yet?
  16. Not just yet, I’m not sure whether I need to shell out for official cable or not?
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