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  1. Great drives by Lando and Max there.
  2. Just to check something - should I be setting my wheel rotation to 900’? Also: Hmm. What is it with YouTube links not embedding atm?
  3. Where should these live in the directory?
  4. Is anyone playing this on PC GP? The Xbox controller isn't recognised properly - the triggers don't work, for example. Has anyone ran into similar issues?
  5. I’m eyeing up the TM Open rim at the moment, my birthday is next week
  6. Yeah, good battle Milko, sorry it ended in contact. My tyres were horrible towards the end of the race and I was struggling to slow the car down on corner entry, especially that double right hander leading on to the back straight.
  7. Two mediocre races for me, punctuated by a spin at the mountain chicane (followed by an Austin Powers style 1000 point turn) and an ill-judged track rejoin in front of SharkyOB. Bathurst isn’t a track I particularly enjoy and certainly never race well at, so I’m glad to get it over with really.
  8. It’s absolutely shit. Borderline broken even.
  9. @davejm, what was that handy calculation regarding altering pressures with differing air temperature? Was is + / - 1 click for every degree of temperature?
  10. That’s least of it. A truly awful game.
  11. Not a great look for Mercedes. Hardly surprising though.
  12. There was none of that weirdness when I was following Sneakyninja during the race.
  13. There was none of that weirdness when I was following Sneakyninja during the race.
  14. There was none of that weirdness when I was following Sneakyninja during the race.
  15. Public service announcement: Support races provided by GT4s.
  16. I really enjoyed the racing, thanks everyone. I learned quite a lot about the Merc, that was the longest stint I've put into it on a single set of tyres. I had a good scrap with @SneakyNinja at the end of the race but just didn't have the pace to try an overtake. I had half a chance when he braked too deep into T1 but I couldn't get the traction taking a tighter line on exit. I'm more than happy to keep @milko in first place, he was a good way ahead of 2nd and 3rd and he pulled off a really nice move on me, so kudos for that. Looking forward to next week
  17. @Mr Monday have you got a link to those?
  18. @davejm am I preregistered in the Merc or do I need to do that myself?
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