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  1. Some shows that I enjoy: Sounds of the Dawn Perfect Sound Forever Questing with Zakia Golden Ratio Frequencies Donna Leake Heaven and Earth Magic with Jocelyn Romo Seance Centre Mr Pedro United in Flames
  2. I liked driving the KTM, oversteer-on-turn-in characteristic notwithstanding. I actually matched my practice time in quali, which is a rarity. That couldn’t last of course and I made made a rookie (!) error of not even noticing that my car was on the grid. One pit lane start later, i had a fairly uneventful race, only gaining places through the misfortunes of others. However, I found Lesmo 2 really tricky during both races. This made me really tentative on turn in, which caught @Meers out in race 2 and is probably what @Valver is referring to having to brake mid corner. I had nice tussles with the far more rapid @SharkyOB and @EuroVapeSim2 and was relatively pleased with a podium finish.
  3. Really pleased with these, I think they look great.
  4. Yeah, I really enjoyed the first game too so this is welcome news.
  5. Very much enjoyed that, thanks to @SharkyOB for the setup. Some great racing with @winky in the first race, excellent stuff
  6. It’s a wireless X Box Series controller, which works fine with everything else. Thanks for the tips though, I’ll take a look tomorrow.
  7. I can’t get my controller to work with Blue Wish Desire - is there something I’m missing?
  8. I think that Dice have fundamentally made some really poor design choices which any amount of bug squashing and polishing aren’t going to fix.
  9. Well, he was a good and rich driver then. As good as his peers most of the time.
  10. It’s not helped by the fact that it’s not always clear what obstacles are fine to essentially drive through and which will stop you dead in your tracks.
  11. Drivatars are marketing BS, always has been.
  12. It’s decent enough isn’t it? I had a good time with it earlier and enjoyed the battle royale mode. It’s very much more of the same though, to no-one’s surprise I guess. The presentation is rancid, as is the amateur hour voice acting.
  13. Much obliged if I could be added too - Count Buffalos.
  14. Me neither - I’ve started a new job this week and it’s all a bit hectic unfortunately. I’ll unregister later.
  15. Do we know whether other authors will be adding the shadowmask option to their cores?
  16. The shadowmask options are available in the core menus as with all of the usual video options.
  17. Ah yeah, of course, I play it through my MiSTer Edit: Oops, I’m thinking of Varth!
  18. The most awkward though.
  19. Good race, quite the nailbiter. Great drives by Verstappen and Hamilton.
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