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  1. I liked driving the KTM, oversteer-on-turn-in characteristic notwithstanding. I actually matched my practice time in quali, which is a rarity. That couldn’t last of course and I made made a rookie (!) error of not even noticing that my car was on the grid. One pit lane start later, i had a fairly uneventful race, only gaining places through the misfortunes of others. However, I found Lesmo 2 really tricky during both races. This made me really tentative on turn in, which caught @Meers out in race 2 and is probably what @Valver is referring to having to brake mid corner. I had nice tussles with the far more rapid @SharkyOB and @EuroVapeSim2 and was relatively pleased with a podium finish. 

  2. It’s a wireless X Box Series controller, which works fine with everything else. Thanks for the tips though, I’ll take a look tomorrow. 

  3. It’s decent enough isn’t it? I had a good time with it earlier and enjoyed the battle royale mode. It’s very much more of the same though, to no-one’s surprise I guess. The presentation is rancid, as is the amateur hour voice acting. 

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