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  1. I’m easy but if there’s no seeding it sort of makes it a bit meaningless?
  2. I agree with the proposals. I actually really like the sprint / reverse grid / endurance set up. I also agree that everyone should stick to one car throughout a season. I think that the idea of teams is a good one but also that it would be a nightmare to organise, not least trying to allocate cars and also the problem of if and how players should be seeded to ensure that it isn't all completely lop-sided.
  3. Yeah, the Vantage is quite understeery, particularly mid corner, but I don’t mind that too much. Important to note that the time set above was on a 30l fuel run and not a full tank! Looking at the splits, there’s plenty of time left to find too.
  4. Does anyone from the group actually use fully custom liveries?
  5. Thinking about it I remember seeing those anime Mercs in GT races last rear.
  6. Ah, right. I've definitely noticed a momentary stutter when people enter a server.
  7. So I've edited my car livery in the pretty limited in-game editor. I've also had a quick search for more comprehensive editing options, which look to be horribly complicated. Has anyone edited a livery out of game? I noticed that Valver has an amime livery on his Merc, which presumably isn't an in game option. I've also read conflicting opinions on whether other players are able to see fully customised liveries or not - can anyone confirm this?
  8. Cool, ta. Will that option then appear in the multiplayer part of the game? Edit: sorted, thanks.
  9. Can someone remind me how I access non-stock liveries? Someone was talking about the career mode but I can't recall what was said.
  10. It's a series that needs some time off to let Playground work out what made the earlier games so good and the later ones so dull.
  11. I think it's important to remember the forum ACC group is growing - lots of us have never raced each other before and ACC is new to a good number of us as well. This is all going to lead to mistakes and overambition, such as when I t-boned SneakyNinja in race 2. The important thing is that will inform my racing in later races. I've not seen anything to suggest that contact is deliberate, unlike in public lobbies. I'd also say that my clean battle with Mr Majestyk in race 1 was amongst my favourite online experiences for a very long time. Racing clean always feels better - more exciting, skilfu
  12. Thanks for the races chaps, very enjoyable. I had a great battle with Mr Majestyk in race 1, really cool stuff. The reverse grid Race 2 was a bit of a nightmare which started with me embarrassingly t-boning SneakyNinja at the chicane, sorry dude. It got worse from there with a couple of spins into the barriers and resulting car damage requiring a long pit stop. Still, it was good to get some more experience night driving. I'm absolutely loving ACC, I have to say.
  13. Yeah, I’ve looked at those things in particular and I think that the balance I have is pretty good. I didn’t realise that micro stutters were a common thing tbh. The laptop is a Lenovo Legion 7i, which I think is great but I regret not going for an i7 CPU a little bit. Having said that, it runs large field single player ACC races without issues, which I understand is a CPU heavy task.
  14. I’ve got a laptop with an i5 10xxxx, RTX 2060, 16GB of RAM and an SSD. I can get 1440p 60fps with mostly ‘high’ settings with a couple of ‘epics’ and a couple of ‘mids’. I still get the occasional micro stutter, particularly when there’s a lot of stuff being shifted around, sharp corners for example. I’m trying to tune those out but it’s slow process - is there a particular setting that’s particularly resource intensive to eliminate the occasional micro stutter?
  15. You’re in for a treat Bunny! ACC will really appeal to your analytical side
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