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  1. Cool, thanks for the answer.
  2. Thanks for the answer dude, there are some very sensitive folks here who perhaps don’t know the answers to what I’m asking, Actually, what you’ve described sounds good to me. Are the ‘missions’ graded in the previous games or are they straight pass / fail?
  3. I’m not sure i understand why the premise is invalid? Fair enough though, I’m sure I’ll enjoy the missions at least. I don’t get your second point either really. I don’t enjoy straight flight sims, never have since I started gaming in the mid 80’s. Apologies if my post was misconstrued to mean that sims weren’t ‘proper gaming’ somehow, that wasn’t my intention. They’re just not for me, with regard to flight sims anyway.
  4. Wow, tough crowd. Has anyone got any thoughts about my question?
  5. Nice neg(s), stay classy. I have no appetite for playing a straight flight sim, no matter how pretty. Sorry about that. On the other hand, I’d be totally up for it if there were objectives, goals, some sort of structure. Edit: to reflect the plurality of the negs.
  6. Do we know if there’s a game attached to it yet or is it a straight sim?
  7. Enjoyed the races, especially the Gr.3 cars around Laguna Seca. Thanks for hosting McSpeed.
  8. I’d be up for that. I had some great races there in the FIA Gr.4 event yesterday.
  9. Yeah, that was quite an ‘if’ in the races I started. A midfield starting slot didn’t help either.
  10. Yeah, the current S2000 races around Laguna Seca are fairly horrible in DR C.
  11. The official stream with commentary is on the IMSA website.
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