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  1. Me neither. I’ll be back for the next Gr.3 or Gr.4 meet though
  2. I see that Beyond a Steel Sky is debuting on Apple Arcade tomorrow. Might go for a months subscription to play it. Perhaps a little Hot Lava too.
  3. Jashin


    I’m very much enjoying Battle Garegga on PS4 at the moment. The Premium Arrange mode in particular hits the sweet spot in terms of difficulty for me, essentially doing away with dynamic ranking. I’m currently trying to 1cc with all of the ships but I’ve hit a bit of a brick wall after three. It’s such a satisfying game to play though, and the Shotriggers package is excellent.
  4. Yeah, that’s a particularly irritating feature of the current DS.
  5. The dino game didn’t appeal to me either but was probably a good inclusion if you’re looking to show the diversity and range of the offer than than the obvious grimdark / dudebro stuff.
  6. Wow, this thread has bought out the edgelord in everyone hasn’t it? How weird.
  7. it’s an outrage tbh.
  8. Absolutely! You definitely won the prettiest car award!
  9. Someone needs to check! Badger was going into his 39th at the flag.
  10. Ok, just watched the replay, Badger won with 38 laps in lobby B.
  11. I’m pretty sure GT races just finish the lap they’re on when the timer reaches zero - well definitely the Blancpain races I’ve been watching, which is an FIA series.
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