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  1. Here you go, mate. I'm no expert retoucher so the door in the background no longer looks like a door , but hope this is usable!
  2. Fuck me, reading through my posts in the first few pages of this thread, over 15 years ago, when I was 25, is very strange. Had a few Fightcade sessions recently and ... yeah. My 3S skills definitely aren't what they used to be.
  3. Anyone playing this on Fightcade? Up for some matches this weekend if anyone’s keen. @Qazimod? Has @TheShend retired his legendary Q? Let me know.
  4. This thing is basically a huge Japanese dorayaki.
  5. Yeah we're enjoying it too. Still have the latest episode to watch. I like how they're uploading episodes once a week. I especially like how everyone in it owns an iPhone except for one dodgy looking geezer who's on Android.
  6. This is good, but it's no Little Nicky.
  7. Not sure, mate. I've only been a couple of times and it seemed like a pretty sleepy retro arcade to me. A few lonely old salarymen playing Tetris and Galaga. I might pop in this weekend and ask. Yeah, we're getting a 96-page 'All About Street Fighter' book with the boxed edition, plus shop-exclusive stuff: http://www.capcom.co.jp/sf30ac/
  8. It's an awesome resource, so thanks a lot for putting it together! 30th Anniversary Collection isn't out here until October!
  9. How are you sourcing the info for the 3S locations, @TheShend? I notice there's a small arcade near me in Omori (Tokyo) that's missing: https://goo.gl/maps/tNfcvQkpzwy
  10. Which Google doc? I’d like to add mine if possible. Cheers spanx!
  11. So where all the Rollmops Mario Kart players at? Add me please! SW-1441-6264-9914
  12. CPSIII speed, please! Be warned, mate: I've been honing my skills on the arcades of downtown Tokyo for the past eight years.* BE WARNED.
  13. I'm so in. @TheShend, see you at the 3rd Strike lobby! It's been a while.
  14. gravity0

    Put Here

    Finally got round to setting up a personal website. It's pretty simple. http://www.cliffcardona.com/
  15. Reason for not participating the last few weeks is that I don't seem to be able to purchase a Season Pass using the Japan store. It's really weird - the big red Season Pass promo pops up in the featured content section before I start the game, but when I click on it it takes me to a list of all the content available to purchase, but the Season Pass isn't there. I tried a few times and it never showed up, so I had to stop playing. Was fun while it lasted, though!
  16. Only had a quick go at this week's challenge, but it's a lot of fun! Great car, wide track. Thanks U-1! Thought I would be nearer the bottom of the table against you guys. Quite chuffed with myself thus far as a relative newbie to the game (though my wife isn't particularly pleased about me taking over the TV more than usual ).
  17. refago's definitely hacked the game. No point in aiming for his times. He's just sitting there, waiting for you to get close, then he'll hack in a better time that's a second faster than everyone else again. It's what he does. Fucking hackers.
  18. I feel you, Minion. It's like driving on ice! Top 10 will do me this time. Much respect to refago (and everyone else in the top 5) for taming the bastard.
  19. Thanks for the advice, lads, and to Hean Dog for the challenge invite! Really want to take part in this so I'll work on it in the next couple of days.
  20. Man, I'm at Level 27 now and don't think I'll have enough time to level up for this. Crap. I'll see if I can set some time aside this weekend, but I might have to give this round a miss.
  21. What's up with the corner penalty if you hug the corner at around the half way mark? Very odd.
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