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  1. I found Megan very annoying, she deserved her end and her burial spot.
  2. Never liked under defeat. Every helicopter based shmup has weird controls that never sit right with me. One of my fav 360 games was lollipop chainsaw that never got a digital release, neither did third strike or dark stalkers collection or most of Capcom’s Xbox live arcade collection got backwards compatibility. Or bubble bobble neo... damn so many classics I had on that which never got made backwards compatible.
  3. Bringing in the Megaman love We all sleep with our Megamans!
  4. I ‘upgraded’ to an Xbox One a few years ago in the believe that all the classic 360 games would eventually come on it. Unfortunately MS were intent on only making the absolute trash available on backwards compatibility while missing many classics. After a while I realised that the One is definitely a downgrade, the 360/PS3 were far superior consoles than their successors, the Xbox 360 managed to combine exciting indie releases, retro goodness and some excellent current gen games on one machine. It really felt like the only console you ever needed out. Current gen is probably the most disappointing generation ever. Thank God for the Switch.
  5. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2020/jun/30/david-squires-on-charting-liverpools-30-year-journey-to-the-league-title?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other Squire’s on Liverpool’s 30yrs cracked me up
  6. What is the point that he’s trying to make? It’s very odd. Is he just raging for the sake of raging or is he seriously advocating that bullshit?
  7. It’s obviously been structured so that you can’t fill your gallery as quickly as you can your fossils but Redd is a rare visitor and there’s no other way of getting art (I hear villagers can gift you some but never experienced it) means that those who are trying to fill their gallery without exploiting the game will be doing it for the next few years. I do think Nintendo have deliberately made animal crossing both amazing and equally the most annoying game ever made.
  8. I like Kevin Smith... he is the superfan done good. He always seems to be more comfortable as professional fanboy than a director. I disagree that he’s a bad film maker though, both Clerks and Dogma attest to his talent. He just never felt natural in the Hollywood studio set up. I also think that his movies went downhill drastically around the same time he took up weed.
  9. Oh Danny Boy


    I’ve just read about Kia Joorabchian’s relationship with Arsenal this week. After what his close relationship with QPR brought shouldn’t this be ringing alarm bells? He basically saddled them with past the peak, under performing and grossly overpaid players which financially wrecked them for no return. Looking at Luiz’s fat new contract it’s pretty worrying that he’s up to his same tricks. Where is the benefit for anyone being so close to super agents? Does someone at the club make some money out of this because I see no benefit otherwise. All Joorabchian cares about is making his clients, and more importantly himself, fuck loads of money no matter what it does to the health of the club he’s attached himself to. I know Wolves have done well so far from their close relationship to a super agent but it’s no stable long term transfer policy even when it goes well.
  10. https://www.strictlylimitedgames.com/ Strictly limited are releasing it in the West. Might not be much cheaper than £50
  11. I said it before the season started that we’d win it comfortably. Never had a doubt. I’ve never seen a side this good in my time, not just Liverpool see I mean Prem side, last year they missed out freakishly but I knew that they’d even improve on that. Only extreme bad luck with injuries (or a global pandemic) was going to prevent the inevitable. This team is immense, better than the Invincibles, United’s ‘08 era, Mourinho’s Chelsea and even Guardiola’s 100 pointers. Hopefully they prove that by smashing that record points total.
  12. What’s the difference? You can have generations of family who support a team from another country. Their life experiences of supporting from Nigeria for instance doesn’t demean their support or make them lesser than someone who grew up under the shadow of Anfield. Their culture and experience of supporting Liverpool may be different but that doesn’t make it lesser. You can’t start creating measurements and hierarchies to how people experience their support. It’s elitist and yes feeds into less palatable ideologies hence why I mentioned the ‘football lads’. If you think that primary ownership of support should be part of what is mostly a white working class community that is around the club, and yes you even mentioned generations, making it even more exclusive to this small community, you are already excluding others based on geography of birth. It’s hardly a stretch of the imagination to see where that leads in some people’s minds. It’s all bollocks, we are all fans, we are all the same, some peoples experiences supporting Liverpool would be family based over generations living near the stadium, that doesn’t make their experience and culture of support greater or lesser to others around the world. Just different. It’s the beauty of football that’s it’s boundary less and can be experienced in many different ways.
  13. It’s all bullshit anyway. Ignores that the reason why your club is a Prem club is that it’s global brand and only there because of support around the world. The belief that the closer you are born to a stadium correlates directly to how pure a fan you are is only one step away from the belief system of those ‘football lads’ idiots who think that they own the terraces and have a right to football because they are white and born in England. The United thing is a long worn joke from us who grew up in the playgrounds of the 90s who suffered the jibes of kids who never really liked football or could name the United starting eleven but who would celebrate every triumph emphatically. No matter where you’re living or were born. From Anfield to Bangkok, if you’re a true red this title means as much to you as it does for any other supporter.
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