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  1. Actually a decent looking remaster if the trailer is anything to go by. Hopefully the radio stations have remained uncompromised. Gone from not interested to kind of intrigued about having this on the Switch. Will wait to see if there’s a physical release.
  2. Strictly limited is reliable. Picked up a few games from them in the past no issues other than the usual long waiting time you get with these limited run companies.
  3. Who buys this shit? Could do a complete but literally selling each 30yr old game singularly and at full priced to boot.
  4. Deffo in. Might wait till pay day and subscribe.
  5. Good video but all the things he criticises Shenmue for is all the same reasons why I adore the game. I think if you don’t like the mundanity of Shenmue then Shenmue just isn’t the game for you. It’s the pace which makes Shenmue what it is. That Edge quote is bullshit too. To top it off there’s a bizarre comparison to GTA3, the games are completely different, even still GTA3 isn’t fit to scrub Shenmue’s boots. At least that suffered an even worse Edge review.
  6. Now a sequel to Alice: Madness returns would be awesome
  7. Qatar World Cup can fuck right off. I can’t even try to think about it without being awfully sad and burning with rage at the same time. Your national team will be walking out onto a stadium built on the bodies of slave labour as the world applauds. There’s things in the world that is just pure evil, there’s nothing else you can describe them as, the human suffering that’s happening purely for a sporting event, for greed, money and so a small oil state can willy wave to the world. Are we truly okay with the lives being crushed for games of football? I haven’t looked at the qualifiers and the tournament doesn’t exist to me. I wish the national team would refuse to play or at least one player make a stand to highlight the inhumanity that they are complicit in by taking part in it. Football sold out long ago, it sold its soul, it sold its morals its now capitalism in its most inhumane and evil incarnation. It’s hard as a supporter, because we love our clubs, but truly just fuck football.
  8. Its rather grotesque to consider football fans victims in a case of their club being taken over by a deplorable regime, when there exists actual victims of said regime. Many of whom have suffered torture and murder. The inflated sense of entitlement in football fandom is far from victimisation. Having to evaluate your sense of morals is not comparable to actual persecution. The fanbase has to make a simple decision, to vocally and financially support Newcastle under this ownership is to legitimise the new owners and by extension their human rights abuses. Giving up a season ticket is not comparable to the suffering of real victims. It’s reprehensible that this take over is even allowed. Another sad day for English football that flushed its moral compass down the toilet in pursuit of greed many years ago. It would be so amazing if the support united against this take over and showed that football fans at least are not in thrall to money but I have a sinking feeling that a large portion at least don’t care what atrocities their owners commit as long as it brings their club success.
  9. Definitely Xenocider. Game of the year IMO.
  10. Love the Shenmue games yet because I’ve never owned a PS4 I’ve yet to try the long awaited third. No chance of this ever appearing on Switch or a box? Thought it would have eventually but still no sign
  11. I’m looking at the goal over and over again and can’t make out how he did it. I need a close up in slow motion to see how he managed to leave five of City’s players for dead. If that was produced by Messi in his prime people would be exploding over replays of it. You’d say it was impossible to score from that situation but not only did he do it he made it look so simple.
  12. Man likes the Dreamcast too so you know that it’s banging. Electronica spliced with tracks from the likes of Street fighter 2 and Shenmue? Fuck yeah. https://av-0.bandcamp.com/album/dreamtime-reset The mash up of hip hop and Radiohead you never thought that you needed until now. https://handsolorecords.bandcamp.com/album/chadiohead
  13. The issue of Sega Saturn Magazine which had a free copy of Christmas Nights on the front of course. That was awesome!
  14. Think that’s bad I’ve had Radirgy Swag on pre order from Ready to Dispatch games since May last year! I’ve given up on ever seeing it materialise. Sure they are trolling with that company name. Lot of supposed limited runs are getting general retail releases thus completely making the concept pointless.
  15. Looks like a more modern trendier take on the Disco Anti-stat, if so it does the job very well and is essential if you buy a lot of second hand records. Use a mixer of: 1/5 isopropyl alcohol 4/5 distilled water Few of drops of a surfactant like Triton Have many records which I picked up which were drowning in surface noise be completely brought back to life using that mixture in the anti-stat cleaner.
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