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  1. Finally back in the Dreamcast game. My fav console and my main one until I sold it when I picked up a 360 ten yrs ago. There’s some games that I want to play again which don’t really exist out of the Dreamcast library, virtual tennis, cosmic smash, bangai-o, project justice and power stone. Mostly I jumped back in as there’s a load of new indie releases on it in 2020/21 and the novelty of playing new releases on the Dreamcast in 2021 was too tempting to pass. The some clever sods created hdmi cables too for it is the icing. The console which I felt was still pretty modern in
  2. Had this in the switch but got rid after a while. It’s got a lot of charm but is very limited and I felt like it ran out of gas quite early. It’s one of those games that would have been better with a bit more money poured into it. The environments are pretty bland and bare and some things needed more variation especially with by the recipes and the very limited set of customers that visit the cafe. Can be picked up cheaply so worth a bash but it’s a solid 6/10 game for me.
  3. Inflation is always a hugely flawed metric to use as income and cost of living have not kept in line with inflation. £70 is a lot of money for the general consumer for just a single game. Only gamers will feel inclined to buy at that price, the general populace will rightly scoff at it.
  4. That’s a bad start. Why would Namco not want their games on the console version? It’s a bad precedent to set, if publishers can decide to have their games on one variation and not the other then it makes the whole enterprise redundant.
  5. That’s what I find bizarre. The brand had put me off the thing so far, it’s not like Blaze is a valued brand, if I wasn’t part of this forum I wouldn’t know that it’s a different company, I’d have seen ‘Blaze’ and never looked at it again. It’s mostly known for cheap and underwhelming retro devices to the market this it pitched at, it’s pretty much a tainted brand.
  6. Sounds like something I’d be interested in. Not fussed about the handheld but a new retro console with two player support sounds good. I’m very intrigued. Hopefully they’ll release earlier games again for those jumping in with the home console.
  7. I don’t see what all the fuss is about, looking at the planned revamp of the Champions League it’s equally as appalling. Which flavour of shit sandwich do you want? In the end people will forget and fall in line to supporting their clubs, spending their hard earned money and feeding the greed of those who run the game. The Super League in the grand scheme of football’s exploitation is barely a drop in the ocean. We are about to heading to a World Cup literally built upon the corpses of slaves. Do the general populace care? Do they fuck. People are already cheering their nations on, p
  8. I think with the insane injuries this season 4th would be a relative success. I’d agree with you if we didn’t have a biblical run of injuries, and credit due, the team did excellent until the new year when it all caught up and they burned out.
  9. Definitely the best era for gaming. I think older gamers who lived enough to fully experience the rapid pace of advancement in tech in which we went from the Atari 2600 to the Xbox in the same span of time it’s taken to Xbox to Xbox Series are lamenting that loss of excitement where everything was new and the possibilities you imagined were endless, I guess in comparison you could relate that period to early films to the golden age of Hollywood in the 40s-50s. When few things have come before it then everything that’s created is brand new, and as innovations push tech forward so new experienc
  10. Bethesda was definitely struggling to build a game of the ambition of Elder Scrolls to modern AAA standards. It’s why I was happy with the MS buyout, now they’ll have unlimited resources and funds thrown at development. I’d have kinda agreed with you before but no way are we not getting a new Elder Scrolls this gen, MS would want that as a flagship Series S/X/ Gamepass game. Of course it’s half their fault for wasting last gen on Fallout and Elder Scrolls online. Never understood why they didn’t get cracking on the next one after Skyrim became massive.
  11. Damn so many. Off the top of my head The Velvet Underground - The Velvet Underground & Nico Guru - Jazzmatazz Adrian Younge - Something about April Nirvana - In Utero Crack Cloud - Pain Olympics Run the Jewels - RTJ 2 Burial - Untrue Unkle - Psyence Fiction Four Tet - Morning side/ evening side Flying Lotus - You’re Dead! The Cure - Disintegration Kendrick Lemar - To Pimp a Butterfly NWA - Straight Outta Compton Massive Attack - Blue Lines Neutral Milk Hotel - The aeroplane over the sea Okkervil River -
  12. Nah mate, I fuckin hate Ed Sheeran.
  13. Okay Karen, disco is 40 years in that direction. Relive your dancing Queen dreams!
  14. Mourhino’s second season effect lasted precisely two months. Decided that the network won’t fund season three so has been trying to squeeze the third season story in the back of the second. It just isn’t as rewarding for the viewer as a full Mourinho third season, just another notch on a disappointing season.
  15. Problem with gaming these days is that we are so spoilt. I’ve got a Switch and Xbox Series S and I have never had it so good. There’s a bottomless pit of quality gaming on both systems covering every kind of itch I have. From adventurous RPGs, retro style gaming to countless arcade and console classics. It can be a bit overwhelming but when I decide to game for a few hours I’m never bored. I’m playing Greedfall and thinking this is supposed to be a B game? The expansive worlds, voice acting and details in the cities they created, I grew up with the likes of Bubsy being a B game. I pi
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