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  1. Super Monkey Ball, Jet set radio future, Gun Valkyrie and Panzer Dragoon Orta. All on the wrong formats, all should be on the Dreamcast as God had intended.
  2. Dave Perry still delusional then? Middle age hasn’t given him a the reality check that he’s always made children cringe and has no actual talent?
  3. Loving this. It’s one of those insane arcade cabs you find now and again that usually never get seen on console.
  4. If only I could neg I’d neg this a million times.
  5. Just noticed that vinyl costs and delays have caused Flying Vinyl to suspend operations. Sounds like the current demand for vinyl is not sustainable without new plants.
  6. PS1 is the only time Sony have ever got their original console design right. Since then they have just been ugly and cheap looking, far away from any cool factor.
  7. I think Crus’n USA just got undeserving bad rep mostly as it was released at a time where Daytona and Ridge existed. Always thought it was a good game.
  8. Reviewers just want sims. This is the only type of racing game I can get with. Going to pick this up next payday, it’s been too long since we had a well developed arcade racer. I want blue skies, drifting and general insanity.
  9. Needs a new thread of its own. Someone start it!
  10. Thats the whole point. Quick blast gaming. Games shouldn’t have to be epic cinematic experiences to be worth while.
  11. Yeah, can’t believe it’s that shoddy. Especially as SEGA seem to be pouring a lot of love into other areas of this game.
  12. Isn’t that the exact reason why arcade racers don’t get made anymore? If even the fans of the genre don’t think it’s worth purchasing until it’s cheap. Looks like a banger. Will have to purchase it soon, been too long since we’ve had a good arcade racer.
  13. Origi’s form lady night was looking promising. Although he has always switched it on for Champions League games.
  14. He’s out for the season there. Our young players never seem to have any luck
  15. Definitely the collector in me bought that as I have it on the Xbox but… it’s one of those games I associate so much with the Dreamcast much like Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Rez etc, that it feels a bit off playing it elsewhere, so having it on the Dreamcast feels right. Loving Fast Striker, when I moved from Dreamcast to 360 years ago Last Hope had been hyped up then panned so I kind of ignored anything NGDEV made and let them pass me by as I was no longer a Dreamcast owner. Definitely should look up a few more of their games NeoXYX looks tasty if a bit pricey! Shane they are no longer around, the homebrew scene could do with a few more devs like them.
  16. Had a bit of the Dreamcast splurge. Nabbed a few off @strider Only got myself to blame when I’m skint later this month No more Dreamcast games! I’ll keep telling myself that
  17. I’m looking to change the battery on my Dreamcast soon. Get rid of the slight annoyance of having it display the time/date settings every time I power it on. The YouTube vid I’ve seen had made it look simple even for a complete soldering amateur like me. Question, is it actually easy or just deceptively easy?
  18. I can never work out on Amazon jp the differences between two versions they usually have that are only a few hundred Yen apart. So I usually give in and opt for Play-Asia.
  19. Pre ordered Death Smiles and Cotton Saturn tribute for Switch on Play-Asia.
  20. Started as a Kickstarter but DF got bought up by MS and are now part of Microsoft studios. The production values have definitely benefitted from the extra first party studio resources being sunk into it.
  21. Sony’s store would be for the PS4 version . Next gen tax
  22. Really liking it so far. Visually it’s the most next gen game I’ve played, it looks amazing and loving the art style most of all. Only downside for me so far is the amount of button inputs it throws at you from the off, I struggled to remember the right one to blast, strike, fire, jump, move objects, glide etc when things got more frantic. Which to be fair complex controls is something I’ve always struggled to get to grips with on modern games so might not be an issue for most.
  23. If I topped up the gold subscription for another year would the gamepass subscription extend with it?
  24. Upgraded to gamepass for £1 so I could play psychonauts 2. Never knew it would be for the duration of my gold membership which expires May next year. Mental value. I’m sold now.
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