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  1. I’d have expected no Salah, VVD and Robertson what with the knocks they picked up. So soon after a long final Klopp doesn’t want to risk any injuries so close to Paris so expected really. I think it’s enough to see off this Southampton side and there’s Hendo, Thiago and Diaz on the bench. 

  2. 57 minutes ago, dr_manhattan^ said:

    Of course no one thinks one shouldn't be able to choose the football club they support, but a football club should in some way represent the community it belongs to, and ignoring that and choosing a traditionally successful club you have no connection to is little different than choosing any brand in any industry, and those fans who haave a tie through locality or family are naturally going to think less of that support.


    It's a bit shitty to link that to ideas of racism to be honest.


    Top level professional football has been taken from the communities that created it, packaged up and sold, and the result is the vicious circle @Naysonymous spoke about.


    It's not going to be a popular view as the result of that feedback loop is the majority of football supporters will follow a big six club, but the reality is the industry is done as a competition, and the best you can hope for is to swim against the tide for a while.


    I don't blame any individuals, they're unwitting consumers really, it's just all quite sad, the sport really can be beautiful.

    See I disagree. How about those who don’t have ties to a community or any community? Who says ties to a community has anything to do with locality or family history? And who dictates how someone should feel and engage within a community? In the 21st century it’s a pretty outdated concept of belonging. All communities should be inclusive regardless of family or locality. Of course clubs should put back into their local community but that’s something any major business should be inclined to do. Neither is the local community somethings thats geographically constrained for a major football club. The local community of a club and who it represents transcends geography and locality, for me that’s something beautiful. Liverpool won the FA cup not just for those fans who live under Anfield’s shadow, but for those in Brazil to Australia. And how they choose to  experience or feel about that moment isn’t devalued by where they happen to live. That’s something awesome. 

    If someone chooses to tell them that their support is lesser, that their experience as a fan is dictated by their geography then that says more about that person. Players for most professional clubs come from all over the globe, are their triumphs for the club they play for considered lesser because they have no familial or local ties to the club? If a player from Senegal can give his all for an English club why can’t a fan in Senegal equally not feel as much part of this club? People can choose to feel less of his support, that doesn’t make them correct in that feeling. Claiming that any professional club belongs solely to a local community or exclusive set of local fans involves all kinds of whataboutery and hypocrisy to attempt to justify.


    As was said a couple of post down football has long passed being something that represented local communities. Unless your delving deep into the non professional lower tiers.  No one here was alive to experience it, neither was anyones parents, it’s Victorian. So why long for something  that for generations never existed within professional football? Even then there was haves and have nots, which now has become further ingrained through hyper capitalism. You can’t have football to be what it is as a professional sport whilst also yearning for the days of factory teams playing each other in front of a local crowd. 

    To counteract the point about racism I’d say it’s naive to believe that normalising concepts that gatekeep communities, that exclude based on locality and birth, that imply a ‘them and us’ do not lend fuel to concepts of tribalism and nationalism in the sport. 

  3. There’s also the more positive aspect of globalisation which has made football a more inclusive sport worldwide. 

    I find the whole team you support is dictated by your postcode to be an extremely out dated position based on some romanticised notion of the football clubs of yore. Also not taking into account that people aren’t glued to whichever community they’re born into but have the freedom to live wherever and whenever they like (within the U.K.) as well as being pulled around geographically by the forces of capitalism, economics and politics.

    It’s also a position I find personally uncomfortable, one that tacitly excuses the uglier side if the game; tribalism and in on an international level; nationalism. The Us and Them. The idea that a club belongs belongs to a community is only the localised version of England belongs only to its community, football gated away to a sub class that can only exist at the exclusion of others.  It’s results leads to fans booing players taking the knee and much worse. 

    Many things affect us that are not under our individual agency but the idea that your football team is one of them is beyond ludicrous. Anyone who feels passionately otherwise really needs to check themselves. 


  4. 5 minutes ago, neoELITE said:


    Do you not remember when Man Utd won everything and Liverpool fans were claiming that the whole of Old Trafford lived in Essex? 


    That's my point. Mr Dizogg is about as Scouse as Jellied Eels.


    Plastic fans are the absolute worst.

    Something something plastic fan, something something, true fan, something something yawn 🥱 

  5. 1 hour ago, CheekyLee said:

    Tuesday night determines everything. City needing a win in the last game is the only chance we have. Coutinho is the best player in the world a couple of times a season, afetr all!

    Id rather have the league lost by a point than goal difference. Makes Tuesday less complex, no need to be chasing goals, the requirement is a win however ugly and see how City handle the pressure on the final day. 

  6. Meh, gamers keep demanding newer shinies, better tech etc without considering how this impacts on development costs and time. Making AAA games is a massively expensive soul destroying long slog of an affair that only a handful of studios have the resources to manage. Long gaps between big games is a consequence that gamers are going to have to get used to.


    Plenty of decent indie titles, homebrew and B games on the Switch though. 

  7. Football games have been dire for the last two decades, haven’t enjoyed one since the PES/Winning eleven days of the PS2/GC. It’s a shame as there used to be so many varied games football but EA have completely monopolised a whole gaming genre for the best part of two decades which is wild. 

    No one is going to pay for the FIFA licence but hope that someone finally throws their hat in the ring. Maybe we’d finally get to enjoy a proper footy game that isn’t a boring micro transaction hell hole. 

  8. It’s fast becoming a Bayern situation here. City just go out and blow record amounts of  cash to fast fix their areas of weakness. How can the rest of the league compete? 

  9. The final I wanted, mostly to hopefully avenge the last one against them. City in the final would have been like a coin toss. Liverpool are the better side but need to take the chances that come as Madrid only need a sniff. 

    Hopefully this result derails City in the league 🤞 Saying that and they’ll probably win their weekend game 10-0

  10. This is the worst performance this season. I had a feeling that we’d regret not putting Villarreal to the knife last outing. But this is atrocious. Changes needed at half time  but can see us going out here 

  11. 84D0B5B6-6A65-4DE0-81DB-4183CCA42477.thumb.jpeg.6fc18f719724eccb47da3dbbaf7a92ea.jpeg


    Recent purchases. Been wanting Karous for ages but always too pricey, managed to pick it up for £50 and it’s as good as new so well happy with that. Also never played Sonic Adventure 2 before! 😱 It’s been on my wish list for 20yrs, I’ve even somehow managed to skip on the 360 version. But original version with Chao adventure is where it’s at. 

  12. Got an email from funstock saying that a limited number of VS Founders Editions and the Purple edition of the handheld are available from 4pm today. Just a heads up if anyone is looking for one. 

  13. On 24/04/2022 at 17:53, wev said:

    The new Bob Vylan is excellent. They lean more into dub and hip-hop compared to their previous work, that's not a bad thing at all, it's just different despite covering the same subject matters.


    A must listen





    Just caught them live. Enjoyed them slaughter some of rock’s sacred cows such as Elvis, the Beatles and Bowie. I prefer this new album, they’ve definitely found their groove on it. 

  14. 20 hours ago, Vimster said:

    I was actually in a proper record shop on Record Store Day, namely Red House Records in Swindon. Having said that there was no action, didn't see anything worth the bother, in fact I was more interested in the second-hand games at the back. 


    Thinking about it this was the first time I'd been in a record shop that sold new records in years, and it wasn't that inspiring largely because "cheap" vinyl is £18, average price was £25-35. It wasn't the fun quick-flick-and-bag-an-interesting-looking-album-for-a-tenner like it was in the 2000s. So much has changed since I started buying vinyl again. 



    Records are definitely a luxury item now. Back when I started buying about 2010 new records used to cost a tenner and enjoyed finding obscure artists and picking them up on the strength of the vibe I got from just holding the record. Discovered so much that way. Now you really have to know that you love an album before picking up the record. 

    On the other hand the quality control of new presses have definitely improved since then. Back when I started buying records I’d come across issues such as those caused by the record being sleeved while still hot, as well as bumps on the surface, warps and substandard sound quality. And neither were these problems infrequent. Haven’t had a problem with a new record in years.

    The prices of records have got me buying more cassettes. Modern cassettes sound great, they are very cheap, between £5-£10, and lots of independent artists have been putting out their music on the format as vinyl has become harder and more expensive to put music out on. Might start a thread.

  15. 8 hours ago, Gabe said:

    I've only seen scant YouTube highlights, but Everton certainly had chances and with better finishing they could've nicked a goal and then been even harder to break down. 


    Everton were never going to try and come out and play football against a flying Liverpool team, so the plan to sit back and hit on the break is what many struggling teams try when playing against a better side. It's a common tactic, so I don't know why Lampard is being criticised for it?


    It also did show that the team do have some fight in them, which is probably what he also meant, compared to the weak surrendering of games they've seen all too often. 

    Teams can play however they like, ten men behind the ball etc, if that’s how they set up its up to Liverpool to break them down. It was not how Everton set up but the poor gamesmanship, shithousery and general attempt at using prime Mourinho dark arts. It’s a bit sad to see that this is what Everton have to resort to when last year they convincingly won at Anfield.


    Their tactics was to obviously try and nick a pen by whatever means, Gordon took to ground whenever he had a sniff of the area, so Lampard’s complaints that they didn’t get a soft pen from Gordon falling over yet again is laughable in the context. There was Pickford falling to ground at every touch of the ball, Everton players not even retrieving the ball when it goes out for a goal kick, Richarlison feigning head injury etc etc. It was just very distasteful and literally would make Atletico Madrid blush. 

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