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  1. If you’re a fan of a system then getting new games released on it with that bit of fan made love mimicking the original retail releases is just wonderful. You could play it on an emulator but you want to take the game out of its case, stick it in the console, see that boot up screen and play on that much loved controller. Sure it’s very superficial but it’s definitely part of the experience, if you’re a Jag fan enjoying these releases in 2021 is something special and well worth the £50 entrance fee.
  2. For a sliding doors moment I’d think looking at Zaha whose career is a host of bad decisions, one of them being deciding not to have the patience to wait and earn his way into the England set up.
  3. Gaming was my fourth hobby pre pandemic behind music, art and literature but became the major one during the pandemic due to more free time and a way to socialise with friends during lockdown. Prior to the pandemic I just had a Switch and was happy with that but now have a Series S and Dreamcast which was reignited a passion I had for gaming and with an Evercade VS coming through later in the year I may feel that I’ve over stretched my gaming time. Especially now that gigs will be happening again I’ll soon be going out and enjoying music again and gaming will take a backseat.
  4. Strangely the Swiss seemed to have no confidence in their kicks, after that first miss and the keeper’s dancing their belief drained from them. Could see it in the face of every penalty taker, none looked like they believed they would bury their pen.
  5. He’s done well but Spain have made it easy for him. Their attackers must struggle to finish dinner
  6. A bit like Carragher, who despite being a Champions League winner and consistently one of the best performing CB’s in Europe was always behind the likes of the constantly crippled Woodgate and Ledley King, Upson and Wes Brown for the opportunity to be back up to Rio Ferdinand/John Terry. Then people wondered why he retired early to focus on his club career.
  7. Didn’t Mills like Trevor Sinclair have quite an impressive 2002 World Cup campaign after coming for the injured Gary Neville pre tournament? I think he well earned a few of those caps.
  8. Aaron Lennon got any impressive amount of caps without really achieving anything.
  9. Definitely agreed, I never understood the GTA3 love, even as an impressionable 16yr old, was just used for shits and giggles with friends. An impressive sandbox tech demo of a game. Vice City was brilliant though (except for the remote control parts). Still the only good entry in arguably video game’s most overrated series.
  10. I definitely agree with that score. I always felt GTA 3 played like a tech demo rather than an actual game. Never got much fun out of it at the time other than when messing about in its sandbox world.
  11. Don’t ask me how much this little duo cost. Had to break my £50 limit rule but can’t have a Dreamcast without my two favourite games on the system. Had some spare cash for my bday so thought what the hell. No 360 or PS4 here so the DC is still the only place to experience Rez. Cosmic Smash has to be one of SEGA’s most forgotten gems, would love a remix one day but for now it’s keeping the Dreamcast much loved.
  12. Yeah, you get all this bullshit that you’re not a proper fan of you don’t go and see your team regularly etc. Along with the financial logistics I’ve just never vibed with football culture. It’s always been too boorish, ladish and at times nationalistic and tribalistic. I love the game, but I’ve always felt uncomfortable at an actual match, and as such isn’t how I’d choose to consume football. Not that this is a knock or a reflection of the majority of those who attend games, it’s always been a minority but a significant one enough that we hear the chants and boos on our screens. I see the celebrations of topless jubilant fans at Wembley and you’re supposed to be envious and want to be in the middle of that, I watch it and I’m glad that I’m not.
  13. Rafa is a safe pair of hands who understands the city. As weird as it will seem seeing him as manager of Everton they’ve got someone who knows how to manage at the very top of the game and will give it his all. He won’t be ditching them once a better offer comes along. I don’t think Everton could expect much better.
  14. Got an email to make a submission for the credits today. Looking forward to this.
  15. It’s hard to criticise Kane too much yesterday. His job is to put the ball in the back of the net and he did just that. People seem to be looking for a return of Rooney running around like a headless chicken in an England shirt, all endeavour no discipline or nous. Players play to their roles, understand the game plan and execute it. When we watched the ‘golden generation’ flapping about we used to lament that we didn’t have calm and tactically astute team like the Germans or Italians did. Now we do it’s all ‘where’s our Roy of the Rovers’?
  16. Agree, Mario Kart has been one of those stale Nintendo series which they keep whacking out every gen with little or no improvement. Advance was the last one I rated until Mario Kart 8 which has been the first I’ve really enjoyed as an adult. It’s just a game that really doesn’t need an update every gen, having only one version over the WiiU/Switch lifespans has worked IMO. Anyway, despite the nice graphics and the attempt to do something different with the series Double Dash was a stinker. The GameCube was a weird era for Nintendo with some massive gems and some huge disappointments coming from their studios.
  17. Always good to see a new Dreamcast game. Intrepid Izzy is out in little over a month. http://intrepid-izzy.senileteam.com
  18. Check out some more recent indie releases too Xeno Crisis and Xenocider definitely if you’re looking for some very SEGA style quick blast gaming. Both have been my some of my favourite games of 2020 and 2021 respectively.
  19. Damn awkward times. Im working throughout most of this.
  20. Mbappe had a tournament of Rooney-esque proportions
  21. Switzerland score and I’m still watching the same corner kick. Fuck ITV
  22. One might say that it’s in need of a Wii-release… …I’ll get my coat.
  23. A bit a haul at my local charity shop a couple of weeks ago. Picked these up for a quid each. Various Production - Faller/home Katie Gately/Tlaotlon split Pudel Produkte 18 Pudel Produkte 25 Will Saul & Mike Monday - Zippo Klaustro - Beyhude At the close of every day - zalig zijn de armen van geest Belp - Orion disco Jukes - A thousand dreamers Hobo Sonn - Wary the mind
  24. Yeah, that’s the version I picked up. The three extra tracks make a great album even better. Especially digging ‘light’ from the extended version.
  25. Been out since the beginning of the year but only been able to give it a good listen since picking up the record. Bicep’s Isles is definitely one of my favourite albums of 2021 so far
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