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  1. They’ve definitely done well to fit the PotC franchise seamlessly into sea of thieves. I always felt some parts of the game had that cheesy epic feel of those movies. It’s a perfect fit. Can’t wait to give this a go with some friends.
  2. What kind of cunts bring a big flag celebrating 90yrs of the Queen to a football game?
  3. No good for us non tv folk. ITV hub isn’t playing ball and showing squat live for me. I’ll have to track down a stream
  4. Who is showing Russia v Belgium now? I though my it wasn’t supposed to be on bbc?
  5. The PS5 has already got a couple of decent exclusive next generation games. So MS has to really show something this E3. Not for the distant future but for this year. Since MS saw the stupidity of completely torpedoing their first party studios at the beginning of the Xbone era they’ve been good at promising that exciting exclusives are in the works but no good at delivering. They’ve nailed the hardware with the Series S/X now show me the games.
  6. Shit. I just thought someone got injured as I was only half paying attention. Then the game got canned. Professional players put their body through so much, through a gruelling season and straight into a summer competitive tournament in the heat. Is it no wonder that sometimes it just gives in? The likes of FIFA and UEFA keep piling more and more games onto these players without the thought of their well-being. There really has to be a serious look at how football treats its athletes.
  7. This is Tehran? A comp of various contemporary artists from Tehran. Definitely worth a listen and then a few more! A great selection spanning different genres.
  8. Loving a bit of Xeno Cider at the moment. Best new DC release of 2021 and definitely a must buy. A brand new 3D DC game! Fantasy mode is hitting the spot currently, feels just like a new Space Harrier. The main mode has more Charge n blast vibes.
  9. Ahhh cool, thank god for that I thought it was the plan for this to be the new format
  10. This whole continent Euros is so lifeless. I guess this was always good to be the case in a pandemic but it’s just set the tone for the future of the tournament. I’ll always enjoy a bit of competitive football on tv but the reason I fell in love with world cups and Euros as a kid was the whole cultural flavour of each tournament, how every host gave it it’s own carnival atmosphere that swept through the build up to the games and seeped into the stadiums. It’s the character and lifeblood of these tournaments that make the whole event exciting. I remember the past competitions through the country they were played in. There is no flavour here, just dull corporate mouthwash. Even post pandemic it’s going to feel not much more than a series of qualifiers. Just me killing the vibe.
  11. Thanks. Any fixes or do we have to wait for Nintendo to sort it? A week almost so far which is a ridiculously long time for them to have yet not sorted out such a massive issue.
  12. Been getting error code: 2123-1502 all week whenever the Switch is trying to download an update to software. A quick search online has this down to the latest system update, I presume others must be experiencing similar problems?
  13. Oh Danny Boy


    They spent their fame sexually harassing and assaulting women. I remember seeing a video of them assaulting a young woman horribly live on TV. No shame. Neither have they ever apologised or shown any remorse for their behaviour. Here, it is: Sound? A bunch of despicable c**ts more like.
  14. General consensus seems to that it’s fun but gameplay is a bit basic and it’s short lived. I’m definitely going to pick it up but it’s not a £30 game unfortunately, I’m waiting for it to drop but I’d know I’d definitely have a blast on it.
  15. Interesting idea, cringe video, the build up to the stereo dock major feature being a able to hold a pencil was like a parody. Waaay too over priced. Should be looking at £100, I don’t see the £170 worth of tech in this thing. I’d definitely be surprised if this lasts a year.
  16. No worries. I wouldn’t take Henderson if he’s not 100% but as a Liverpool fan I’d rather be sat this one out so soon after injury. From an England point of view if he’s match fit then a month on the sidelines wouldn’t be the worst and I’d have him in the first 11 every game if he was. Even if he’s not I can imagine that Southgate wants his leadership and experience in a very young squad. I love you too dude
  17. He put that perfectly. I have to say the booing has disillusioned me supporting England, but reading that puts my mind at ease. We may have some knuckle draggers as fans but the manager and team are a top bunch. I usually like watching England games in public places don’t think I will this year. Any booing at taking the knee will just piss me off and I wouldn’t be able to help saying something.
  18. Last minute u-turn by Wijnaldum who has signed for PSG.
  19. Then maybe try and debate said ‘rubbish’ like an adult rather than going ‘waaah, Liverpool fan is being nasty to a United player’ it’s not a playground. I definitely don’t agree that Maguire is solid, he has the odd mistake in him, no way near Pickford levels (no, I’m not being deliberately horrible to Everton) but definitely enough to be exposed at the highest level. Neither do I believe a player who will miss the group stages and won’t be physically fit nor match fit should go. Yes, I don’t believe Henderson should go either but at least he’s not injured and Southgate obviously thinks he’s match fit or close enough to. If that’s rubbish then please say otherwise instead of trolling.
  20. Apparently you can’t mention another player without having a hate boner. Can we not discuss players without bickering about who supports who?
  21. Nintendo direct to be a 30minute unveiling of a new Smash character; Bubsy.
  22. Doesn’t matter if Maguire is the reincarnation of Maldini he’ll miss half the games (assuming England get that far) and won’t be physically fit nor match fit throughout. England should go into a tournament with an established CB pairing that shouldn’t be disrupted and a fit back up. Personally I wouldn’t take him. That’s nothing to do with club loyalty nor do I really care how England themselves do.
  23. This. Is Southgate really going to drop (an already clanger prone) defender who is half fit and not played for months dick deep in the middle of a tournament? Just sounds like a disaster. If a player can’t play in the group stages then we should be taking an alternative.
  24. Oh Danny Boy


    I don’t know who pissed on your copy of NME but thats a bizarre crusade.
  25. Oh Danny Boy


    Fuck me, you’d really have to look hard into that to be offended. I shall apologise for the existence of 99% of music not being on major labels and the existence of street press that promotes them, I shall also apologise for mentioning the existence of non commercial music. I shall apologise for trying to share them with others because bands on the breadline only exist for music snobs and ‘gatekeepers’ whatever the fuck that means.
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