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  1. he's not risking torres then? This match for me is a bigger challenge of our title credentials than the Chelsea game, to win tricky games without your to-p players is championship winning quality, i guess its time for ngog and babal to step up
  2. I hope the new game will be on the next generation i don't think theres much more that can be done on this gen to make a new game feel like a step up from Oblivion. Theres just a few things i hope for the next one apart from more populated and variated environments; Improvement on the fighting system, i found it difficult to tackle more than one enemy at once. No more psychic guards, i'd like to commit misdemeanors without the law automatically knowing. And a change to the leveling up system, although i didn't find it a huge problem, i wouldn't want to get too badass too soon i think its good for the game enemies to kick your arse once in a while no matter how high a level you are Swords and magic anytime over guns and post apocalypse, although i would like to try fallout 3 out one day
  3. been reading through some of this thread, reminds me how awesome the game was, for me its the game of this generation. I don't play videogames much but i spent £250 on a 360 2 years ago just to play this game. Man, my character was awesome, i was totally blown away by the detail you could go into creating your character, i made mine look a bit like the elves in LOTR, he looked proper hardcore with his dark brotherhood kit on. Dungeons were cool, although the weakest part of the game was the plains of oblivion, which were tedious and samey However, after 70hrs of gameplay later i decided to sell the 360 to my brother as this game was swallowing all my time and i just wasn't getting my uni work done, it was a hard choice but a wise one. Just four more months of my degree left now, after that back to oblivion
  4. Lampard has himself to blame, in the run up to the game he sold his story to the papers about his feud with Alonso, i wouldn't be surprised if Riley read this and it influenced his decision when he saw Lampard go hard into a challenge with Alonso, he probably thought there was malicious intent in the challenge. Its a lesson for every footballer not to go publicly about your feuds as they can backfire
  5. i'd pull you up on the o.c and dawson's creek, but its just that MSCL is sooo awesome that any offense towards it makes the others irrelevant cool, so we can agree that the dark knight is waaay overrated, good but not great and that 'begins' is just shite, and don't get me started on transformers. Can we also agree that these comic book superhero movie adaptions are all awfully cliche and unoriginal. Also can we agree that the new indiana jones movie isn't as bad as people keep saying and is actually quite a good movie
  6. whatever rocks your boat. the likes of batman and transformers that people here love bore me to shit. And say what you like about gilmore girls but 'my so called life' is one of the most brilliant, original, genre defining series of the 90's
  7. never said this was for clever people. This is for the people who watch and love the likes of dawson's creek, my so called life, the o.c, gilmore girls ect, so those of a different generation or culture, its my defense of Juno that not everyone will understand it, but that doesn't make it rubbish. Actually i haven't met anyone who dislikes it.
  8. i disagree, i thought her dialogue was quick thinking and witty. You probably just don't 'get' it, you won't love the movie, you'll won't pick up little things like the 'my so called life' reference.
  9. Juno isn't supposed to be your average teen, nowhere in the movie did they hint at this, from what i gathered she is supposed to be different, strange, and a bit of an outcast. Also was the movie wasn't trying to be a serious reflection of modern American youth, like i said; cynical old men Brighten up grandpa, its like the O.C or Dawson's Creek if you don't like it it isn't because its rubbish its simply because you don't 'get' it
  10. The characters in Juno i found very likable. The film was amazing, it deserved the plaudits it got Like i said; cynical old men, "whats with these modern teens speaking this way?"
  11. eeerrr, no. The reason why this film did so well was because it was a damn good movie; great script, great cast, great location. You don't have to be an abba fan or even like abba to acknowledge the movie's credentials. Strange how people unjustly ridicule this movie while at the same time unjustly hyping up the likes of the Dark Knight
  12. Brilliant movie, one of my favourite. All the haters are just cynical old men
  13. look on the bright side; at least you don't support Arsenal
  14. doesn't 'steam hearts' have basic rape elements to its cut scenes?
  15. Fuckin' united fan, your as welcome here as an Israeli missile in a Palestinian school
  16. how the fuck this did get to 84 pages? Some people don't like the Wii because it doesn't cater for their tastes, others like it because it does. And then some have an unnatural obsessive hatred for it because it raped their cat or something. So why is this shit continuing? Worst thread ever
  17. i never knew you could play ps1 games on the ps3, any model? is it region free in regards to ps1 games? thanks
  18. Animal crossing crossed with GTA would be awesome. I would love to be able to hold up Tom Nooks store and then blow his head off with a shotgun
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