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  1. i never knew you could play ps1 games on the ps3, any model? is it region free in regards to ps1 games? thanks
  2. Animal crossing crossed with GTA would be awesome. I would love to be able to hold up Tom Nooks store and then blow his head off with a shotgun
  3. i have to disagree, apart from a selection of games i found those consoles rather dire (the jap ps2 was awesome for 2D shooters and fighters though), too few new games i felt that videogames had really stagnated. I like the wii, maybe its probably the more casual gamers console of choice but thats me. I like bright colourful and simple games, racers and 1st person shooters bore me, each to their own i don't think the wii is a bad console. Also i don't see the logic in measuring the quality of a console by its shovelware, every console has more shovelware than decent games and the no1 format generally suffers more than most, are people already forgetting the mountains of shite on the ps2? Pointless argument anyway, a lot of people here hate it, yet they are in the minority and have to accept that
  4. a load of people hate the wii because it raped their grandparents
  5. agreed. the last gen post dreamcast was boring
  6. nintendo's output was at its worst on the GC, very dire and decent third party games were few and far between, for me it was the worst console of the last generation
  7. good first party games, virtual console is great, some decent third party games, i don't understand what people are moaning about. Some people are taking the wii as a personal offence (get a life, you know who you are). I prefer the console to all the others, it depends what your into. I never got on with the Gamecube either, poor third party support, and Nintendo's own output suffering a huge drop in quality. The wii is a huge improvement
  8. I can't believe no ones mentioned Shenmue There was always some cool Jazz in the bars, its the best use of jazz in a videogame
  9. i wouldn't pay more than £50 for the traditional white version, make sure you get an RGB for it though Games? i'd recommend these -shenmue USA -Marvel v capcom 2 -puzzle bobble 4 -radilgy -shikgami no shiro 2 -garou mark of the wolves -sf third strike -Cosmic smash
  10. GTA4 now the comic style has gone and its replaced with realism my approach to this type of game has changed. Before i used to reveal in a comic styled bloodbath, chainsawing every innocent pedestrian that is unfortunate enough to enter my path, i regularly indulged in the kind of mad killing rampage that would make Jason himself blush. With GTA4 gone are the the buckets of blood, and comic style characters, i found the first time when i beat a woman in the game, and she laid down curled up, a sense of guilt, and when i do participate in mass murder i feel like the bastard i am. I now feel more responsible for my actions in the game, murder feels more darker, killings are now only thoughtlessly handed out to those drivers who are reckless enough to run me over. I do feel if videogames wants to mature as a media form then tackling issues such as child murder should be approached one day, currently it is probably too soon but hopefully someday.
  11. i think i join in the dreamcast loving. It was definitely the last 'fun' console, a console that felt old school while still giving us fresh experiences, i thought the Dreamcast at the time was the pinnacle of gaming and i still do. Fact is there hasn't been a console with the creativity and originality that the Dreamcast had, i hoped the Wii would but so far it has disappointed. I also thought that after the Dreamcast died the last generation was pretty dreadful, i didn't feel any love for the xbox, GC, and PS2.
  12. dude, write into some mags, and gamecentral
  13. she'll end up having an illicit affair with a friendly visiting villager second life style
  14. nah, magazines are too expensive,
  15. the only good retro magazine i ever read was Edge's Retro, i always wondered why they didn't bother doing another one of them?
  16. GTA 4, great game, pisses on that load of shite that was Andreas
  17. Jet set radio future is the best game on the xbox i also going to join in arguing for the inclusion of DOA Ultimate, shenmue 2, and fable. The GTA trilogy pack should be there, didn't marvel v capcom 2 get an xbox release? i'm sure it did, if so it has to be on the list, metal slug 3 + 4, alien hominid, taito legends 1 + 2, Psyvariar 2, shikigami no shiro 1 + 2
  18. in 2009 we will see; Sega announce that their back in the console scene. They will announce their new console will a line up of launch titles that includes; -shenmue 3 -Jet set Radio 3 -Burning Rangers 2 -A new Panzer Dragoon -and a true 2D sequel to sonic&knuckles Then Capcom takes to the stands and announces their own launch line up for Sega's new console, which included; -Power Stone 3 -Rival Schoolz 3 -Marvel V Capcom 3 I am 100% certain this will happen in 2009, Yuji Naka appeared to me in a dream and told me so, and he seems like a trustworthy bloke so whose to argue?
  19. I'm not a huge fan of modern day metal but i recently listened to Alestorm and i really liked it, pirate themed metal is fuckin' awesome!
  20. i have to disagree i liked that movie and that comes from someone who usually despises superhero movies. Tommy Lee i thought wa great, Jim Carrey was awesome as the Riddler, fuck Eddie Murphy bring back Carrey to reprise the role of the Riddler in the next movie, i can see him doing a more darker less comical Riddler. Of course Robin sucked but superhero side kicks always do.
  21. i don't see why, batman is a very dull character, its probably not Bale's fault, you just can't do much with the character. Batman Begins focused too much on Batman, reason why i thought it was very average. I really liked Tommy Lee's Two face, and i also liked Nicholson's Joker. Heath Ledger brought something new to the table, Eckhart' two face was just some angry guy who really needed to get back to hospital before his eye drys out and he picks up a nasty infection. The whole side story was building up to Dent's emergence as Two face which was just disappointing and awfully brief. Anti climax is a perfect description. Also i hope i'm not alone i thinking the talents of Gary Oldman has been terribly wasted so far in these movies
  22. i thought the film could have done without the whole dent/two face side story, i thought it was pointless and the two face we ended up getting felt like a huge anti climax, nothing compared to Tommy Lee Jones's two face For a movie that was hyped up because of the Joker there seemed to be too few scenes with him in it. And too many scenes with Bale, i find the whole batman character too two dimensional, i think these films should concentrate on the villains because they are the characters that get bums onto seats, i doubt many went to see this film for Batman
  23. with the media using terms such as 'not life threatening' and 'facial injuries' over the past few days i thought that the guy took a beating, until i read about his injuries which are basically a couple of stitches on a cut on the forehead and a trip down the dentist to replace a missing tooth. Blown totally out of proportion. Also there was a group involved, do we even know that Gerrard actually hit the guy or was it one of his entourage?
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