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  1. Oh Danny Boy


    i never said fourth I'm just offering a slice of reality to this thread
  2. Oh Danny Boy


    ye shall not mock, past three years we've been in twice as much champions league finals as the Arse have ever managed. Looking at Arsenal's current team i do believe that they will be either 5th or 6th next season
  3. Oh Danny Boy


    no, but Liverpool are
  4. Oh Danny Boy


    you do know that spurs are going to finish above you next year?
  5. Shenmue jet set radio animal crossing GTA: vice city Fable
  6. best news ever, i hope it gets a european release before the year is out or at the very least be region free (damn my pal 360 )
  7. GAMESTM is the biggest and shittest magazine i've ever had the displeasure to read i can only guess at how poor its top 100 are
  8. Oh Danny Boy


    Sony have seemed to have completely forgotten about the psp in favour of hyping up the ps3. I don't see Sony doing anything else for the psp, its a very good console despite its flaws, however unfortunately i believe Sony are just going to leave it to die a slow death. The psp was always an attempt by Sony to pimp a new media format, however since UMD fell flat in its arse i feel that Sony have lost interest
  9. these ones are cool -marvel land -ghouls and ghosts -magical taruroto kun
  10. so i could be a young pregnant woman with an evil dog which urinates on the corpses of those i slaughter? this game is going to be awsome!
  11. Oh Danny Boy


    i won't But you should watch the forthcoming game against PSV, actually the whole Arsenal team should do so, it will teach you lot how to win in Europe. aahhhhh......I've said what i've got to say, no more need to post in this thread
  12. Gamestation hasn't been half decent for retro for at least 5yrs now. Gamestation tries to be hip and down with it, so retro and retro geekyness doesn't fit into that image.
  13. Oh Danny Boy


    cool an Arsenal thread - there only one thing i can say; hahahhahahahhahahhahahah!!!!!!! :P :P Maybe Liverpool could sell you a European cup seeing as they have an abundance of them, it will also free up some shelve space for the one they're getting this year
  14. that was probably one of my biggest problems with it, it just didn't feel like a true mario game. It went too far off the traditional formula that it just seemed like a completely different game with just mario and friends tacked on, maybe i would have enjoyed it better if the game was a totally new franchise instead of a mario games. It a very good game no dubts about it (the bonus levels i thought were the best bits) however it is no where up to the standards of the other mario games (except mario USA of course).
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