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  1. i fucking love Owen Wilson, maybe he got depressed because of all the shitty comedies he's been acting in, but even then he is such a good comic that even rubbish films become watchable when he's in it. Films like 'you me and dupree' would be absolute shit if it wasn't for the talents of Owen Wilson, the man is a fucking genius.
  2. I like the way how the movie portrays a mass murderer and rapist as some kind of romanticist
  3. don't listen to that man, its a shit attempt by channel 4 be look hip and controversial with the most annoying group of teenagers ever to grace tv
  4. so another year of Simon Cowell simultaneously raping both British TV and the music industry. When will someone run him over with a lorry?
  5. Forced to watch 5 minutes of Eastenders today, i know soaps are hardly well known for their intelligent story lines, good acting, and great scripts, but Eastenders manages to reach new levels of mockney induced shitness. Five minutes seemed almost like eternity watching this pathetic program, i just wanted to put my fist through the TV screen. I can't believe people pay their TV licences for the BBC to peddle this shit. Is there any program in existence that is worse than Eastenders?
  6. Spaced - Awesome Shaun of the dead - Awesome Hot Fuzz - Awesome Disagree and i'll kill ya
  7. hang on why are poeple complaining about paying £40 for beautiful katamari? Its a new Katamari Damacy game for christs sake! If that game ain't worth £40 then no other game is. Also anyone know the UK release date for this?
  8. no way, sunshine was a great game, not as good as mario 64 but still a damn good game, the problem with both GC zelda and mario was that thanks to the N64 predecessors they had their work cut out for them to meet peoples expectations. If there was no mario 64 or Ocarina of time everyone would be saying how great sunshine and wind waker are. And double dash was a kick ass game also, much better than mariokart 64 and as usual great in multiplayer
  9. Wii - perfect console for the worlds first masturbation game
  10. well, videogames are very popular with the girls ........videogame historian? those guys would definately be spending their University life a virgin
  11. Oh Danny Boy


    Dyer is one of those arsehol players i would never want at my club no matter how good he is, i hope he gets left to rot in some relegation fodder team like WestHam
  12. Neo Geo MVS 4 slot (i need one woody) Atomswave candy cab Capcom mini cute Taito Egret 2 sit down outrun 2 cab
  13. harvest moon 64 is considered by fans to be the best in the series. i wouldn't go for the psone version, it suffers from horrible loading times. The GBA's 'friends of mineral town' is an up[date of the psone version and is much better, definitely my favourite harvest moon
  14. Oh Danny Boy


    i don't think its shit, Arsenal won't be challenging for the league, it will be between ManU and Chelski, with Liverpool as possible outsiders. Its definitely not unrealistic believe that spurs have a damn good chance of taking the fourth champion's league space, they're an ever improving squad, they finished fifth last season, and it was only a couple of seasons ago where Arsenal were very lucky not to lose out on fourth place to them. From an non Arsenal fan standpoint i see very little hope for Arsenal next season, not active enough in the transfer market and the loss of more experienced players, as well as Wenger still not signing a new contract. Even Arsenal fans must admit it is dark days for their club
  15. maybe they should look for contributions by volunteers, i'm sure there are many who would give up some time to contribute to the magazine, especially those who are looking for a career in writing. Also space could be filled in by increasing the 'letter' pages and other various sections that could use the 'Retrogamer' community to fill pages without the need of extra features
  16. Oh Danny Boy


    its a forgone conclusion, like Newcastle not winning anything again next year, and the year after that, and the one after that, and that, and that, etc etc
  17. yet you ask for people to pay a fiver for the mag, which is a lot of money for a magazine. I do find that the magazine has too many pages being wasted by blown up screen shots not to mention all those pages getting wasted at the back, it smells of laziness, not that i'm saying that the magazine's staff are lazy, but it is what the average consumer will think. If you have pages still to fill put some imagination into them instead of just wasting them
  18. Oh Danny Boy


    i never said fourth I'm just offering a slice of reality to this thread
  19. Oh Danny Boy


    ye shall not mock, past three years we've been in twice as much champions league finals as the Arse have ever managed. Looking at Arsenal's current team i do believe that they will be either 5th or 6th next season
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