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  1. United somehow fluked their way out of the group stages so can’t complain that they were found out to be not good enough in the first knock out.
  2. I learned that one of my close friends had a CDi back in the day which he still had stored in his family loft. So we busted it out last time I was down. Unfortunately he had none of the Nintendo licensed games but dear god it is the worst console I’ve ever played. Alien Gate goes down as arguably the worst game I’ve ever experienced. Mutant Rampage another epically bad game. Although amongst all the shite there was actually one game that was pretty good; Chaos Control. Was an on rails space shooter which was very fun and took place in some (for what must have been at the time) very impressive 3D environments considering the hardware it was on. Did not think anything like that was possible on CDi hardware.
  3. Everton are getting relegated unless another team contrive to be even worse than them. Should never have sacked Benitez, I thought he was doing a good job under the circumstances and was never looking like getting relegated. Showing him support by allowing their best player to leave because he fell out with Benitez/doesn’t fit the system then sacking him the following week has to go down as one of the most baffling decisions the ownership has taken. To follow that up by hiring Lampard who is a fraction of the manager Benitez is, then bringing in Alli/VDB who are both shot of confidence. Been free falling ever since.
  4. Newcastle fans were cheerleading that real piece of shit taking over their club. Fans can be disgusting and think of morals, rule of law, humanitarianism etc as just inconvenient obstacles if trashing them means their club will be successful. If Hitler was regenerated as an oil billionaire and brought a club a good section of the support would become holocaust apologists. Maybe that makes me cynical of football fans but Chelsea, City and Newcastle haven’t shown me otherwise.
  5. I don’t understand after all the hideous abuse and misogyny shit that came out about them that anyone would want to give their dreadful music oxygen.
  6. was going to bite at that price but when I got to checkout it said £86. So no
  7. It baffles me how grown men can’t handle their team losing or even conceding in a football game. You wonder how they manage to circumvent everyday life with such a lack of self control over the inevitable.
  8. If you’re wanting to discover some other indie gens definitely pick up Xenocider, Intrepid Izzy, Flea! and Xeno Crisis
  9. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2022/feb/17/record-store-day-independent-music-shops-vinyl-shortage?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other I think it’s probably time to call it a day with RSD. Does more harm to the industry than good these days. Or at least take a break then relaunch with a far tighter curated selection, like 50 limited edition vinyl that have been hand picked. Haven’t taken part in it for over a decade, it’s all very meh. Love the independent record label market though, also try to go to those every year.
  10. This is what I don’t like about modern gaming. This desire for more and more shinies. The idea that with it you’d be in some kind of gaming nirvana. Like the last few decades haven’t taught us that graphics don’t make better gaming experiences. The constant desire to chase the pink elephant of graphical fidelity just thrusts up development costs leading to more conservative games and less risk taking by developers, more developers and publishers going bust or dropping out of the industry and further homogenisation. I’d rather Sony and MS spent the next ten years focusing on what they’ve got and cutting down development costs. Its why I vibe more with the Switch, give me 30fps, fuck ray tracing and low res graphics as long as the games are creative and play well.
  11. Xenocider is a great game. 3/10, what are you smoking? You should pick it up for your Dreamcast and give it some love, it’s worthy of taking its place alongside the best games on the system.
  12. Xenocider, that came out last year is the most impressive, the team behind that developed the engine from scratch. Definitely the most impressive 3D indie game on the system.
  13. Thats a banger! Wave Studios are trying to position themselves as the main Dreamcast publisher. Joshprod has been doing this for a while but their output is mixed. Good to see a challenger that’s passionate about the Dreamcast.
  14. Those conditions were always going to make it a scrappy ugly game, it’s those matches that easily result in dropped points so excellent work by the team to come out with a win and clean sheet.
  15. Disagree, he was never in that league. Those players did it consistently at an insane level. Rooney was never performing at the level of Ronaldo, Ibra, Henry etc, he’d have a purple patches but never consistently over seasons and tournaments. He was also pretty much finished at the top level by his late 20s. I’ll watch the docu but I’d imagine a Rooney documentary would be framed in a certain way.
  16. A lot of unrealised talent. He seemed to lose his unpredictability and explosive energy very quickly. Whether that was trained out of him or he lacked the discipline to keep it up. Always felt he couldn’t handle the spotlight. One tournament goal at International level is an abysmal record even more shocking considering his talent and expectations.
  17. That’s a Nintendo issue and doesn’t absolve them of the criticism. Nintendo have been downsizing studios too much which has affected the quantity of their output, they’re definitely under performing there especially as they expect people to buy their hardware on the strength of their brand alone. I think people were hoping for lots of games with handheld and home console development focusing on one device but Nintendo saw it as a chance to cut back.
  18. Managed to swap the Dreamcast battery over. First bit of circuitry soldering I’ve done since my school days, but dang it’s good to not see the date/time setup every time I boot up the console. Welcome to 2022, Dreamcast, must be line waking up from a 24yr long coma. New game news. Shadow gangs, looks like a real banging Dreamcast game in the Shinobi vibe. It’s Kickstarter has been going for a while after the first had a rather ambitious goal. http://kck.st/3A2AGA4 Wave games, after the success of Intrepid Izzy are publishing a new Dreamcast game a month. Last two months have been the excellent Flea! and Rush Rush Rally Reloaded. https://www.wavegamestudios.com/
  19. Im hearing £40m!!! They definitely haven’t learned their lesson
  20. Everton looking likely to buy Dele Ali… you’d have thought they’d be swerving away from the types of transfers that has characterised them in recent years; taking on another big club player deemed past their best/not good enough. Will Ali succeed where Iwobi/Walcott/Rodríguez/Delph have failed?
  21. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/60180371 All done and dusted now. Looking forward to seeing how he plays
  22. That Sheffield United player a few years ago who was involved in gang raping that young girl? Depressingly too many clubs were willing to give him a contract, I think there was quite a split opinion on here at the time as to whether he should have lost his career after her served his time. Adam Johnson (another for the wasted potential chat) I’ve heard squat of since he did his time, I’m sure he must be quietly getting on with it at a lower league club somewhere.
  23. I presume this was earmarked as a summer transfer. Might be less expenditure in the summer then. Exciting signing, Klopp likes to slowly ease a player into his team over the course of a few months but hopefully he gels quite quickly and gives the team something extra in the last half of the season. We’re not City/Chelsea/ United and don’t/can’t pay big money for bench warmers so hopefully this gets the other fronts players to up their game. Firmino is starting to look like his best days are behind him and Mane has blown hot and cold this season. The club’s transfers under Edwards/Klopp has been spot on so have little doubt he’ll be a success.
  24. Replace Salah? Only the best player in the world right now. I hope that Liverpool bust a gut to keep him. In the end no new signing should ever be burdened with a ‘new Salah’ tag. This signing could definitely mean the end of Minamino’s and Origi’s Liverpool careers.
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