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  1. Disappointed with Strictly Limited’s Space Moth and Star hunter release. No select screen, once you pop the game in separate tiles for each appear on the home menu. Very lazy, might as well have bought the digital downloads. And both games needed an update, I thought the point of these releases was that the updates were already on the cart.
  2. I can see the Fall comparison, definitely don’t see Pulp. Fall and Sleaford Mods would be a more apt comparison, maybe even the Streets. Saw them live a couple of times last year and they were great, they’ve been gaining traction over the last few months and can see them becoming big now they’ve dropped their debut. Surprised they didn’t include any tracks from their Dark Days EP which formed the basis of their sets last year, which is a brave move. Give the album a listen, if you like a post punk vibe steeped in the political and social issues of modern day Britain then you’ll definitely enjoy it.
  3. Yard Act’s debut album has dropped; The Overload
  4. Yeah, that version wasn’t in existence when those city connection pre orders were up. I guess if you take 2 years to release something then someone else will end up doing it. The bigger piss take is as said that the Japanese retail release is much better with another game included.
  5. Bought Radirgy which they were selling at the same time. It’s been a right mess and I’ll doubt that either games will materialise. They go by ‘ready to dispatch games’, definitely taking the piss with that name.
  6. So you’re telling me that the Yakuza series is autobiographical? SEGA
  7. Some recent Dreamcast releases! Alice Sisters rescue, by Orion which also made Alice mom’s rescue, a fun if simple platformer and Zia and the Goddess of magic. Looks like a very fun 16 bit platformer, definitely one on my list. Supercharged Robot Valkaiser, an Astroport shmup and conversion of a steam game that was released a few years ago. Definitely digging the 70s anime vibes too. Tough guy, a conversion of an old Chinese PC game from years back by Joshprod. SF II clone stuff but looks fun enough and it’s not like the DC is getting lots of new fighters. Sazarius Next, I remember this one from the Astroport Shmup collection that was released on the switch a few years back, definitely was the best game on that collection. Great visuals, thumping soundtrack and was rock hard, kicked my ass every time. Wolflame, Astroport release. Don’t know much about this one, looks like it could be worth a look. Tapeworm by Lowtek. Makers of flea! Which if you haven’t played it you must, it’s one of the best retro platformers of recent years. This one sneaked out without me realising, considering the developer’s pedigree this is a must. Handful of new games over the past month. Who needs next gen? It’s still thinking yo.
  8. One thing as a gamer that I don’t like is that Nintendo seem to be ‘Disneyfying’ their output, generally they seem to be concentrating heavily on Mario and his cast with Zelda being their only big budget nod to something outside that. Which is definitely down to Miyamoto’s increased influence. Which has naturally leading to them taking these characters outside of gaming to theme parks and movies. Not a bad decision at all as they are being hugely successful with it. Just frustrating as a gamer as the samey vibes across their games means I quickly get Nintendo’d out very quickly, couldn’t own a Nintendo console just for their own releases which wouldn’t have been the case with the GC era. Nintendo’s baffling decision was the WiiU from start to finish, from the concept, design, branding to their big launch title being nothing more than an HD version of a game the released a few months earlier. Never seen a console by such a big player look dead on release, neither did Nintendo aggressively try to bring the console alive, a re design, re-release with new branding, a much cheaper rrp etc. It’s like they knew it was dead on release and left it to rot for a few years until they could get the Switch out.
  9. Jaguar was decent hardware but even competently done it wouldn’t have saved Atari, they were haemorrhaging money. The U.K. launch period the console was in huge demand but Atari couldn’t afford to manufacture more than 25,000 units, could have sold nearly ten times that much. If you can’t afford get consoles to gamers hands there’s no chance.
  10. SEGA doing a shoddy backhand deal to get its Dreamcast graphics processor done by NEC, completely snubbing the other suitor 3Dfx, which not only had a superior processor built for the console but also had EA as a stake holder, thus pissing them off and causing them to pull out of development for the console. Losing out on one of the biggest publishers and having to spend £££ to plug the EA gap in the Dreamcast library in the process. Love SEGA but they were dreadful at business.
  11. I got mine off a local retro seller via eBay, probably still the best source for consoles. If you don’t fancy paying retro game prices but want an authentic experience you can do a mod to replace the disc drive with an SD card reader. Then you can just boot up emulators, there’s a big community out there that can support you also has the added bonus of being able to download atomswave games that have been converted and even many homebrew games are released on download too.
  12. Agreed, I like the VMUs, felt futuristic then and retro cool now. A Nights pad with a VMU slot would basically be perfect.
  13. Love the Dreamcast controller. Feels very comfortable to hold to me and was the first mainstream pad to use triggers. Focus groups told SEGA at the time that too many buttons on the controller was too confusing for casual gamers so they tried to limit its interface. Should definitely have had six face buttons like the Nights pad and even though I liked the d-pad it’s not a patch on the Saturn’s. Biggest criticism is the lack of a second analogue, it’s a shame SEGA seemed to base their controller on current gaming trends rather than looking into the future. It is also influenced the Xbox controller that has been the best controller design since the original S. Never got in with Sony’s pads. The analogue sticks are in such an unnatural position, I get they lazily bolted those onto the original but to persevere with that design every generation since is baffling. Has always turned me away from Sony hardware. When it comes to the worst I’d have to nominate the original PS1 pads, those segregated d-pads which were raised and stiff, constantly gave me blisters. Next one was the Wii remotes, absolutely useless and only good for simple inputs. Such a disappointment and completely limited the experiences that were possible on the Wii. Another one who doesn’t think the Jaguar pads are that bad, they are far more comfortable than they look.
  14. You’re a car crash console!!!!!
  15. To be fair Mario Kart 8 was the first decent Mario Kart since the GBA. Hopefully the next Nintendo console will be backwards compatible because with the Switch so I can continue to play 8 as Nintendo as such a conservative company that I don’t expect 9 to be anymore than a DLC upgrade to what we have. Depends what you want. I can only do one Nintendo sequel to the likes of Mario kart a decade otherwise they feel so underwhelming.
  16. - I have more respect for players who want the challenge of adapting to a new footballing culture and Trippier did that really well. - He gets to get relegated and play against Preston and Luton not some of the biggest teams in world football or competing in the champions league. - He’ll get seen a lot in the championship. I think in modern football Southgate has the resources to assess players wherever they play in the world. It’s solely for the monies. Not for some ideological project to get a blood funded team back to some mythological place their fans believe they belong. Nothing against it but don’t kid yourself it’s anything other than money.
  17. Why would Trippier want to leave Madrid for Newcastle? Well, money obviously. But depressing to see players leave playing at the highest level just for the extra £££.
  18. Game of the Year 2021 A1. Xenocider - a Dreamcast game that looks, feels and plays as good as any of SEGAs biggest hits of that era. In a time of endless bland AAA it’s was refreshing to play a game that felt like it was birthed in a different era. An onrail shooter in the mould of Charge n Blast with plenty of nods to other classics like Space Harrier and Rez, rock hard and stuffed full of modes. Even more impressive that this was created over seven years by a very small team of developers in their spare time. A love letter to the Dreamcast and SEGA of old. Deserves a port to current formats to give it the appreciation it deserves. A2. It takes Two A3. Psychonauts 2 A4. WarioWare: Get it together! A5. Cruis’n Blast Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Intrepid Izzy - Two Dreamcast releases in my list, doing it like it’s 2001. A fun and colourful Metroidvania by Senile Team. Released on PS4 and Steam last year, got its Dreamcast release this year. And what a banger it is! Full of character and charm and that unique Semile Team art style. B2. Skyrim Anniversary edition B3. Super Mario 3D World Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. GTA trilogy Z2. GTA trilogy Z3. GTA trilogy Sound Design of the Year S1. S2. S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. V2. V3. Writing of the Year W1. W2. W3. Format of the Year F1. Evercade - gone from strength to strength and building towards the release of the VS which is a great bit of kit. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Retro Sumus - What they achieved with Xenocider, a project of love and a great achievement for such a small developer.
  19. 01 - Bicep - Isles 02 - Babii - MiiRROR 03 - Squid - Bright Green Field 04 - Audiobooks - Astro Tough 05 - Japanese Breakfast -Jubilee 06 - Hyphyskazerbox - Headache Bait 07 - Shame - Drunk Tank Pink 08 - William Doyle - Great Spans of Muddy Time 09 - Black County, New Road - For the first time 10 - Voka Gentle - Writhing!
  20. Definitely needs some bigger licenses to really kick on I feel. Namco was a big one bit with their license running out and not being able to play their carts on the VS it’s a big miss. Surely SEGA, Capcom and Midway etc wouldn’t be too hard to negotiate, they’ve al stick games on pretty poor devices in the past. A streets of rage Collection, Sonic collection, Mortal Kombat collection, Street fighter collection etc would be massive for selling the VS to a bigger audience. Would love more indie games on it too. So many potential indie collections.
  21. Really liking the Evercade VS. They definitely captured a ‘retro cool’ vibe with it’s overall aesthetic and presentation. The black sleek design, the red LED light that shines across it as it boots up and the synth music that plays on the game select screen. Very well done. The controller is very well done, probably the part that they could have slipped up on. It’s a good size, weight and responsive. D-pad feels good, need to play some 2D fighters on it to really give it a test. Overall, liking it a lot and finally a real retro console. Hoping for some good carts next year.
  22. Again, you’ve seen literally TWO seconds of footage! That’s not even focused on the incident. So kindly sod off.
  23. You’re getting on your high horse and trying to slam us based on literally one angle view which captures a mere couple of seconds snd barely anything of the incident? Well, here’s me thinking that you have used a comprehensive set of views of to have the confidence to come in here and rip us.
  24. Both players actually began to lift themselves up after they fell to the ground and once they saw Liverpool had possession collapsed back onto the turf again Not sure what MOTD pundits are on about there, right decision, if refs have to stop an attack every time a player unconvincingly holds his head while on the ground then defending teams will abuse that to no end.
  25. Got an email that my Founders edition is on the way!!!
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