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  1. Has there ever been such a tragic fall from grace in the industry? Molyneux was one of the names, innovators, one if the industry’s big personas. Now he’s just a swindler.
  2. They’re on retail release? Suet still waiting on the Founders here
  3. Love Babii’s new album. Hiide was excellent but her latest album Mirrors is even better. Saw her at a gig a few weeks back and was only a small one with 50 of us, she should be filling bigger venues.
  4. After announcing arguably their best collection yet its a bit disappointing to see them follow that up with their worst collection so far. Playing Actua Soccer in 2022…
  5. https://funstock.co.uk/collections/gal-gun-returns-collectors-edition/products/gal-gun-ultimate-horny-trinity-edition-nintendo-switch How about the Horny edition with DIY tentacle kit?
  6. Surprised that both Mane and Salah start. Suppose we are going for the win. Hopefully they do their part and have an early bath
  7. Got an email saying prices are going up next year. Fair enough, I can imagine it creeping to £19.99 next year. £15 a cart was ridiculously good value, at the same time I think £20 should be the ceiling for such a niche product. Not sure how it would effect hardware prices, most places are selling the handheld for under RRP anyway.
  8. That double jeopardy rule makes no sense, if a keeper commits a red card foul in the box then he should be sent off and a penalty awarded like if any other player on the pitch committed it.
  9. Same here. Not sure how this is being handled but you’d have thought they’d have shipped the Founders editions all together.
  10. Will be an easy win tonight. Only concern is any potential injuries, when interviewed after the weekend game Klopp was visibly annoyed at the physicality of this fixture.
  11. Seems like they can’t think of anyone outside Messi/Ronaldo, he’s won that on reputation rather than merit. They’ll be winning the Ballon D’Or in their 70s.
  12. I think we are done with traditional generations now and that the tech is starting to plateau. Every generation the leap has felt less and less, and it seems that MS’ plan is for incremental upgrades over time rather than a cut off after every five or so years. I think this is best for the industry, the last generation of consoles was a massive disappointment for me, developers really struggled and even the likes of Rockstar and Bethesda struggled to get more than a handful of their established franchises produced. We are also going to see publishers rely a lot more of rereleases and remasters to squeeze profit from their back catalogue as the time and costs to create 4K games is going to impede their ability to release new games regularly. I’d like the industry to step back and be happy with the tech we currently have for the next ten years, I don’t think any further advancements in graphical fidelity etc is going to make any actual gameplay improvements. Have had a Series S since launch, it’s an excellent little box and if I didn’t already own a Switch and Dreamcast I’d be more than happy with it as my sole console. Gamepass doesn’t vibe with me, it’s not how I play and consume games, I prefer to have a few new games that I can dip in and out of at any time.
  13. New album by W.H. Lung ‘Vanities’ is definitely becoming one of my favs of the year
  14. Any recommendations for good mods to install? Any texture ones especially? Saw vivid weathers is that worth adding?
  15. It’s the most atmospheric game ever. Walking around the countryside near Riften, the mist in the air, the leaves falling and traveling with the breeze, the cold peaks in the distance. Definitely the most impressive console version of skyrim I’ve played. So much to do with the new content too, as if Skyrim wasn’t over whelming enough. Been playing for a few hours and have a homestead outside Whiften, a pet rabbit and a farm I need to sort out.
  16. A couple of albums I’m really living at the moment. Headache bait by Hyphyskazerbox https://suite309.bandcamp.com/album/headache-bait The Pump by Flash Arnold https://keytar-records.com/album/the-pump
  17. Forgot about all the Capcom games, darkstalkers and marvel collections especially.
  18. Half of my library of 360 games don’t work Cave shooters, neo witches, bangia oh, Rez HD and much more. Was annoyed mostly with the previous backwards compatibility putting mountains of shite no one is ever going to replay and ignoring many classics.
  19. Some recent bangers: Audiobooks debut album is a must: A few months old, Jubilee by Japanese Breakfast: Hyphyskazerbox, Headache bait: Modern Woman, Dogs fighting in my dream
  20. Well, started Skyrim again for the umpteenth time, going to go with a two handed warrior type this time, I’m not sure of any noticeable improvements graphically, things do look and run solid and loading times are almost non existent. Cant believe it’s been ten years, where had that time gone? Still, Xbox 360, Xbone, Switch and now Series S, they keep bringing me back. I disagree with a poster above saying it’s looking aged, I think it’s fits what it’s trying to achieve perfectly, it’s looks like Skyrim. It’s look just compliments it’s world so well. Also like the non handholding introduction, no overtly patronising tutorial, the controls are introduced to the player seamlessly and doesn’t treat him/her like an idiot. And that score, always a wonderful thing. Plays like a game way ahead of it’s time. The only real limitations I see are in variation in dungeon layouts and designs. I’d expect the next game to have indoor environments that feel much more individual to the location. On that subject one thing I never expected when I picked up Skyrim at launch on 11.11.11 is that ten years later and the next game is still no where close to being seen. What the actual fuck Bethesda?
  21. Might as well go for this as it’s the most pimped up version to date of the best game ever made.
  22. For a game that’s supposed to be out tomorrow they’ve mentioned very little if anything so far. Still want to know about any graphical upgrades. So far they’ve only announced a fishing mechanic and the ability to add an aquarium to your home.
  23. Two poor results in the league so far, thought that on both we had a bit of bad luck and on another day they’d have been wins but doesn’t excuse the drop in concentration that’s worryingly becoming habit. Although I trust that Klopp will knock it out of them. Been great in the champions league so far so disappointed with this current league form.
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