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  1. Another previously Limited Run game is getting a general retail release. https://www.base.com/Games/Gris-Deluxe-Edition-Nintendo-Switch/GRISDENS/product.htm?awc=2694_1629281675_c1029993b486927ef3c990cd9a61d2c5
  2. Abraham to Roma confirmed. A good move for him, he needed to get out of Chelsea to fulfil his potential. Good to see the likes of Abraham open to a new challenge abroad these days rather than moving to a mid table prem side.
  3. God knows why SEGA decided to bury a very disposable battery deep inside the systems architecture. They must have known those things would need replacing every few years. Even more strange when the Saturn had the same battery easily accessible for removing in its own compartment at the back. One of the many bizarre design idiosyncrasies of the Dreamcast.
  4. Shaqiri looks on his way and is in talks with Lyon. Doku is heavily rumoured to be taking his place once he leaves.
  5. That’s an excellent deal, if that existed when I got into records ten years ago I’d be all over it rather than the all in one thing I had until I was able to afford a turntable, amp and speakers set up.
  6. Intrepid Izzy is out on the 20th! Reviews are coming in. https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/retrofaith.net/intrepid-izzy-dreamcast-review/amp/
  7. As a Sega fanboy I’m absolutely loving it. Also damn you SEGA! I don’t ask for much, an HD update of Jet Set Radio Future is all I need.
  8. Yeah, it’s not really a step up either, more like a side step, Villa struggle a lot if Grealish goes City so could end up in another relegation fight next season. Unless contract is much better I don’t see why he wouldn’t wait out for a club that can offer European football.
  9. Other than the new CB? Nope. Looks like the club is concentrating on renewing contracts atm, but you never know, they are excellent at keeping their dealing under wraps until the last moment.
  10. Is the edition with the art book not available in the EU?
  11. Looks banging, loving the cover art on that too. And I’m still waiting on a ReadytoDispatch release on Radirgy Swag for over a year which may never materialise I’m finding that more and more so called limited runs are getting general releases. I’ll never bother with them again.
  12. It’s been a problem for years since the big labels jumped on the vinyl bandwagon, it was always going to cause increased supply issues the more popular the format became. It’s a shame as it was independents and indie labels that kept the format alive and the plants still going when vinyl was ditched by the majors. When these stories cropped up ten years ago the solution was simple; major labels to put their money out and club together to invest in new plants, at the moment they are still happily riding the wave of vinyl revival without wanting to take the risk to ensure the long term productivity of the format. Vinyl is synonymous with the independent music scene and is the reason for its renewed popularity, it will be sad to see it lose that connection. Definitely agree that there should be more regulation on the amount of tat that’s released for RSD. Maybe a priority towards smaller labels, one releases per artist or a set amount per label in general or some kind of quality control.
  13. Just recently an update by the publisher; Hopefully this means sorting the game and sending out replacement discs. It’s a great game and really would be awesome to have this in the DCs library. As others have pointed out there’s a vibrant DC homebrew community out there who would have playtested this to death for free if they were finding it difficult, strange that they released a product which hadn’t been tested properly.
  14. The prices for RSD are eye watering. Does it even serve its purpose anymore? A friend went to his local store today and was speaking to the owner who said that he’s still paying off the deficit from buying in stock for the June RSD. Independent label market in London is more my thing. Get to chat to the labels, even some artists, there’s always a good deal to be found and had a good vibe. There’s still a smaller one in Carnaby St tomorrow. https://independentlabelmarket.com You get to support labels and artists and I always discover something new each time.
  15. The ugly side of homebrew games. Has taught me not to be so enthusiastic about pre ordering these games. https://gamefairy.io/product/textorcist-dreamcast-limited-to-666/ Was psyched for this, the game looked awesome, Steam reviews were excellent and finally another Dreamcast game that can use the keyboard. What we got was one of the most broken games I’ve ever witnessed. The vibe of the game is pretty cool, the dialogue is great, the game play of typing out incantations whilst avoiding bullet hell projectiles is very unique and the soundtrack is banging. What we got is a have that crashes out if you read the dialogue on some of the early bosses and just completely crashes out if you get to the sixth (out of ten) boss. Completely borked and a mindfuck how they managed to release it in this state. Either they didn’t play test the thing or they deliberately released a broken game and took the money and ran. The developers Headsup games after offering some support initially on how to avoid the bugs, have removed all their tweets and gone awol, after probably realising the game is unfixable in its current state. Those of us who bought the game haven’t been offered a refund but just a paltry free stream download and even more inexplicable Gamefairy are still selling the game on their site despite knowing its completely broken. Avoid this game! And probably anything else Gamefairy/Headsup games put out in the future.
  16. Ahhh… Shit. I’ve actually got Radirgy Swag pre ordered from these guys, over a year and counting. They’ve recently cropped up again on Twitter but still unable to give hard dates for their releases and hearing from that article that they’ve recently sold their HQ I’m no longer expecting
  17. Are they really going to be worth a lot? Most games rarely end up more than the official RRP was anyway, and by the sounds of it even if they do end up being worth a few quid in 5yrs+ down the line you’d regret selling them for a profit anyway. Sounds like you have an anxiety around collecting things which is never going to cured by just the endless cycle of buying/selling. Limited run editions are there to take advantage of those who would feel anxiety from missing out. I’m not a fan of them. Although I do dip into them if they going to release a game I know I’ll love I don’t make a purchase based on collectivity. The only console I ever regretted selling was my Dreamcast. The last year has got me more into gaming due to other interests having to take a backseat, I was loving the Switch beforehand and it led me to collecting waaaay too many games for it and so I had to be strict and simply get rid of games that didn’t vibe with me. Animal crossing, Astral Chain, BOTW etc while loved by many didn’t click with me. No point having games that I don’t want to play. Got back into the Dreamcast after seeing a video for Xenocider and splashed out on a few of the classics too but I’m more intrigued by its homebrew scene than collecting for it. I view it as any other console and only will buy a game to rinse on it. Still looking at my games across the DC and Switch I’ve got way too many that haven’t been played satisfactorily. Plus an Evercade VS pre ordered and some frustratingly long ago preordered Switch games from a few limited run companies over the next few months, I’ve got way too many games that I can realistically play. So no more new games for me for the next 6months or so.
  18. Fuck yeah! Definitely the best yet, even more happy I preordered a VS now.
  19. One of my favourite series. Two definitely then try anniversary afterwards. MS still have to earn my trust after trying to Kinect fuck it and then inexplicably torpedoing the whole series because of reasons.
  20. You do realise that you start differentiating what professional players can do on the field based on skin colour then the racists win? Under the same logic it would be irresponsible for Southgate to select a black captain because of the abuse they’ll get from knuckle draggers. I only see professional footballers on the field and viewing them through the lens of race/colour/heritage is wrong in my opinion. And defining what they can or can not do as professionals on the field because of their background is insane. So no apology forthcoming.
  21. Semis and final in the last two tournaments. Unknown territory. Can’t say anything more than I’m psyched for what the team has achieved and considering how young the team is there will be more to come, maybe just maybe one of them the fates will align. I do hate how international tournaments bring out non footballing fans dishing out their ‘expert’ analysis and lots of wannabe Captain Hindsight’s.
  22. Sorry, I think you know little about football really. Bringing race into it earlier wasn’t cool either. Players come from all backgrounds and are professionals, race doesn’t come into decisions on the field.
  23. A Switch that’s close to a Series S is a pipe dream. We’ll get a new Switch in a few years once the tech is there to make something cheaply that sits between an Xbox One/PS4 and Series/PS5. I said plenty of times that Nintendo are not going to produce a 4K Switch. It’s not their market and the jump in costs in game development would be too massive for them to simply throw this feature around. You’ll see Nintendo produce a 4K console when/if 4K TVs are in every home, for now it’s still the preserve of the tech heads and those with a bit of cash splashing out on the latest TV. If people are looking for 4K gaming they are already covered by Microsoft/Sony, and those wanting 4K gaming generally are a different market to Nintendo’s. This forum is an outlier with people wanting to spend money on multiple 4K enabled consoles. Either way I’m still happy with the Switch and don’t care about graphics and frame rates etc, just good games which it has many of. If 60FPS and 4K gaming is the bar you’ve set for games then simply the Switch isn’t aimed at you but Sony and MS have your needs covered.
  24. It’s pretty much all bollocks that you can apply to every country’s team. Not wanting England to win because there are dickhead fans. But wanting Italy to win because there’s absolutely no fascist/nationalistic element to their fanbase? Or any country? I support Liverpool and there’s lots of dicks supporting them like every club, do I not want them to win because it will bring joy to the twats?
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