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  1. I enjoy this Beatles podcast, and in this episode from a year ago they dreamed that the Get Back album as mixed and sequenced by Glyn Johns was released between the White Album and Abbey Road. Rather than the tragedy in real life where Glyn’s record was taken off him and given to Phil Spector to spoil and release a year later amidst ill feeling and the break up of the band. I think their happy view of the Get Back sessions has been vindicated, and Glyn’s version has finally been released as part of the expanded Let It Be. https://overcast.fm/+Li4IlpDwc
  2. Finished. Brilliant. The most dramatic film I’ve seen in ages. My wife was wondering something about the ginger roadie, so I said I bet he was heavily documented given how obsessive Beatles scholars are. And so that’s how I’ve ended up reading his autobiography, “Who's The Redhead On The Roof....?”
  3. Glyn’s clothes are becoming more fabulous the longer this goes on.
  4. Man, the look on Paul’s face when Glyn and Michael suggest the roof.
  5. I feel like Billy is us, delighted to be there. I see there’s a bit where John is sneakily trying to take a pill out of his pocket and he’s about to put it in his mouth but he sees the camera has clocked him and looks guilty and puts it away.
  6. You’re right of course. I’ve been reading/watching/listening to a lot of solo Paul recently and he was really put through the ringer and felt constantly attacked and overlooked for more than a decade. He was depressed and upset and privately angry. So he has made a determined effort to get across his side of the story and secure his place in the history. That does all make sense really. But still.
  7. It’s very difficult not to shout out the right words to them when these idiots don’t know them yet.
  8. Loving this. Speaking of credits, like everyone else I've always found it daft that Paul, who's received more adulation from more people than almost anyone who has ever lived, is concerned with credits, especially when who wrote what is mostly very well documented, aside from a handful of songs like In My Life where there's a dispute. But I do find it a bit funny here with the credits so prominently displayed, where Paul noodling on his own on a piano with Lennon in bed gets Lennon/McCartney, unless it got released as a solo Beatle, and then it gets a solo credit, unless it's like 10 seconds of messing around that only saw the light on bootlegs and this, in which case it gets a Lennon/McCartney/Starkey/Ono or whatever.
  9. I haven't seen it yet but I assume it's because film and audio was recorded separately, and the audio recording basically ran constantly but the film did not.
  10. iPlayer has some too. But does any UK channel have this from W network? (twitter thread with extracts)
  11. I’ve recently watched that Sudoku guy play through the Witness on YouTube and it was still terrific.
  12. Without wanting to be insulting, this great accessibility thing might be handy if you’re trying to figure out the nuances of drifting.
  13. As you level up (I think the Accolades meter) they’ll tell you that you’ve unlocked a new bit of the Horizon story, which leads to a ui with tickets on it, and you choose the main story, cross country, dirt racing, road racing etc. you then are directed to a bit of the map you have to visit to unlock a new outpost, which gives you a bunch of the associated kind of event. If you filter on your map for story icons, maybe you missed a step?
  14. Suspend and resume isn’t working on this on my X1X. Instant On is on in Settings-Power. Anything else I can try, or just launch day bugginess?
  15. Can you see the skill trees of cars before you buy?
  16. @multiPlease add me: "I am Graham S"
  17. What's the word on the Xbox One X version? I assume it's basically fine? And not worth holding off playing until I get a Series? Considering the game is free and all.
  18. I suppose I'm setting a low bar for a movie, but I thought this was all right. Ultimately superfluous perhaps, but there was enough there to stand alongside the series without too much embarrassment. To the point where I'm glad it exists rather than wish it was never made, which for prequels of much loved things seems like a bit of a result. Maybe without Michael Gandolfini I'd feel differently about it, but with him it's a nice little addition.
  19. It’s possible things have changed over the years since I was last involved, but renting a cloud server with our requirements at the time was way more expensive than merely hosting a physical server we owned, to the point it was basically unaffordable to us. The last time we needed to replace hardware we got a very generous server donation from @layten so that was free to us. I imagine it would make things easier if we didn’t have actual physical hardware that @choddowould occasionally need to drive to a data centre to administer a kick to. But £ drove the decision making.
  20. I like to think of it as Edge leaving in a huff.
  21. Of course. It’s hard to convincingly argue that The Americans is more important than The Sopranos but that doesn’t say anything about our affection for a tv show. For some reason I’m reminded of Simon Gray’s paean to Law and Order in the Smoking Diaries.
  22. I'm a big fan of The Americans, but I wouldn't necessarily disagree with this. I'd argue that your top tier golden age shows, (e.g. Sopranos, Wire, Deadwood, Mad Men) aspire to capital A Art. The Americans is simply a very good TV show, well-written, with terrific actors, and is an enjoyable way to spend time. I'm also fond of Justified for similar reasons. And I think that's absolutely fine. We don't need to put something in an untouchable pantheon of timeless classics that change the way you see the world for it to be valuable. You shouldn't feel bad if you don't have time to catch up everything that was made during the Peak TV era. But one day, you'll be in bed with flu and an iPad, and shows like this will be waiting to welcome you.
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