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  1. That's fine. I basically paid that plus £15 for costco membership, so I'm happy.
  2. Thanks Nige! I did exactly this with Richer Sounds (I did need to join costco and show Richer sounds evidence, but that was fine). I now join the people who can boast about their OLED. I've been waiting years for them to be small enough to fit in the space. And then when they arrived this year £1400 was too rich for my blood, but £700 is much more reasonable.
  3. The LG C2 is now available in 42” but it’s not cheap.
  4. Still worked a week or so ago according to the thread so you should be safe.
  5. In a way you only need what you’re personally playing right now, as the S is a one person machine for me, and with the “Home Xbox” limitations I guess the rest of the family would have no luck anyway. But yes, it’s very tight. I would have said the X didn’t have enough space before I experienced this!
  6. I have an X in the lounge and recently bought an S for the office from the trading folder, and I’m delighted with it. Just as good really. These are the main reasons to have an X: It supports 4K. I think I can tell I have a lower spec machine as I’m sat so close to my monitor with my S. The X supports the high resolution modes in the backward compatible games. (See this Resetera thread ) the disk space is pretty constrained on the S. As flight simulator is enormous, I’ve only got that, some emulators and 3 other games on there. The expansion SSD is like £180. If that’s a problem may as well have an X from the start. Set against that the S is small and lovely on my desk. I like the restrained design of my X under my telly but it can’t hide its bulk up close. *EDIT* forgot to mention S is digital only!
  7. The good thing about casting Debicki is she got to add to her oeuvre as the first choice actor if you ever need someone to look sad with their bad husband on a superyacht in the Med. (The Night Manager, Tenet, The Crown). Of the three you’d have thought in this one she’d be the least at risk of being killed, but… I’m hoping for guest appearances on the next series of Succession and as Steve Coogan’s wife in The Trip.
  8. Anything that’s Xbox compatible I should be leaping on in the sale as a beginner?
  9. I watched The Game (1997) today. Michael Douglas’ dad, who appears in the flashback scenes that looks like the credits from Succession and who commits suicide by jumping off the roof of his mansion, landing in a bloody mess in front of the young Douglas, is played by Charles Martinet. That guy loves jumping.
  10. Now I like to think that I would only go to bat for actually good, clever movies that critics of taste would concur with, but I’m here to tell you not to go popping off on me when I recommend the 42% on rotten tomatoes Den of Thieves with Gerard Butler, Master Chief, 50 Cent and Ice Cube Jr. It happily rips off Heat, Inside Man and everything else you love, but doesn’t worry too much about a lot of the boring stuff De Niro and Pacino would claim is important, and instead fires way more bullets than them. It’s a lot of fun.
  11. I'm primarily not interested in them for nostalgia. For me it's mostly stuff I haven't got around to yet, or started and haven't got closed to finishing. Then a stray thought or a podcast makes me think about the game, and when I want to play it I want to play it in the best form available to me. Whether that's a remake, a remaster, or Xbox magic I don't really care, I just pop on a forum like this, someone will say which version is the good one, I play that one, not particularly caring if it's 20 years old or 20 days old.
  12. @YasawasI found .cia files for the GBA games I wanted fairly easily online, so I didn’t need to find a way to run the Windows injection tool myself.
  13. It looks like it is available on Series S, but not Xbox One.
  14. Yeah, this episode was a real treat. Congratulations big lads.
  15. Jimmy Carr ceremonially deletes the GitHub repo for the game on Channel 4 and sets about the developer's hard drives with hammers and circular saws. It becomes one of the great lost games and gamers spend the next few decades wishing they could put down a slave revolt in the wizarding world, scouring youtube for the remaining bits of footage.
  16. I don't that helps. Russia and Qatar aren't in it for the money, they're in it to sportswash their reputation, so the world's attention is what they were after. I suppose by that metric given JKR is nation-state rich the same may apply.
  17. I certainly wouldn't want to police the small print of this, it's not worth the time and energy. People have their reasons, and can work this all out for themselves. JKR is an unpleasant sideshow that we're only forced to think about because of her enormous platform. She's not the heart of the issue. I think it's more important that everyone supports LGBT people and does what they can to stand against the current wave of transphobia.
  18. I did see a bit of Croatia vs England in the pub, but hopefully the FSB didn't spot me there.
  19. JKR is so rich she's untouchable. Obviously the furore has made her persona non grata in some circles, hence her being kept away from the HP reunion show. Much like Glinner however, she regards the opprobrium as a badge of honour, especially as she gets love bombed by fellow bigots. And she also regards her ongoing royalties as another sign that she's in the right, so that is another reason not to add your pounds to the pile. I realise it's hard giving up something you like. There are few things in life I like more than a World Cup month, but in 2010 I decided I'd boycott Russia and Qatar. My actions don't seem to have toppled Putin just yet, but since then I have felt more and more justified that I was right to do so. So as well as the grateful thanks of those of us affected by her bigotry, I can also offer you an enormous feeling of self-satisfaction, and it's hard to put a price on that. Must be worth more than another action RPG.
  20. Certainly the trans / non binary people and their friends and families who are on the forum do see people who are showing them support vs people who are keen to assert a game like this is more important than them. So it’s certainly signalling something, but it might not necessarily be virtue. Perhaps it’s better called solidarity (or its opposite if you take the other path) And that’s not futile, I’d argue it’s very important in our current context.
  21. Yes, I think that's the main way people do it, although I just run off the internal drive. It looks like I'm limited to 32GB in total my way, which wouldn't be the case with an external.
  22. By chance I’m watching this again tonight. It turns out it’s set in Precinct 9, Division 13 Leigh is offering him coffee. “Black?” ”For more than thirty years”.
  23. They owned D&D Beyond (digital tools for playing tabletop RPGs) for a few years between it being owned by Twitch and then being bought by the company that own D&D itself. They didn’t fuck it up, but it did basically plateau, development stagnated in that period and the key people left after a few years. I do find some of their TV wikis invaluable E.g. on my recent Better Call Saul / Breaking Bad rewatch but they are pretty obnoxious in terms of ads and pop up videos etc.
  24. Really impressed with the S just how much of the full-fat X experience it brings across. The first few minutes of the games I've got on the go right now still look and play great. I'm way closer to the screen as I'm using a monitor in my office, instead of my unimpressively sized lounge TV that my failing eyesight struggles to read text on with the X, so 4k pixels are lost on me. I suppose it might make more sense to have the X up here but the small form factor is part of the appeal, it can live unobtrusively tucked away behind the copy of Pandemic Legacy I use for a monitor stand and I never know it's there. On this monitor I can see some fairly ugly anti-aliasing on e.g. the text in Hardspace Shipbreaker but it's still fine. Will be interesting to see how it gets on with Flight Simulator once that's downloaded, as that was a game where I struggled to see fine enough detail to play it properly at TV distance.
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