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  1. Just an update on this. I called support, the guy said I needed to send it back for repair. (the machine was stuck in a reboot loop and Safe Mode didn't react on the controller so couldn't be used). It took about a week to get there, they fixed it in about 4 days - which is what the guy on the phone told me as they 'were busy' . Then I got it back less than 24 hours later. So whilst it's annoying to have a broken machine I am happy to get it back fairly quickly. System was wiped so needed setting up again, but since I only had it a couple of days before it broke, that's okay.
  2. Yeah, was really getting into Miles Morales and Returnal !
  3. Thanks, I did try that, no luck. Looks like my machine is basically bricked after a couple of days usage. A call to Sony is in order. What hassle
  4. I’ve had my new PS5 now for a couple of days and now it’s stuck. Upon starting it says “Repairing console storage..” gets to 32% then reboots and repeats. I tried going into Safe Mode, but where it says ‘connect controller and press the PS’ button’ , I connect using the original cable and press the button…. Nothing happens. Anyone have any clues?
  5. Unsettled


    Bought the game last night. Couldn’t play it AT ALL, unable to get past the login screen. Pretty furious and now suspicious of Bethesda.
  6. I have also swapped out the hard disk for the Seagate one. I remember having the same issue as well. I tried a couple of USB drives, formatted using different tools, and I also downloaded a different file.. I'm not sure the one linked to on the Sony site was the one I used. I think the link was borked at the time..
  7. I was really enjoying this a lot.. then I fell through the world with Pinwheel Village way out of reach above me. I don't seem to be able to get back on top. Dunno if I can be bothered to load an old save, I think it was way back. Damn !
  8. Mine doesn't glow when plugged into the MacBook Pro, nor when plugged into a mains extension block that has USB ports on it. ..curious.
  9. This happens to me as well. The pad doesn't "look" like it's charging when I use any other USB power source other than the PS4. I was hoping and assuming it's just the glowing ligh that doesn't come on when it's not plugged into the PS4?
  10. Question about the console... Is there configuration? I live in Norway and have used a VPN service with Onlive, I get just about 10 meg through it. If I were to use the console it would be handy to point it to my proxy server so it utilises the VPN, as I do with the PS3.
  11. I just got this for my iPad. Username is FunkyDadz if anyone wants to add me :-)
  12. Repaired my second RROD about a month ago, so I got almost a years worth of use from fixing the original RROD. For the second RROD, I overheated the graphics processor whilst cooling the CPU for about 45mins as described here http://www.llamma.com/xbox360/repair/ring_of_light_x-clamp_fix.htm. Been running again for about a month. Over the past year, I have also replaced the DVD drive mechanics as they broke. Kept getting a "Drive Open" all the time. To do this I bought a Samsung Drive from eBay and just replaced the logic board from the original drive. ...still keeping this launch console going (I should get a prize from MS)
  13. Very good! Maybe what we need are some proper journalists looking at our industry.
  14. I think some applications are using the region of the hardware. I can play iPlayer from Norway using a UK account and VPN, but I cannot play Mubi from a UK account and VPN. It does play from a Norwegian account (no VPN) though.
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