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  1. I literally JUST finished 1974 - by David Peace. The first of the Red Ridings quartet. Has anybody else read it? I feel like I just fell out of a massive whirling washing machine drum of complicated plots and a thousand villainous characters. I’m not even sure who did what, and I can’t find any online plot explanations. Help!
  2. I’ve left my island open to all. please come over n water and get whatever you like.
  3. PLZ WATER MY FLOWERS! I have been alone on my island for many days! Boo hoo!
  4. If anyone should crave to water, please come round mine!!! open all darn night! X
  5. it was fun! I had a right laugh making up Booksie facts.
  6. I’m open AFK. Buy whatever, have fun, but PLEASE water!
  7. I’m open all day AFK. Buy whatever, have fun, but PLEASE water!
  8. Hey guys, a few of you came a-watering tonight. Did one of you plant a blue rose by my house?
  9. Oh yeah I know, I thought you were doin a Dodo code as when I looked I didn’t see any open gates.
  10. Oh man, I hope so. I’ve left it late this week
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