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  1. CTMLM Come and spin my wheel of fortune!
  2. Hey guys, I’ve made a silly fortune teller in my town. add me to thine list: 4909-8537-0677 i just open my gate whenever I’m on, so come and play with my spinner wheel o’ fortune!
  3. Spork’s ocarina was the highlight of my evening
  4. I can’t get in, it says there’s interference on the Nookphone
  5. A Field In England Billed as horror, but it was way too artsy and fartsy for what I was able to handle in my mood. I didn’t like it. I also can’t seem to ever see Reece Shearsmith as a serious actor. 1/5
  6. Session 9 - 4.5/5 ive seen it loads of times but it’s still atmospherically suffocating and intense, and creepy and the scary voices still scare me. love it.
  7. Joker Relentlessly shallow style over substance, character development with as much depth as a puddle, but I’ll throw it a bone coz he walked into a window and that was the best bit. I get the feeling that Joaquin acted his hardest, but how much can you do when the script just reveals nothing about the character you play. There’s nothing to feel for this one dimensional guy experiencing a string of unpleasant occurrences, with no development as a result. It’s just scene and scene of, I guess is what’s supposed to be alienation and humiliation, but how can we sympathise or react when it never reveals anything about the person it’s happening to? It insists upon some sort of profound outcome, but it’s just a load of stuff. You Were Never Really Here was a thousand times better. 1/5
  8. Loz Boz


    I just realised I watched this. Not a patch on Frankenstein’s Army which was the same premise but actually cool. Its got gore, Nazis, Crazy experiments, Schlock-fest set pieces, and I actually wanted to watch all the way to the end to see what happened. Monsters and make up and costumes not shit cgi. I feel like like both movies have the same description but Frankenstein’s Army is everything you hoped for and Overlord is the boring Hollywood cgi chaff you’re sick of seeing.
  9. If it’s constructed completely artificially for its own sake, insisting upon itself, and then is just abandoned, yes I believe so. That’s what the LGBTQ community have called it anyway.
  10. I’ve watched it because everyone has been cumming themselves silly about it. I don’t understand why this is supposed to be compelling or interesting. I mean, I left it on but honestly it was just middle-Of-the-road generic pap. I see it has women in both hero and villain roles and that’s a bit unusual, plus apparently lots of queer-baiting according to various articles I’ve been reading (trying to find out what I’m missing) But it’s left me cold. I’m not gonna bother with series 2. It’s just nowt. The way everybody’s been gushing I was expecting the second coming of Breaking Bad.
  11. Also, a whole series mining dragon glass and kitting out everybody in Winterfell with it Because it makes WWs go poof, and shatter away like Sam did all those years ago at Craster’s...
  12. I’m so disappointed. Years of amazing foreboding build up of an awesome villain doing the most villainous villainy ever... only for him to Ponce about a bit and top it off with I really can’t stand Arya.
  13. Just thinking of my poor phone battery is giving me woes. Also that narrator woman is just awful. Isabelle coulda done the whole thing!
  14. I'm also throwing my hat in to say: I thought Martyrs was incredibly disturbing, and I loved it. It really got to me and it felt like a completely new kind of film for me, I couldn't predict anything and it really left an impression. I loved Session 9 as well. I think it created a slowly imposing sense of dread very effectively. Rented it at random from a video shop when I was about 16. Spooked me up nice. I thought a Serbian Film was a bit shit, I kept nodding off from being a bit bored but I watched all the salient points. I felt like it was really trying but it did about as much to shock me as Human Centipede and its sequels. One that I did like and am not sure whether anyone's mentioned (not really read much of the thread yet) was Dead Girl, oh and The Woman (she's in Walking Dead now I see) And despite its hokeyness, and probably not great budget, I thought Frankenstein's Army was totally mint. I remember Grace being a good watch as well. Emotional themes and dark if you've got a baby though. A bit like something I saw on Jam once.
  15. I watched Willow Creek last night and I shart my pants, which is what I was want from a film. although I was trying to paint some fine lines at the time so it was a bit of a stupid idea
  16. He won't, he is relied on incredibly heavily in future plots that will doubtlessly be taken from the comics, to provide fuel for what has become a vastly tedious show, and he's one of a handful of characters growing up in the zombie ridden world and they'll have to endlessly wank on about it being such a hard adjustment compared to their own childhoods and bla bla bla. Yawn.
  17. Loz Boz

    Illustration Club

    Hi everyone, long time no post. I've just finished working on this new resin figure, sculpted, moulded, cast and painted, all by my very own hands. Pretty pleased, and feeling my skills all coming along. Plz enjoy.
  18. Use the different skews in PS. Or just enlarge and crop it. Always worked for me, but I'm cool with being a corner cutting charlatan.
  19. Lol, obnoxious precocious little brat Harrison fell over. Good. Said "Ow! Ow!" Despite losing what appears to be several pints of blood, down his shirt. Argh. So poo. Oh hey, ghost Dad!
  20. I can't watch it with a straight face since Harsin's character vignette from the Labour Day break. Christ, it's just SO shit. I'm halfway through this week's episode, nothing is happening, I not care about anything, or anyone, but there was a scene where Hannah and Dexter are sitting on the couch, and it looks like he's pissed his trousers.
  21. So loudly lecturing that kid in the middle of the motel car park, with a body in the boot, and a pair of blue rubber gloves on, in broad daylight, with Hannah standing there, was careful? Dear god. Also, I watched the first episode again last week. He took blood slides, used a splatter visor, wore full body apron and gloves, shoe covers... The lot. Then I watched the latest ones, where he just walks into places in his green jumper and jeans and gives not a single fuck.
  22. I just re-watched Oz about a month ago, because I wanted to show my boyfriend a good series. Probably wasn't the best idea before watching this, as it made it seem a bit flimsy in comparison. Quite enjoyed it, but not a lot of depth to it. Ok to watch while you eat your tea.
  23. I'm watching Hannibal, and Mad Men. I'm all done on GoT for this season, which I'll miss badly on Mondays now. I have been told by a customer at work to watch Banshee, but he alo recommended Bates Motel, which I found incredibly shite, so I'm not sure if its worth a go. Currently re-watching all of Oz. I tried the latest True Blood this morning at the behest of my boyfriend, and it was embarrassingly bad acting. Is that the point of it?
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