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  1. ASM

    Moto GP

    I'm in, missed it last year.
  2. ASM

    Nintendo Wii U

    For any one that doesn't have it yet Wonderful 101 is on sale on the Argos ebay store at the moment - £22.49
  3. ASM

    The Spurs Thread

    Sounds like Ade is a done deal, supposedly he was back at training today. Anyone but Chamakh
  4. ASM

    Moto GP

    It's a really interesting situation, I guess Rossi feels like he isn't getting what he wants from the team and isn't prepared to ride round the problems. Rossi (rightly or wrongly) thinks he has nothing to prove, and knows that even if he goes for it he has not got a bike that can win, and will probably end up crashing. I thought it was really telling where Nicky ended up in the race, he qualified well but he must have been pushing really hard to qualify that far up the grid and he couldn't keep that pace for a whole race. I hope they can turn the corner, I would love to see him win on a Ducati, but I can't see it happening anytime soon. I wouldn't be surprised to see Rossi in his own Honda factory team next year, maybe on the Gresini bike. Fenati was incredible, it's amazing that a 16 year old is capable of doing that.
  5. Thanks for posting this, found some of these rolls in my local Tesco's, and tried the whole onion steaming slider thing, and it was excellent. Definitely the best burgers I've ever made at home, you have made me a happy man
  6. ASM

    Bjork - Biophilia

    Thats a fantastic video, cheers for posting!
  7. ASM

    Moto GP

    I'm Mee faster, my tactic of picking Rossi thinking he would do the business in the race dosen't seem to be paying off. Just hoping this season isn't going to turn out to be a Honda procession.
  8. The Ferrari shark nose has always been a favourite of mine. I couldn't believe how small it was when I got to see one in the flesh at Ferrari museum.
  9. ASM

    Moto GP

    So it's official, Rossi to Ducati in 2011!!!
  10. Sorry jdog, I'm not going to be able to make it tonight. I'm being forced to go for beers after work. I will be about all weekend, I can do any time thats good for you, sorry to muck you about.
  11. Sorry mate - I've only just seen your message, are you about to play on Friday night?
  12. I'm out on Thursday, but I will be home on Friday night, how about 8pm?
  13. Hi jdog24, welcome to the league. I'm out tomorrow night, but I can do Wednesday night? Can you play at 9pm?
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