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  1. great racing guys, i can't be bothered typing anything in the chat thing as it'd take me 8 years per sentence. apologies if i hit anyone. occasionally i think there was some network/collision detection problem as someone alongside me span out - it looked like we crashed but we were quite far apart as far as i could tell. and someone overtook me by driving straight through me, which was odd. and sorry for my odd braking points - i have no idea where to break.

    edit - also the cash for racing online is rubbish.

    Same here. I had fun last night, and there was some good wheel-to-wheel but hell, I realise either I can't drive for toffee or the collision detection is way off. Even so, if I didn't get up everyone's noses too much, I'd be up for moar!

  2. Ah, I'm very glad I came into this thread. I haven't been on rllmuk for a while so I totally forgot there's a euro petrol head contingent ready and waiting here.

    I'm finding the whole game to be a much improved version of GT5 in terms of usability, general slickness and handling. I've just progressed to a-class so my garage is a little light, but if there's some loan car online racing i'd happily bolster the numbers.

  3. Anyone seen Thin Red Line on blu ray - is it a good transfer?

    I have it. I'd say it's a good transfer, not an amazing one. I thought the colours would "pop" a bit more but that movie is epic enough to warrant the purchse. That scene where they raid the Japanese camp near the end is amazingly well put together.

  4. Nathan Fake is supporting Orbital on their UK tour this year. Hopefully better than the awful Delphic (that's what they were called!) from last time around.

    Question: Does anyone know what happened to Beaumont Hannant?

  5. This is great news - have been a fan of the Cyberpunk P&P RPG since year dot.

    And don't forget how prescient the writers were back in Olden Days of this RPG's publication. Look at what's going to happen next year (according to the timeline)

    In Europe, the Great Drought occurs. Portugal sells itself to avoid bankruptcy. In Spain, Andalusia becomes a desert, with thousands of displaced people. A Water war begins between Aragon and Catalonia, over control of the Ebro River. A political problem transforms into a corporate war, and only EC intervention avoids further bloodshed. The population of each region support its claims, and tensions run high.

    Scottish uprising begins; the Martial Law Authority (MLA) tightens its grip, only to find resistance increasing.

    Thankfully it's looking like the massive bioplague in Chicago this year isn't going to occur...


  6. If it's anything like Demons there will be a way to force friend co-op. You would just need to find a spot you both agree on and co-ordinate. Of course, we were playing the HK version on limited population servers before it hit the US and UK officially, so that's not to say it will be as easy with a global release...

  7. Ha! Yes, K's summary aligns perfectly with my perceptions of this book.

    Cod characterisation, squandered ideas, a hopeless jumble of cliches and bit-parts, all dusted with something barely resembling a plot. In all I can't help feeling he didn't do enough planning of character and actual plotting (which is all but invisible), and is just framing a polemic inside a retelling of a number of crazy parties he's attended with his new squeeze.

    Increasingly I feel Banks has had his time - take a break, go on holiday. Take ten years off and stop with the bait-and-switch act of "you know those really good novels I used to write? Well, try this for size ... ha fooled you!" :(

  8. I realise this isn't culture-related, but can I just chip by saying Transition to me was a real disappointment. He seems to be taking eliptical plotting to new heights of obscure pretentiousness, and more than once (say, I don't know, every page) allows the author's voice to interrupt his otherwise quite imaginative story by having his characters speak his politics to the reader (on torture, corruption of power, solipsism and so on).

    I found it an annoying read.

  9. On another topic, I remember being baffled as to why Ubisoft had abandoned Spies vs Mercs for Conviction but I think they should feel vindicated by that decision now. The game that Conviction is just doesn't feel at all compatible with that mode.

    I'm not sure I agree with that vindication. The Spies vs Mercs modes in the previous Splinter Cell titles (particularly Double Agent) were quite different from the single player game in terms of mechanics (remote hacking, general mobility, the whole first-person Mercs side of it etc) and that didn't stop their inclusion. I'm not arguing in favour of multiplayer Takedown mechanics, but to remove a multiplayer mode purely because of something you've added in single player seems rash.

    Although I'm sorry to see it go as a feature (asymmetric multiplayer ftw), I'm also one of those people who feels that game mode got progressively worse from PT down. Chaos Theory was overstuffed with gadgets and Double Agent seemed somehow not as tactically interesting. And i've spent a dozen hours playing co-op in SC:C now, so really in terms of VFM, it's a win.

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