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  1. I found the film slow and boring if I'm honest and turned it off after 40 minutes. I'll need to make a point of watching this again as the majority of you seem to be raving about it.

    Try paying it for it next time - you might feel more 'invested' in the experience. heh.

  2. I read this book as a teen back when I thought the idea of moving cities was cool and new.

    It's quite steampunky which I guess is fashionable at the moment (thanks, Doctorow, you endlessly cockish fashionista), but it was an ok read. Hopefully the movie will end up more City Of Lost Children than City Of Ember...

  3. When it comes to co-op, you could be seeing no-one OL because your level is too low or high - there's a 10 level +/- cap on co-oping so as you dont back and help guys out on the early bosses with your super-powers (I guess).

    I thought the game was low in population when I was hanging around to help out with some Tower Knight fights and got nowhere.

    This is all worth bearing in mind if you plan to co-op with a regular party - stay within limits and find a nice private spot to drop your blue-eye.

  4. I thought fuck this shit. This isn't some kind of PvP server where I ask for a duel. I feel violated when these cheeky cads invade, since I'm trying to stay alive without outside hindrance. If you're going to pull that then you're going to get magicked in the face. No bowing.

    You did that right - you know the second you start your emote he's going to tan your hide.

    Another more cowardly tactic is just to hide until they get bored and disappear - equip the thief ring and remove any buffs that give you a glowing aura (as this appears depite being hidden) and sit them out.

    As an invading black phantom yourself, remember if you die in someone else's wolrd you will lose some stat points and therefore soul level. There was some confusion as to whether this happened only when falling off something or having another accident, but I am reading it also applies if you're taken out by the "host"

  5. I am in. Currently playing a lev49 ish Royal (fun) and a lev 23 Knight (sucks).

    The royal is good for 1-1, 1-2, 1-3, 2-1, 2-2, 2-3, 3-1, 3-2, 4-1, 5-1

    If anyone needs a ghost helper for Flamelurker or the like I can be reasonably handy with a Soul Arrow. Add me on PSN :)

  6. I got a copy from Hong Kong this week as I'm a FROM fan too.

    Initial thoughts are positive : nice functional graphics, not showy or full of effects, just solid with good animations. Tutorial level can show you just how tough it can be, though. As the chap above says, the first enemies can clock you for big damage from the get go, so it's obviously a game of defend/slash/counter. Not "ninja gaiden" hard, but a lot more slow and heay hitting.

    You pick from one of a list of about 10 character classes, which aren't restrictive as far as I can see, merely a starting point for your stats and equipment to begin with. I went with a Thief guy, and again as has been mentioned, had my ass handed to me by the tutorial boss. According to the demon souls wiki/youtube you can beat the boss if you're quick enough (ditch your armour for the fight) and you get a load of loot and a nice preview of things to come ...

    At the end of the day, I took a punt on it from reading threads like these and am not disappointed so far.

  7. Speaking of co-op, I cant seem to able to search for, or quick join, any co-op games at all. The filter screen pops up to find a game but nothing happens when I push A to search. Same on the quick join option from the multiplayer menu.

    Apologies if this has been covered in the thread, but has anyone else experienced this?

  8. I was so disappointed with Long Way Down that I began to doubt if I should believe the content in Long Way Round, which is a shame as that series was grand. What kind of quality failure causes people to revise their opinions on a format originator?

    Anyway, Boorman's new show seems a lot more about the fun than the hard graft. I shall carry on watching.

    How's his Dakar dvd?

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