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  1. If you don't think standing smoking a cigar in front of a nuclear explosion is awesome, this really isn't the game for you.


    Ah, so it's a game about style and "chops". What's your rating out of 10 KG?

  2. This movie has the potential to be even more bleak than the book, depending on how/if they adapt the almost-poetic passages of relatively uplifting prose McCarthy litters around the book.

    All said and done, I hope they have to keep the few moments of abject horror he writes too, spoilers:

    Cannibal meat basement, skewered baby

    12 year old Boy is too old. I imagined a 6 year old.

  3. Firstly, ask the user if they want help. Some will say no, some will say yes. Best way for some "yes guys" to learn is via a show-me movie, either in-game or an overlapping example vid. Dont info dump (a la Rome TW) and consider the Starship Troopers approach: "do you want to know more?"

    Basically, interactivity :D

  4. Game's great. Plenty of players on Sony servers, but I found a good way to "learn" is to host your own public game and let the game build up one player at a time (set team balance on)

    Both DLC packs are good, though you might want to wait for the DLC double-pack which was either coming soon or recently arrived.

  5. Dredged from the depths, this thread rises...

    I got this game couple of weeks ago (on a cheapo from Amazon) and was pleased the see the multiplayer is still quite well populated, with a few of the rotation Kaos servers being full and relatively lag-free at a decent UK/Euro gaming time. Plus, the dev team are still supporting the game with some nice large-scale free download maps, the first of which "boneyard" supports 50 or 60 players (can't recall which). Others to follow.

    If anyone's still in posession of a copy, now's as good a time to hit it up again.

  6. I thought QS was pretty good too. It certainly had the speed and visual wow of the Wipeouts, but I really disliked the fugly glowing blob power ups on the track everywhere.

  7. There's an HD gameplay trailer for download on the PSN too.

    My guess for the delay is either something to do with online lag mitigation, some kind of massive security flaw or balancing the game for the speed/ship combinations and tweaking the tracks accordingly.

    Or they've had a massive working failure, loss of source code or art assets, backups etc and are excusing it with this.

  8. You're saying he's gay?

    Not a bit of it.

    boyo : seems to me you need to almost totally wipe out all the existing content, do an editorial job on it to see what's worth keeping and start over.

    You need to make it clear it's not a reviews database site, as the name suggests and also lose the strapline about solving problems coz it makes it look like a cheats/FAQs site.

  9. I imagine Ecclestone valued it according to the prospective buyer's purse. He's a chancer so if EA went to him, he's asks for mucho dollaru. After being told to go fish by the big players, he probably realigned his expectation.

    Still, can't imagine it was in any way "cheap" for Codies to acquire it.

  10. Oh God! not F1.

    Racing games for retards.


    Don't like F1, or love Codemasters too much?

    Anyway, with 350 people working on it (according to the PR), this could end up something different to the usual pivot-and-crash bloomfest we see from Codies of late. Plus, with the Americans generally not getting F1 they could steer clear of the US-centric attract mode voice overs and other piffle from GRID and DIRT.

  11. Given Rockstar have the resources and talent to do this kind of project by themselves, I guess a possible swaying factor (if all this is true, natch) is if they want to buy a more complete or nearly-ready product to push out on the back of the GTA4 hype rather than start afresh.

    Edit : Hey RTW, bring some left over frames-per-second, will you?

  12. For a pastiche this album is quite good fun. Can anyone tell me exactly what the Delorean link is, aside from talk of cars and so on?

    Also, kudos to the brains behind this for coaxing Sean Connery out of retirement to be "voice of doctor" in Alderaan. "Take a sheeet..."

  13. I see you mentioned Richard Morgan's fantasy book in the sci-fi thread, Joe Abercrombie has reviewed it on his blog, I'll be getting it :lol:

    I'd be interested in people's opinions on this. I like Morgan's other novels, but was put off this by reading the "world exclusive" first review of this new one, a gushing praise-fest by an "critic" who also happened to be Morgan's best mate/webmaster.

  14. I could name the obvious ones but people seem to have it covered.

    Might I suggest a few picks I go back to for some primo rhythms (sampled, played or just thrashed out - not necessarily technical drumming, just good beats)

    At the Drive in : anything, but Relation Of Command is the opus

    (you could try the first two Sparta albums if you like the ATDI drummer, if you don't mind being called an emo-whore by people who can go fuck themselves :lol:)

    Jimmy Chamberlin Complex - "Life Begins Again", tracks : "Streetcrawler", "Loki Cat", "Cranes of Prey" but the whole album really.

    DJ Shadow - "Entroducing". Tracks : "The number song", "Changeling"

    DJ Shadow - "Private Press". Track "Giving up the ghost", "Right Thing/GDMFSOB"

    DJ Krush - "The Message At The Depth" Track : "Trihedron featuring Opus",

    Future Sound of London - "Dead Cities", tracks : "Herd Killing", "Glass Yage Vit Drowning", "My Kingdom" (a clean hat)

    Future Sound of London - "IDSN" tracks: "Slider" and "Far out son of lung"

    I know these are odd choices for a lover of a more metal sound, but there's some good stuff in the "electronic realm" that I wouldn't discount.

  15. Yeah, it's grand. Default settings for deadzone and steering sensitivty are pretty much spot on and even though the gas/brakes are a case of digital on/off in most situations, you still get that crazy corner throw-in with left and right lock and then the slow analogue steer out that I never felt with the sixaxis.

    No FF as yet, if memory serves.

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